Atlantis is Hyperborea

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Doctor of Philosophy, researcher of the Russian North Valery Dyomin collected information about the legendary Hyperborea all his life and looking for the remains of this civilization.

– The death of Hyperborea was to blame for the sharp cooling? – It the first thought that comes to mind when you look at modern polar climate. After all, numerous data show that at different times the climate in the Arctic has changed. For example, recently The results of the foreign expedition held in 2004 were announced year – research vessel using two icebreakers “crawled” to the North Pole at a distance of only 250 km. There scientists took soil samples from the bottom of the ocean, and then conducted an isotopic analysis of carbon contained in the remains of algae and shells. AND he showed that 55 million years ago, water in these latitudes warmed up to 24 degrees and did not differ much from the equatorial. it means that there are some factors that official science so far not able to take into account. – But 55 million years is quite deep antiquity. You said that the age of Hyperborea is 15-20 thousand years … – Yes. This case is just characteristic – we still don’t know much about Arctic and its North. But here is an example of discovery where it comes to closer to us times. Russian archaeologists during excavations on the Yana River in northern Yakutia discovered tips for copies of mammoth tusks and one, very unusual, made of horn woolly rhino. These findings, as well as animal bones and stone tools twice older than previously known stays people in the Far North. Archaeologists concluded: ancestors modern people hunted in the Arctic already 30 thousand years ago, and not 14 thousand, as was believed before this discovery. But this is not the limit. The perishing sensation – NU UZh earlier than 30 thousand years ago the person could not appear in Siberia. – Based on the officially accepted human history then yes. We already mentioned in passing that information about many finds of archaeologists and anthropologists simply are hushed up if the age of the found remains “does not fit” in accepted by the Darwinists scale. Or contrary to the hypothesis the origin of man from Africa and its further settlement by to other continents. In 1982, the archaeologist Yuri Mochanov discovered The ancient site of Deering Yuryakh on the right bank of the Lena River is 140 km away. from Yakutsk. There were found unique tools, deposits of boulders and pebbles with obvious signs of mechanical stress. Amazed by age finds established by archaeologists – at least 2.5 million years! And this several hundred thousand years younger than any African parking. Naturally, such a chronology contradicts the hypothesis tropical human origin and becomes additional an argument in favor of the concept of its polar ancestral home. It was sensation! The All-Union Conference was held in Yakutia in the late 80s “The problem of the ancestral home of mankind in the light of new archaeological and anthropological discoveries. “Dozens of scientists from institutes gathered and universities. The final document recorded: “Monuments Deering culture are not only national, but also universal, planetary heritage. Their comprehensive study may have important promising value in the global science of the origin of mankind. “The question is, has this changed anything in modern archeology or anthropology? Unfortunately no. Scientists argue did Atlantis exist and, if so, where to look for it? Ancestral home humanity, a symbol of an ideal state, the inhabitants of Atlantis possessed secret knowledge – that’s what they mean by Atlantis. IN Mythology is opposed to Hyperborea by this country – civilization, whose name is translated from Greek means “outside north wind. “However, a number of scientists over recent centuries tried to prove that the legendary Atlantis before his death It was located in the north. In other words, this … is Hyperborea. The natives considered them gods – ON WHAT is based your hypothesis? What is her scientific base? – Firstly, there is the results of our nine expeditions. Found artifacts that require explanation. Secondly, an analysis of ancient texts. IN books such as the Indian Rig Veda and Iranian Avesta, in Chinese and Tibetan historical chronicles in the Germanic epic and Russian epics, in numerous myths and legends of different nations of the world describes the northern ancestral home with polar phenomena – northern lights, polar night and day, etc. According to ancient ideas, it was from the north that the ancestors once migrated modern ethnic groups. There is reason to believe that earlier the climate for the Arctic Circle was much more favorable for living. Maybe, the mainland was washed by a warm current like the Gulf Stream. Russian oceanographers have established that in the interval 15-30 thousand years before our The climate of the Arctic was mild, and the Arctic Ocean – quite warm, despite the presence of glaciers on the continent. Approximately the same conclusions were reached by Canadian and American scientists. In their opinion, during the Wisconsin glaciation (about 70 thousand years ago) in the center of the Arctic Ocean was a zone temperate climate. – You want to say that civilization was the Hyperborean older than the mammoths?


