Atlantis knowledge is stored in a secret dungeon under Sphinx

Atlantean knowledge is stored in a secret dungeon under the Sphinx.A photo from open sources

Sphinx is one of the symbols of Egypt along with the Great the pyramids. However, it is still unknown who erected this colossus. and most importantly, why? Surely it was not set for beauty. What kind Monument keeps secrets? What and from whom does he protect?

The famous and mysterious Egypt

Egypt is considered one of the most studied ancient civilizations. We know much more about him than about ancient India or about the disappeared Olmec state in Central America. However Egypt has no less riddles. There is still no answer to main questions: who, when and how built the famous pyramids.

Every year, expeditions and every leader work in Egypt. dreams to fascinate the world with an amazing find. What could it be – no one guesses (who knows what will be found during the excavations?) But every archaeologist secretly dreams of finding a “Hall of Annals”, aka “Hall evidence, “he is the” Hall of Knowledge “, etc.

A photo from open sources

Knowledge hall

On the existence under the pyramids of the underground room – storage The information was written by the ancient Greek philosopher of the 4th century, Jamblichus and 9th century Byzantine historian George Sinzella. She is mentioned in records on the walls of temple complexes. Earliest mention of The “Holy Room” dates from 2000 BC.

According to the records, the holy books of God are kept in the room. Thoth’s wisdom and things that belonged to him and other gods, Osiris, Isis. And, of course, the myriad treasures that guard silent stone guards (robots?) killing everyone who decides encroach on these riches.

The Underworld of Giza

The presence of a huge number of dungeons in the Giza region for archaeologists are no secret. The historian Herodotus wrote about a huge maze under the pyramids, which included more than 1,500 rooms. Yes Herodotus could have lied, but even if you divide the number by 50, the presence of 30 underground chambers filled with precious scrolls – this impressive. And if you lied, but not much, and more rooms?

Dungeons were visited by 9th-century Arab traveler Masudi, who specified that he dared to tell about the wonders of the dungeon considered crazy, “and yet I saw it!” But as far as possible trust all this evidence, isn’t it a myth? Not a myth, dungeons Giza was found.

Arab Egyptologist Selim Hassan led methodical from 1929 to 1939 excavations on the Giza plateau. He outlined the results of his work in 10-volume work “Excavations at Giza”. Several were discovered tunnels of rooms and shafts extending more than 125 feet deep (38m). But about what was found, Hassan reported very, very sparingly.

According to him, under the plateau there is a whole system of underground communications linking the pyramids. Her research requires a large amount of work and significant cash funds. But where is the heart of the system, the mysterious Vault knowledge? “Where to look for it?

Search under the sphinx!

The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce in one of his prophecies indicated that the vault is located between the river and the Sphinx, and the entrance – between his paws. In 1989, a Japanese expedition led by Sakuji Yoshimura scanned using special equipment soil in the Sphinx and found a tunnel under his left paw, going deeper.

A photo from open sources

In the same 1989, the American Thomas Dobiecki spent seismic exploration also confirmed the presence of a cavity under the Sphinx. The Egyptian government thanked the scientists … and forbade them further work.

In the meantime …

We will not blame the Egyptians. Every country, take it to find on your own territory something unusual and useful, first of all try to do it to your advantage. And the treasures of the “Hall of Knowledge” are not gold and silver. According to assurances already mentioned Casey in the underground the camera stores all the knowledge of the past civilization of the planet and material monuments of their culture.

So while the Egyptian authorities pose all sorts of obstacles foreigners who want to look “under the Sphinx” right down to direct prohibitions, preferring to work independently. About the results they prefer not to disseminate their research.

At the same time, the very idea of ​​having underground structures on the Giza plateau. All this, they say, is the invention of journalists, trying to lure as many as possible to the pyramids tourists. Only here devices, unlike people, do not know how to lie.

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