At the bottom of the sea discovered “technology from future “

At the bottom of the sea discoveredPhoto from open sources

Near the coast of Great Britain, archaeologists have discovered a mysterious the object, which later turned out to be a very ancient shipyard, on which built ships. It is reported on the official website of the National Oceanographic Center in Southampton.

Underwater archaeologists discovered fragments of a wooden platform near the Isle of Wight. According to the analysis found The facility is approximately 8000 years old.

It turns out that this shipyard was built by people who lived in stone century. This is surprising, since for people of that time, the construction ships was a real “technology from the future.” Before scientists have believed that the oldest shipyard age 5500 years.

Scientists noted that ancient builders used modern wood processing technologies that could appear only after several thousand years. Discovered shipyard located at a depth of 11 meters, but 8000 years ago there was a coast at this place.

Archaeologists for a more detailed analysis created a 3D model the ancient landscape of the construction site and the entire surrounding territory.

This discovery, in fact, should change the existing understanding of civilizations and technologies that were used in antiquities.

Andrey Vetrov


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