– Yes, it existed 15-20 thousand years ago. And had in her arsenal of aircraft, it was a highly developed civilization. In the holy books of many nations there are descriptions of contacts with “heavenly aliens.” Aborigines attributed these phenomena to the field miraculous and considered Hyperborean gods or demigods. I think the vast majority of archaic myths narrating about acts gods and demigods – it is only clothed in esoteric form the true history of the earth. Atlanta from the island Svalbard – BUT WHY these “heavenly aliens” are necessary were immigrants from the polar regions? They could be, not afraid of this word, aliens. – Well, I’m not from the floundering bay invented. Let’s see the background of the question. Long time it was believed that the ancestral home of all civilizations was in the Middle East. In the twentieth century, evolutionary scientists moved the cradle humanity to Africa. But in Hindu, Buddhist and Vedic traditions were dominated by other ideas. The first of those gave a serious scientific justification for the polar concept of origin civilizations and world cultures, there was a Frenchman Jean Sylvain Bailly – famous astronomer and public figure of the eighteenth century. Having studied information available to him, Bayi came to the conclusion that all available the achievements of the ancients are based on even earlier achievements unknown (“lost”) people who possessed highly developed knowledge. Among other things, he analyzed astronomical calculations antiquities and realized: those nations that in the eighteenth century were attributed to the southern ethnic groups, previously lived in northern (often polar) latitudes. Bayi was the first to point to the polar origin of the myth of the dying and the resurrecting god that exists in many cultures. So ancient deities like Egyptian Osiris or Syrian Adonis (then migrated to the Greco-Roman pantheon), in the distant past personified the sun. And it is, as you know, in the northern latitudes on hiding behind the horizon for several months, giving way to a long polar night. Bayi calculated that the 40-day cycle preceding the resurrection of Osiris, corresponds to the “dying and resurrection” of the Sun at north latitude 68 degrees. This is where it is worth looking for an ancestral home Egyptians with their solar cult of Osiris. If we take a look at the map Eastern hemisphere then we see that the sixty-eighth parallel passes through the center of the Kola Peninsula, crosses the Yamal and Ob lip, as well as vast territories of Western and Eastern Siberia. Jean Bayi was sure that before the cold snap in the North, Svalbard and other arctic territories were inhabited by powerful Atlanteans. “Atlantes,” he wrote, “who left the island in the Arctic Sea, there are definitely hyperboreans – inhabitants of a certain island about which so much the Greeks told us. “For Bailly, as for the ancient authors, Atlantis and Hyperborea were identical. – Bayi lived in the eighteenth century, but since then, science has stepped far forward. Genetics proved that all modern humanity came from a small, a couple of thousand man, a tribe that lived in East Africa. – All humanity cannot be subjected to genetic analysis. As well as others could exist by this group of ancestors. We know that in Theories of evolution have many blind spots and contradictions. Only at the end of XX centuries, scientists have recognized that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons are completely independent troglodyte groups, not a sequential chain humanoids, as previously thought. And what are the facts of concealment the remains of anthropologists if their age is not fits into the scale accepted by the Darwinists ?! They gather dust in storerooms, they are not exhibited in museums, they are not written about in textbooks.

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The history of mankind is still shrouded in mystery. Not excluded that along with primitive apes on the planet lived more intelligent creatures. A significant part of the population of Hyperborea died as a result of a planetary cataclysm, but some managed to take refuge in underground shelters and then spread south, forming new ethnic foci. – And who, besides Baye, seriously studied this problem? – Oh, this is a whole direction in science! Not only were busy here geographers and historians, but also linguists. At the end of the XIX century, the rector Boston University William Warren publishes Paradise Found at the North Pole “- it has withstood 11 editions! Based on analysis extensive material, he showed that all archaic tales of the earth paradise (Eden) are vague memories of once the existing fertile land that was on the Extreme North. Hyperborea “Arctic Bridge” on the map of Gerard Mercator. – WHAT is understood as Hyperborea? What lands are you talking about? – At the moment, looking for traces of this civilization has meaning in the Eurasian and American North, on islands and archipelagos of the Arctic Ocean, on the oceanic shelf, on the bottom of some seas, lakes and rivers. Moreover, the largest number of seats and artifacts that can be interpreted from the Hyperborean point view, located in Russia. Many of them have already been rated. specialists, others are still waiting for their discovery. Now active exploration work is underway on the Kola Peninsula, on the island Vaigach, in Karelia, in the Urals, in Western Siberia, in Khakassia, Yakutia, other regions. There are prospects for research on Earth Franz Joseph, Taimyr, Yamal. Geological has already entered into circulation The concept of “Hyperborean platform.” Its dynamics are discussed – as well as for what reasons did it sink to the bottom of the ocean? – I.e Hyperborea was located not only on existing lands, but and those that went under water? – On one of the Flemish Gerard’s cards Mercator, the most famous cartographer of all time, is depicted huge mainland in the North Pole area. He is archipelago of islands separated by deep rivers. In the very the mountain is located in the center (according to legend, the ancestors of the Indo-European peoples lived near Mount Meru). Where did this land come from on the map, because in The Middle Ages did not know anything about the polar Arctic? there is reason to believe that in the hands of Mercator there was some kind ancient map – he mentioned this in one of his letters in 1580 year. And on that map, the North Ocean was free of ice, and in it the center was the mainland. Mercator just took that into account circumstance.

