Atlantis Dungeons

Dungeons of the AtlanteansA photo open source Argentinean entrepreneur, ethnologist and mysterious fact collector Janusz Juan Moritz was born in Hungary, but spent most of his life in South America. In 1965 in uninhabited overseas he discovered a ramified system underground communications of unthinkable antiquity, and four years later made this discovery publicly sworn notifying the President of Ecuador about him. Books from metal According to an original researcher, this is a giant branching of underground roads and tunnels stretched for thousands kilometers, passing, besides Argentina, also under the territory of Peru and Ecuador The walls at the tunnels were smooth and polished, and the ceilings are flat and even, as if glazed. Passages led to vast underground halls. In one of the galleries Moritz allegedly discovered twenty-kilogram books of thin metal sheets measuring 96X48 centimeters. In academia these plates are called plaques. The most amazing thing on each such page has been stamped or engraved mysterious signs. Juan Moritz and his fellow researchers such as Stanley Hall, Petronio Jaramillo and world famous Erich Von Daniken, tend to suggest that this is a library of extinct ancient civilization. According to other versions, in metal books recorded the historical prophecies of the Incas or the knowledge of aliens, once flew to Earth. In the center of the library are installed objects resembling a table and chairs around it, but the material from which they are made is not known to anyone. This is not a stone, not a tree and not metal, but most likely something similar to ceramics or modern composite materials. Similar composites, especially resistant to high temperatures and having great strength, used, for example, in aviation and astronautics. But really someone could do their analogues many thousands of years ago? Animals and aircraft In addition, Juan Moritz discovered in the dungeons many animal figures made of gold. In that a kind of “zoo” were presented elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, bison, jaguars. They all stood along the walls of the halls and passageways. On the floors of the tunnels, many interesting drawings were found. One of them depicts a man hovering over a planet. It turns out, long before the current era of astronautics, people knew about spherical shape of the earth. The other floor figure has a rectangular body and round head. This strange creature is standing on a globe globe. and holds in the “hands” of the moon and the sun. Also found a figure that called a “clown” or “pilot.” On his head is a helmet with headphones, gloves on the hands. To his costume resembling spacesuit, ring and wires attached. Amazing finds Juan Moritz has something very similar to that made of gold. model of a supersonic passenger ship “Concord”. One such the figure was sent to the museum of the Colombian capital of Bogota, and the other remained underground. Museum exhibit aviation experts tend to believe that this is really a model of air vessel. Geometrically regular wings and tall strike him vertical keel. In birds, this is not found. Figurine the plane is made of pure gold, which is also very mysterious. After all pure gold is not found in nature as such. Native gold is a natural silver solid solution with mass fraction up to 43% in gold and contains impurities of copper, iron and other metals. Nowadays, pure gold is obtained using special processing at modern enterprises and equipment. Where did such technology come from civilization? Another drawing engraved on the floor of the tunnel, depicts a fossil dinosaur. But dinosaurs lived on our planet 65 million or more years ago. The figure itself is dated about IV – IX thousand BC e. And the tunnels themselves are pretty a riddle. Even in our time there are no such unique building technology underground. Who then could melt in granite strata perfectly flat tunnels with polished walls, intertwined in the likeness of a giant underground metropolis? No wonder researchers sometimes tend to say that this is a fruit extraterrestrial alien technology. How did Moritz and von quarrel Daniken I must say that Juan Moritz was a great original. is he quite seriously believed that Hungarian roots lie at the base virtually every civilization, and after talking somewhere in deaf with indians, came to the conclusion that those are quite tolerable understand whole phrases in Hungarian. As for communication with president of Ecuador, it gave him carte blanche for total control over the discovery – Moritz could invite an independent researcher and demonstrate photographic evidence opening of an underground communications network. In 1972, Juan Moritz met with Erich von Daniken and introduced him to the secret, showing him the entrance to the cave labyrinths, which allegedly led into a large underground hall. Apparently, the legendary metal library von Daniken did not see, but only the tunnels leading to her. Their famous Swiss researcher shared his impressions on pages of the bestselling book “Gold of the Gods”: “Undoubtedly, this is not about natural formations: underground corridors collapse strictly under at right angles, they are either wide or narrow, but the walls are smooth everywhere, as if polished. The ceilings are perfectly even and covered. varnish. “But one of the potentially most sensational discoveries of the twentieth century soon faded. Indeed, in an interview with the German publications “Stern” and SPIEGEL Janusz Juan Moritz suddenly denies ever been in caves with Erich von Daniken. This has undermined confidence in Swiss, who began to suspect that he simply fabricated his incredible facts proving presence on our planet of the gods – the ancient astronauts. Although it was easy to understand: if von Daniken really deliberately lied, then he would not would leave no coordinates for readers to contact Juan Moritz. One more step Despite the completely spoiled relationship with Erich von Daniken, a book advocate of the theory of paleovizitis attracted on the side of Juan Moritz new supporters. One of them has become American Stanley Hall. Moritz and Hall decided to organize an expedition to the Cueva de los Teios area, where the entrance to the dungeons is supposedly with a metal library. They only needed to find a person with big name for formal expedition leadership. For the role they chose American astronaut Neil Armstrong as such, which, like Hall, was of Scottish descent. Astronaut replied that he was more than willing to join the mission. In those years Ecuador ruled by military junta and expedition became joint an enterprise of the Ecuadorian and British Army, which supported a group of geologists, botanists and other specialists. Curious that for some time, enthusiasts hoped to attract leadership expedition of Prince Charles, shortly before receiving a scientist degree in archeology but the Scottish factor when choosing a chef in ultimately proved to be decisive. One of the highlights expedition became what August 3, 1976 Neil Armstrong really stepped into the ancient tunnel system, having a chance yet time to enter the history of mankind epochly. No trace the metal library, alas, was never found. But scientists cataloged 400 new plant varieties and discovered burial room with a burial dated 1500 BC e. Janusz Juan Moritz died in 1991. He always said something about mysterious dungeons. Therefore like-minded people continued searches, each in its own way trying to contribute to them. Count Pino Turolla, for example, believes that the metal library is absolute proof of the prophecies of Edgar Cayce. Stanley Hall For many years I tried to find out the exact coordinates of the entrance to the caves with library from Petronio Jaramillo, but he died in 1998, having carried away with a secret. However, the new Indiana Jones of our time is Stan Grist – believes that the genuine entrance to the treasured cave is hidden under water and hopes to organize in the Cueva de los Teios area expedition equipped with the latest technology.

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