Futurologists Predictions: Will It Come In August third world?

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Usually in Russia the most unpredictable month of the year is considered August. What did not happen in the last month of summer: and the State Emergency Committee in 1991, and the death of the Kursk nuclear submarine in 2000, and much, much more. But this year July “gave” the heat.

Many people wonder: if July, which was considered, in general, a month relatively calm, and even somewhere sleepy, presented us so many unpleasant surprises, it’s scary to think what will happen in August! We tried to dispel our fears with the help of well-known Russian futurologists and astrologers. And so what of this happened.

In the mirror of 1914

“I think that in August there will be a denouement of events in Ukraine, – says futurologist, lead researcher at the Institute of Economics RAS, Professor, Faculty of Global Processes, Moscow State University Sergey Malkov. -The Ukrainian authorities need a victory, because without it there will be no relations with the West are established, on which she counts. Russia will face a problem: to start actively helping New Russia or step back. And I think our country will intervene. ”

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Now, according to Sergei Malkov, Russia is officially speaking as a neutral side, although sympathetic to New Russia. However currently there is a massive economic attack on Russia.

“Sanctions are a very serious thing, although they say on television that they seem to be not so much reflected on us. This is not true, – believes Sergey Malkov. – We are now in the cold stage war. A number of sanctions are clearly aimed at the Russian elite, accustomed to it’s good to live with an eye to the fact that she will rebel against Putin. Then, despite the high ratings of support for Putin by the population, the president may succumb to pressure from the elite and still give up New Russia, changing course. ”

There are prerequisites, according to the futurologist, to the fact that they can man-made disasters happen at infrastructure facilities, but not the fact that this will happen in August. “Although I would be special I paid attention to objects in Siberia – energy objects, hydroelectric power stations, power transmission lines, transport networks, where enough worn out and neglected infrastructure, “he adds.

Many people have associations about what is happening since 1914 year. And Malkov is sure that this is quite reasonable:

“The events of 1914 were preceded by a turbulent period of economic growth, globalization processes and the introduction of all kinds of innovations in different areas (including financial), which began at the end of 19 century. Something similar was observed at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Yet again, rapid development of communication, only then spread telegraph and telephone, and now the Internet. ”

At the same time, preceding World War I economic and political imbalances.

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“The world dominant in that era was Great Britain (European the economy revolved around the pound). But by the beginning of the 20th century the British began to be crowded with competitors, says Sergey Malkov. – leader ceased to cope with its function. To stay ahead he it was necessary either to run faster, or to brake others. First he could not do, and chose the second option – the creation of chaos in everything the rest of the world. These are the deepest sources of the first world war. And now the situation is repeated one to one, except now in the role of “wounded America’s lion. And she, like the British 100 years ago, needs to stop growing competitors, including, first of all, countries BRICS. ”

August is the beginning of the “night of the year”

“The worst option that can wait for us in August is the semblance of a full-scale world war, the coordinator believes Association of Futurologists of Russia Yuri Shushkevich. – Mystical There are a lot of coincidences: in 1914 and 1941, June was unusually cold, like June 2014. Calendars also matched: in all three cases, June 22 falls on Sunday (in 1914 – according to the Julian calendar, which had circulation in the territory of the Russian Empire until 1918, but not used in Europe, which lived in Gregorian – approx.aut.) “.

Yuri Shushkevich has the feeling that, as in 1914, evil rock entails events contrary to the will of the people stabilize the situation in terms of common sense and security, increasing the psychological “institution” of politicians and people to conflict.

Kaiser Wilhelm II and Emperor Nicholas II on the deck of a yacht “Standard”. July 1907

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“Why did Germany declare war on Russia in 1914? Until the last minutes Nicholas II and his uncle, German Kaiser Wilhelm II, showed political will to stop the war. But from both parties mobilization mechanisms were activated, troops began to move to the borders and the state machine came out of subordination of leaders, – continues Shushkevich. – And when the army headed towards each other, the generals could no longer win back back, since any move in case of an attack from the opposite side could lead to a grave defeat. People driven by charters political decisions, they drove themselves to a standstill, bringing everything to that feature, when there’s no other choice but to open fire on the borders the enemy is gone. ”

In light of the above, the futurist seems very anxious today’s reports that the aviation exercises that Russia intends to spend in the Arctic, perceived by the West as a threat NATO. Overnight reaction of opponents, in his opinion, reminds 1914 year.

“August, why is it so difficult? People are starting to rebuild to a new biological rhythm that our ancestors called “at night years, – explains Yuri Shushkevich. – This is the time when the day is noticeable decreases, and the dark time of the day becomes longer. And although this process begins on June 22, from the day of the summer solstice, a person begins to react sharply to it in August (in July the ratio of light to darkness is not so striking). And by September the psyche of people is being rebuilt, adapted, and the world around perceived already more complacently. August, being a month adjustment, breaking a six-month biological rhythm, is fraught with that a person’s attentiveness decreases, aggressiveness builds up, conflict, tendency to spontaneous actions and psychological frustrations. ”

Accordingly, the wrong decisions are made more often, leading in some cases to catastrophic consequences, like social as well as man-made.

Do without man-made disasters

“From the beginning of 2014, the world began a return to bipolar format when it is ruled by two countries – America and Russia. And it became it is necessary to redefine and lay a new boundary between West and East. This process concerns not only Russia. This is us we see in Israel and Palestine, in Armenia and Azerbaijan, in Turkey, “- Futurologist Sergei Moskalev shares his conclusions with MK

It turned out that in a multipolar format it is very difficult to determine zones of influence and manage the processes taking place on the earth. Then as the presence of only two poles makes the environment more streamlined, simplifies it. But humanity always strives for clarity and comprehensibility.

“All man-made disasters that may occur in August, nothing compared to that powerful tectonic movement the geopolitical plates that we are currently observing, says futurologist. – But, by the way, we do not expect technological disasters. Usually they occur when the boss goes on vacation and no one take responsibility for decisions. This August no one in the vacation will definitely not go away. ”

The war in August, in Moskalev’s view, will not begin either, but unexpected turns will certainly be.

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Whether it will be in December …

“All the disasters that are now forever connected with August, – this is not mysticism, but still a combination of circumstances and – partly – the human factor, “says astrologer Vasilisa Volodina.

For example, on days when the heat intensifies (and for August it quite characteristic), people are weakening control over the situation. So that you don’t need to see the “heel of fate” in what happened in the past years, and just try to keep the utmost care here and now.

Although Vasilisa still has one conditional astrological consideration:

“Russia is associated with the signs of Taurus and Aquarius (they, by the way, reflect the qualities of a typical Russian – unwillingness to obey norms and standards, live according to the line, the desire for internal freedom and laziness at the same time). And Leo, patronizing August, is in tension with both Aquarius and Taurus. ”

But November also refers to the same “hostile” months, however in Russian history November is not famous for either “black Tuesdays”, nor putsch. So this topic, according to Vasilisa Volodina, is still necessary to study.

“I would say that we need to rejoice in such August as we will be, because Russia will have much harder from October to December. Moreover, in all plans – economic, political, social. That’s when we feel the full impact on ourselves those decisions that were made now, “concludes our interlocutor.

Moscow’s comsomolets

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