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Catherine’s Secret Decree – IF ancient cartographic sources were available to select people whether any of them tried sneak north in search of Hyperborea? – Moreover, they were our compatriots. Information about the Arctic ancestral home spread through Masonic channels and reached Catherine the Great. With the help of Lomonosov, she organized two expeditions. May 4, 1764 Empress signed a secret decree. According to official documents the purpose of the expedition of Admiral Vasily Chichagov was presented like “The resumption of whale and other animal and fisheries in Svalbard. “However, in the memoirs of the son of Chichagov, she is not called otherwise, as an “expedition to the North Pole.” Exit Only the ship in the open sea was ordered to open a special package with instructions. It was said that you need to swim towards the pole. The instructions were drawn by the hand of Lomonosov. Expedition stumbled on powerful ice and came back. – And why was Catherine interested Hyperborea? – I think she was attracted by something that long before her attracted other rulers – the secret of eternal youth (and even immortality). According to legends, the elixir of youth is one of the “know-how hyperboreans. “The Empress was a woman, let’s not talk about it forget. P. S. Cheka and personally Dzerzhinsky also showed interest in search for Hyperborea. What was discovered in the Russian North in the twentieth century? And why its geographical names are so consonant with Sumerian, Indian and ancient Greek words? Before the manhole they were overwhelmed by fear – YOU ASSUMED that the Empress was interested the recipe for the “elixir of youth” or even immortality, which supposedly owned by hyperboreans. What other know-how was at their disposal? -The secret of the Absolute weapon, similar in strength to nuclear. In every case, an expedition of the twentieth century led by Alexander Barchenko I was looking for it. Not at the North Pole, with which time was already more or less clear. Search worth on the arctic islands, mysteriously endangered lands and throughout Hyperborean peripherals – from the Kola Peninsula to Chukotka. Barchenko was a famous esoteric researcher. They say possessed psychic abilities, studied the transmission of thoughts on distance. And on the Kola Peninsula he acted with a mandate Institute of the brain and with the personal blessing of Academician Ankylosing spondylitis. A business in that, among other things, Ankylosing spondylitis was interested in the mysterious the phenomenon of flickering – polar psychosis. It is inherent in the natives North. For no reason, people fall into a massive trance and lead themselves like zombies: swinging, speaking an incomprehensible language and not at the same time they feel pain. Barchenko became interested in research Cheka. First, fading could be used to create psychotronic weapons. Secondly, the KGB then started oversee nuclear development. And Dzerzhinsky personally supported Barchenko’s expedition to the wilderness of the Kola Peninsula. It was in 1922. Near the sacred Seydozer, researchers saw a giant black figure of a man drawn on a rock with arms spread out crosswise. They found a rectangular hewn granite blocks on the tops of mountains and in swamps – “pyramids”, found paved areas – as if the remains of an ancient the roads. Also, the expedition members came across an unusual hole, leading to the depths of the earth. But no one dared to go down there. They say they felt the opposition of some forces, they got around sudden fear. It’s hard to find the entrance Absolute weapon. Iron Felix was hardly satisfied … – I I am sure that Barchenko still entered the ancient shelter and something there found. It is possible that on his return he presented to the Cheka material evidence in support of their ideas. In every case, the results of the research were classified in the archives. we made inquiries to the FSB, and we were told that all the documentation destroyed in 1941 when the Germans approached Moscow. Himself Barchenko was charged with espionage and executed in 1938. Already in in prison he asked for pencil and paper to spell out all that he knew. As soon as the manuscript was completed, he was executed. what became with the written work of a researcher, unknown. – But you are in did you find this mysterious hole during your expeditions? – No, and this explainable. Firstly, finding the entrance to an underground cave can be very difficult – cavers know it well. It sometimes turns out inconspicuous, lost among piles of stones and rocks, moreover overgrown shrubs. Illustrative example of Abrau-Durso – factory Champagne wines near Novorossiysk. In the bowels of the mountains are built basement storage, this warehouse is five kilometers long. But the Germans during the war they could not get there! And this despite the fact that Previously, hundreds of tourists were brought to the plant, its location did not present a special secret. Secondly, I do not exclude that the entrance was blown up. Since the mid 30-ies in the area of ​​Seydozer organized camp for political prisoners. They even built something there, but in the 50s years blew it all up. Only traces of the destroyed structures remained. And from special services because you won’t achieve anything! What was discovered in the area Seydozer modern expeditions? Continued in the coming rooms. Pyramid sites – WHAT did you do there to discover? – The deepest surveys were conducted in the area Seydozero – a sacred lake on the Kola Peninsula. In 2001 we made geolocation there. And she showed that under the bottom of the pond there is a tunnel clogged with silt. It runs from one coast to another and goes into the bowels of Mount Ninchurt. Georadar, which “shines through” land at 30 m, stated: in the mountains at both ends of the tunnel extensive underground shelters exist. And the geologists who were there, unanimously declared that the natural origin of the caves is impossible. No less unexpected result was presented by the same “cobbled road “, found by Barchenko. It turned out that the masonry was even rows at a right angle and a half meters underground. Of course, the walls of Troy, excavated by Schliemann, are ten times more, but it is possible that we are dealing with a kind of defensive fortification. – Did you find are you the pyramids that Alexander Barchenko wrote about? – Yes, we found several pyramids, they look like mounds, and they also need explore with georadar. Among them there are those with a peak like would be cut with a knife, and in its place is found absolutely flat area.

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The remains of foundations, geometrically correct, were also found. blocks, upturned columns … It can be seen that before in the North everywhere powerful stone structures existed. Generally, the north coast the polar seas – from the Kola Peninsula to Chukotka – abounds pyramidal pillars made of stones, they are called “guria”. In appearance, they resemble Lapland seids – cult stone structures, which Sami Lopari worshiped from ancient times. It is believed that they were placed in prominent places as beacons to it was possible to navigate the terrain well. Expertise samples chipped from stone blocks showed that they have technogenic origin, and their age is about 10 thousand years before ad. Nevertheless, it was very important for us to discover the underground shelters in the polar territories. Alas, failed. We are sure that they are there, just hidden from view. – And the locals do not could help in this search? “They fear it like fire!” Saami they say: “We have no right to reveal a secret.” Like, yes, father to me I was telling something, but if I show you these places, I will die immediately. And to convince them is impossible. “Arctic Homeland in the Vedas” – YOU TALKED that in books of different ancient cultures there is mention of polar realities, whence it follows that these peoples came out with North. Can I give you examples? – Their mass. In ancient Iranian “Avesta” describes the ancestral home of humanity, where the sun rises and comes once a year, and the year itself is divided into one long day and a long night. This is known to occur in high polar latitudes. It also tells about the aurora, and behavior The sun is described as it is seen in the Far North. IN The Vedas have the phrase: “That which is the year is only one day and one Night of the Gods. “Indian scholar and public figure Balgangadhar Tilak conducted a rigorous textual analysis of the holy books. He studied Sanskrit sources, the ancient Aryan cult of the Sun and the goddess of morning dawn Ushas. Tilak calculated the length of days and nights, morning dawns and twilight, months and seasons according to their descriptions in books of the ancient Aryans. Scientists have overlaid these calculations on a map of Russia and saw that the realities described in the Rig Veda are suitable for latitude Murmansk and Yamal. Tilak called his work “Arctic Homeland in Vedas, “he is widely known in the West. Proof of Stay historical peoples in the Arctic can be found at Homer in the Odyssey. Polar realities are found even in the Bible. For example, in the Book of Jesus Joshua has a reference to the behavior of the sun: “The sun was setting in the sky and not in a hurry to the west for almost the whole day. “The obsessive” frame “- B ANCIENT RUSSIAN texts have hints that our ancestral home located in the North? – There is evidence of Slavic research folklore, they were conducted by our compatriot Lilia Alekseeva. The result was her monograph Auroras in Mythology Slavs. “It convincingly shows that many images in fairy tales, and also ritual poetry, folk beliefs, conspiracies and spells Our ancestors were inspired by the contemplation of the spectacle of auroras. -The Kola Peninsula, where you went on an expedition, is inhabited by Sami. IN their language preserved “memories” of Hyperborea? – Sami the language belongs to the Finno-Ugric branch. What can make him related Indo-European language family? Nevertheless, on Kola peninsula in geographical names (and most of them are given Sami) often found the roots of the “ind” and “ganges”, reminiscent of famous indian rivers. These are the Indiga, Indera, Indychok rivers, hill, river and village Indel, Inder lakes. Also on Russian North are the Ganga Island, Gangasikha Bay, Gulf and Gangas hill, mountain and lake Gangos. There is another root a framework common to many Indo-European languages ​​and languages ​​of others branches, – “ram”, which refers us to the name of the ancient Indian epic Ramayana In the heart of the Kola Peninsula you will find Ramatuaivvench tundra, Ramyavr Lake and Mount Rama. And in Europe and Asia (including Russia) can be found many names of cities, lakes and rivers with the root basis of “ram”. In dictionary Dahl marked figurative (and once, perhaps, the main) meaning of the Russian word “ramo” – “power, strength, power, powerful hand.” Agree, a very suitable nickname for the leader. I think so in our language (and in other European and Asian languages) the memory of Tsarevich Rama – the hero of the epic who led the movement of the Aryans from north to south, which is described in the Ramayana. Myths or reality? – BUT THE SIMILARITY of the names does not explain which language is ancient, Sami or Sanskrit, and where did our ancestors. Maybe everything was exactly the opposite? People gradually moved from south to north, as modern science claims. AND what does the Ramayana have to do with it? – The assumption that about 7 thousand years ago Indo-Aryan leader Rama led the ancestors of the Indo-European peoples from Polar regions to the south, expressed and Alexander mentioned by us Barchenko, and his predecessors, the same Tilak in his work “The Arctic homeland in the Vedas.” Let me remind you what is being discussed in the Ramayana. In the center of the plot – a grandiose battle between the noble prince Rama and bloodthirsty demons – Rakshasas. Tsarevich and him Companions are helped by the super-perfect people who have come from the north. IN The epic is based on archaic representations of the ancient Aryans, including including about his ancestral home. And its symbol, as in the whole Aryan tradition, favors the Golden Mount Meru, located on the North pole, in the center of Hyperborea. “Maybe it’s just a mythology?” Is it necessary to understand it so literally? – Any ethnic group in all ages, faced with phenomena that they cannot comprehend rationally, with some obscure scientific and technical achievements, attributed visible to them personally the phenomena and living beings to areas of the miraculous and declared it a sphere of activity of celestials or their messengers descending from heaven. I’m sure most archaic myths telling about the deeds of the gods and demigods – all only a story once dressed in a mystical and esoteric form once the existing highly developed civilization. Numerous references to Hyperborea is in the mythology of the ancient Greek gods, in history itself the formation of the Olympic pantheon. I do not exclude that the Olympic the gods were not fictional characters, but real-life ones descendants of the Hyperborean titans who came from the north to the Balkans and settled there. – Here we come to the most important issue. What drove the Hyperboreans from north to south? Why did civilization die? -Obviously, a severe cooling began there. What arose from cataclysm, whether it had a natural or anthropogenic cause, it is possible just guess. – ok so the sharp death was to blame for the death of Hyperborea cold snap? – This is the first thought that comes to mind if take a look at the modern polar climate. After all, numerous data show that at different times the climate in the Arctic has changed. For example, the results of a foreign expedition were recently announced, Held in 2004, a research vessel using two icebreakers “crawled” to the North Pole at a distance of only 250 km There, scientists took soil samples from the bottom of the ocean, and then conducted an isotopic analysis of carbon in the remains algae and shell. And he showed that 55 million years ago, water in these latitudes warmed up to 24 degrees and did not differ much from equatorial. This means that there are some factors that official science is not yet able to take into account. – But 55 million years – very deep antiquity. You said the age of Hyperborea is 15-20 thousand years … – Yes. This case is just characteristic – we haven’t done much yet We know about the Arctic and our North. But here is an example of discovery, where it is It’s about the times closer to us. Russian archaeologists during excavations on the Yana River in northern Yakutia discovered tips for copies of mammoth tusks and one, very unusual, made of horn woolly rhino. These findings, as well as animal bones and stone tools twice older than previously known traces of stay people in the Far North. Archaeologists concluded: ancestors modern people hunted in the Arctic already 30 thousand years ago, and not 14 thousand, as was believed before this discovery. But this is not the limit. (“We stunned to see how the wound on his chest healed without a trace whispering stopped, “said A. Kondiain. The shaman assured that the pass is received, that the heart of Barchenko will be exclusively healthy for the whole released life. And really. In the morning, a scientist two heavy backpacks, did not go, but ran along the tundra to the treasured to the rocks of Lovozero, to the sanctuary, Side – to the water.) sensation – NU Uzh earlier than 30 thousand years ago a man in Siberia could not appear. – Based on an officially accepted story of humanity, yes. We already mentioned in passing that information about many finds of archaeologists and anthropologists are simply hushed up, if the age of the found remains “does not fit” into the accepted Darwinists scale. Or contrary to the origin hypothesis person from Africa and its further resettlement to other continents. In 1982, archaeologist Yuri Mochanov discovered the ancient Diring-Yuryakh parking lot on the right bank of the Lena River 140 km from Yakutsk. There were found unique tools, deposits of boulders and pebbles with obvious signs of mechanical stress. Amazed by the age of finds established by archaeologists – at least 2.5 million years! And this is on several hundred thousand years younger than any African parking. Naturally, such a chronology contradicts the hypothesis tropical human origin and becomes additional an argument in favor of the concept of its polar ancestral home. It was sensation!

Hyperborea on the map of Gerard Mercator 1595 года Фото из открытых источников

In the late 80s in Yakutia, the All-Union Conference “Problem the ancestral home of mankind in the light of new archaeological and anthropological discoveries. “Dozens of scientists from institutes gathered and universities. The final document recorded: “Monuments Deering culture are not only national, but also universal, planetary heritage. Their comprehensive study may have important promising value in the global science of the origin of mankind. “The question is, has this changed anything in modern archeology or anthropology? Unfortunately no. – YOU LEAD research evidence that climate in the Arctic has repeatedly changed and was once quite suitable for human life. But if Hyperborea was ruined by a sharp cooling, why it sank to the bottom the mainland, which was supposedly located in the middle of the Arctic the ocean? – I think there was more than one cataclysm. To understand what the cause of the cosmoplanetary tragedy that erupted on earth open spaces, we must turn to the data of a whole complex of sciences – geology, geophysics, hydrology, astronomy, cosmology. In the twentieth century scientists have come to the conclusion that existed in the distant past in waters of the Arctic Ocean of powerful Tulean land. Zoologists called her Arctida. They drew attention to the fact that in North America and the polar regions of Eurasia are inhabited by the same Types of animals. So the hypothesis of the existence of “Arctic bridge “- the land that connected America and Eurasia from 100 to 10 thousand years ago. (However, some geologists call closer dates to us – only 2.5 thousand years ago.) As you know, the bottom Of the Arctic Ocean, from Russia to Greenland, passes Lomonosov mountain range. Its peaks rise above the ocean bottom for three kilometers and do not reach the surface of the water only one kilometer. I am sure the ridge was the main axis of the “Arctic bridge”. IN in the course of further research this concept is more and more concretized and supported by new facts. – Put “Arctic bridge” could go under water as a result of geological shifts. But to sharply colder where the tropical stood climate, you just need some kind of “shake” of the planet … – That’s So. Therefore, it’s worth talking about a cosmoplanetary cataclysm, and not just about geological shifts. The cause of the cooling could be change in the inclination of the axis and the displacement of the poles of the Earth. Known that they repeatedly changed their position in the history of the planet. Also concerns magnetic poles – it is estimated that over 76 million years north and south changed places 171 times. And the last geomagnetic inversion happened between 10 and 12 thousand years before our era. In time, it coincides with the death of Hyperborea (or hypothetical mainland Arctida). Together with the pole change the specific location of cold and warm climate zones was changing on the ground. Where ice now reigns and a long polar night stands, tropical plants once bloomed. Why “somersaulted” Land? – IN THIS case, this global cataclysm should have some instructions in ancient texts … – And they are! Moreover, in a number texts the reason is directly indicated – a change in the slope of the sky in relation to the ground, which is possible only with an offset axis. For example, in the ancient Chinese treatise “Huainanzi” it is described as follows: “Sky tilted northwest, the sun, moon and stars moved. ” Plato in the dialogue “Politician” reported the times when sunset and sunrise The suns were opposite to the present – it rose in the west and set in the east, which is possible just when the earth’s axis 180 degrees. Herodotus reported the same with reference to the Egyptian priests. Lomonosov, having studied all these written sources, made such a conclusion: “Therefore, it follows that in the northern parts of the ancient eyelids great heat happened where elephants be born and breed and others animals, as well as plants, near the equator ordinary. “- And what forcing the poles to swap places, and the Earth to tumbling in interplanetary space? – There could be several reasons. One of them – the influence of cosmic factors, for example, the invasion of the Solar system of a new massive body that changed the balance of forces attraction between the planets and our luminary. Or a cosmic explosion – within or beyond the solar system. Modern geophysicists do not exclude that the “somersault” of the planet could have occurred due to massive ice accumulation at the poles and their asymmetric location relative to the earth’s axis. By the way, this hypothesis supported by Albert Einstein. Here are his words written in Preface to a book by an American scientist: “Earth’s rotation acts on these asymmetric masses, creating a centrifugal moment, which is transmitted by the hard earth’s crust. When the magnitude of this moment exceeds some critical value, it causes displacement of the earth’s crust relative to the part located inside Earth’s body … “Venus passed by – YOU SAID that the poles The land has repeatedly changed places, which is why warm and cold places on our planet, too, “wandered” back and forth. It was so an ordinary occurrence in the past? – On the scale of the history of the Earth – of course Yes. And the displacement of the earth’s axis is only one of the possible consequences global disasters. I mentioned the solar invasion hypothesis massive body system that changed the balance of gravity between the planets. So, a famous American scientist of Russian of origin Immanuel Velikovsky wrote six books on this subject, united in the series “Centuries in Chaos”. Having studied thousands of written sources, he came to the conclusion that Venus could be such a body – the youngest planet in the solar system … First, it has changed Earth’s position in orbit – east and west have swapped places. Secondly, some “heavenly deity” caused a catastrophe. Then Venus appeared in the sky. Where did she come from? It’s assumed that it was originally a huge comet, collided with some planet of the solar system. Finally she stabilized in her current orbit, but before that passed near the Earth and caused a displacement of the axis of our planet with all disastrous consequences. Of course, astronomers and others scientists rejected the concept of Velikovsky. But space studies of the late twentieth century have confirmed that the age of Venus indeed much less than was commonly believed. beauty Seydozer – the smell of antiquity Mirage has nothing to do with it – BACK to the search for Hyperborea. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the famous Jacob Sannikov suggested extensive land to the north from the Novosibirsk islands. Allegedly, he saw her from different points three times. But in the twentieth century it was proved that there was no land there. Maybe Hyperborea – also a kind of “mirage”, over the centuries exciting humanity? – But from this “mirage” remained material traces! Let and not in the form habitual to us, besides in ruined and deformed form. These are stone structures and statues. We have already talked about some, and we will talk about others later. Now about Sannikov. There is much evidence of existence in Arctic mysterious endangered lands. At first, people watched them firsthand, and then no one could find these lands. There were such islands very many are the lands of Makarov, Bradley, Gilles, Harris, Kenana, Tak-Puk and others. They were recorded in ship’s documents, indicated the coordinates, entered on the map. And later they how did disappear! – Well, this only confirms version of mirages. They are known to be not only in deserts, but and in the cold northern latitudes … – What is the essence of polar mirages? The observer sees what is located beyond the horizon. Or sees the object distorted. In any case, he will not see the land where there are continuous ice. And then, the disappearing islands were not observed only from the ground, but also from the air, so there is nothing to do with mirages. ВMarch 1941 air polar expedition led by Ivan Cherevichny photographed a large island in the Laptev Sea with elongated oval contour and distinct river beds. Coordinates recorded, but in the future no one saw this land there. In 1946 Soviet and American pilots were simultaneously filmed an even larger island – 30 km long. Shortly afterwards and he forever gone. Visions from the past – I HAVE read that the arctic islands disappear because many of them consist of permafrost, sprinkled with a layer of soil. The waves ice shores are washed away and islands become smaller until disappear completely. – This is only partially true. I want to pay attention that on many lands that subsequently disappeared, researchers saw not only ice, but also rocks. And also mountains covered with forests. You must admit that all this is not so easy to blur with a wave. A famous American polar pilot Richard Byrd, as his stories during one of the flights over the endless ice open spaces suddenly saw below an oasis – mountains, lakes and huge animals resembling mammoths! – Well, this is hi to Obruchev, the author of the science fiction novel “Sannikov Land”! – If you take fantastic hypotheses, I admit that observers are mysterious Land travelers dealt with the so-called chrono-mirages. True, I prefer another term – “noospheric memory.” Information about the distant past is stored in the energy information field. The universe surrounding and pervading the Earth. This field may interact with the human nervous system or animal and open channels of information accumulated over previous centuries and millennia. Such opportunities are found in some bioactive zones of the Earth. The north is one of such zones. Footprints in snowy desert – WHAT more phenomena are observed in the Arctic besides the endangered islands? – For example, there is a Polyus riddle inaccessibility. This is a huge and poorly studied territory in East Siberian Sea. In area, it is comparable to several European states. Apparently, there was the eastern part Hyperborea plunged to the bottom of the ocean. The mystery is that towards the obviously lifeless Pole of inaccessibility regularly huge flocks of birds rushed. (By the way, this fact is reflected in the novel “Sannikov Land” you mentioned.) Get to this The district succeeded only in 1941. Air Expedition Plane under the leadership of Ivan Cherevichny made several landings there. No lands could be discovered, but the researchers were in perplexed when they discovered a chain of arctic fox tracks in the snow, leading north. Where could the arctic fox come from thousands of kilometers from the mainland is unknown. Generally when familiarizing yourself with many written sources on Arctic research, the feeling of mystery does not leave. Take the expedition of 1764. The detachment, led by Sergeant Stepan Andreev, went to dog sledding on the ice of the East Siberian Sea north of mouth of the Kolyma. Local Aborigines said that there is a “big land on which the standing forest is quite enough. “Expedition I got to one of the Bear Islands and there I came across a chain of fresh human footprints. Without saying a word, people turned back and in a panic left the island. But they had been preparing for the whole year for this trip, they knew what they were going on, and, apparently, were people not timid ten! Maybe they saw something inexplicable? – “Snow people? “- Indeed, the inhabitants of the North often talk about encounters with the Bigfoot. It is forbidden to communicate with him – this taboo. The tales of local aborigines about the “underground miracle” are known – ancient people who were forced to hide underground under exposure to the elements. And supposedly he continues to live there to this day. THERE, where the Hyperborean civilization once existed, local Residents often meet Bigfoot. Aboriginal people have tales of the “underground miracle” – the ancient people who were forced to hide underground from some kind of cataclysm and continues to live there to this day. Flying Monkey People – GOES OUT, snowy is man a direct descendant of the Hyperboreans? The unenviable fate of this civilizations … – No, the descendants of the Hyperboreans are modern Indo-European peoples. A bigfoot, I guess descended from another type of humanoid that lived at the same time and in the same territory as the Hyperboreans. What are these humanoids? By traditional representations of many nations of the world, gods first created the world, and then man. But in the mythology of the ancient Aryans there is another intermediate link that is not attached of particular importance. It turns out, long before humans, the gods created a population of other creatures – highly wise and super-perfect monkeys. In the ancient Indian epic “Ramayana,” a certain “monkey people “who came from the north and helped Rama gain him brilliant victories. These “monkey people” had amazing abilities, including the ability to fly. Similar creatures are described. in both Chinese and Tibetan mythologies. I think when after the global climate catastrophe arias rushed south “monkey people” chose to stay in the north and adapt to new conditions. This population managed to survive in underground shelters, but gradually degraded and lost many skills. – A why scientists have still not been able to catch a representative of this “tribe”? – Most snow encounter data by a man, traces of his presence (footprints, lying, scraps wool, excrement) falls on the Kola Peninsula – one of Hyperborea centers. But the geology of these places is poorly studied. Not it is possible that in the depths of mountain formations there are vast voids natural or artificial origin with favorable geothermal conditions. And then, Bigfoot is not primitive relic humanoid, and a fully developed creature, despite the degradation that has occurred. Therefore it easily leaves with the nose of everyone who hunts for him. The Sanctuary in the Mountains – YOU WAS going to list what other material traces remained from Hyperboreans, besides the already mentioned pyramids, the “paved road”, a tunnel clogged with silt under the bottom of the lake … – In the summer of 2000 St. Petersburg prospectors found in the Khibiny (this is a mountain range on Kola peninsula) traces of religious construction. It is badly destroyed a time and erosion sanctuary consisting of large stone blocks. Its central element is a two-meter stone of the “phallic” shape. It resembles the famous Omphal – “Navel of the Earth”, which was located in Delphi, the sacred center of the ancient world. True, that monolith smaller and decorated with a carved pattern, and the Kola Navel is larger and very weathered. Researchers have tried to identify the purpose of the other stone blocks and concluded that the whole this complex is a ritual structure goals. And this is far from all the findings of search engines in the Russian North. There are also mysterious steps, a stone throne, drawings on stones … Dmitry Pisarenko Source: “Arguments and Facts”

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