Aviation of the Ancients

Could the ancient Egyptians use helicopters and aircraft? Pyramids and temples of Ancient Egypt are not the first thousand years attract the attention of historians. Yes, there is no reservation – not exactly the first thousand years: even before our era the Greeks are very lively were interested in the culture and history of kingdoms on the great Nile and even entire volumes of research have been written about them. Some of them reached of our days.

It would seem that for such a huge period of time all known monuments had to be examined, thoroughly studied, and to discover anything new in them with all desire is simply impossible. But это далеко не так… Aviation of the AncientsФото изopen sources Mysterious hieroglyphics Back in 1848 one of the many archaeological expeditions that worked in Egypt, with a thorough inspection of the temple of Seti in Abydos, discovered completely mysterious and incomprehensible hieroglyphs. They were located right above the entrance to the temple, almost under the ceiling, at a height about ten meters. It should be noted that the characters turned out very much – the walls were just full of strange icons, frankly confused astonished researchers. The only thing they managed to understand: they discovered not just the texts of an ancient letter, and images of hitherto unseen strange objects, perhaps mechanisms of unknown purpose. Nobody in the world could to say what exactly mysterious hieroglyphs depict, which are very skillfully carved on a stone by an unknown artist who lived about three thousands of years ago. Diligently redrawn by expedition members mysterious signs aroused in the scientific community of Egyptologists endless disputes and heated debate. As a result, the majority came to a single opinion that, in principle, there are only four mysterious figures, but their images are repeatedly repeated from various angles and variations. But what exactly did the ancient Egyptians, scientists of XIX centuries failed to understand. Any sensation is born, some time lives and dies. Inevitably, the time has come for complete oblivion and mysterious hieroglyphs from ancient Abydos … Resuscitation sensations But now almost a hundred and fifty years later, a solid the Arab newspaper Al Sharq al-Ausat published a number of sensational photos taken in the temple of the sun god Amun-Ra in Karnak. However, she asked readers completely unexpected question: “Do you think: were the ancient Egyptians familiar with combat aircraft? “In any other circumstances like that the statement could well have caused sincere bewilderment of the readers. However, the newspaper published photographs of the bas-reliefs of one of ancient temples built during the time of Pharaoh Seti the First, who ruled just three thousand years ago, literally caused a shock – an ancient artist depicted on a stone a combat helicopter with clearly distinct rotor and tail blades, and nearby painstakingly carved images of several other flying devices surprisingly similar to modern supersonic fighter jets and heavy strategic bombers! Thereafter discoveries it became clear why Egyptologists of the XIX century could not take in sense what is depicted in Abydos. They just didn’t know also what helicopters and planes look like. It must be clarified that Pharaoh Seti One has always been considered one of the most famous and lucky warriors of ancient Egypt, intensely expanding their possession and repulsed all attacks of his many enemies kingdom. At least that’s what the story tells of him. It was known before. And now it turned out that he was brutally cracking down with sworn enemies of his kingdom, using unusual for that time troops, and military aircraft, raising a squadron into the air Pharaoh ?! Rave? Most decided so, not bothering with anything understand. However, after resuscitation sensation to study riddles of Abydos on the banks of the Nile went the famous Egyptologist Alan Alford. He explored the mysterious hieroglyphs and became convinced of the complete the reality of what until recently seemed completely unbelievable! Not only that, Alford admitted in an interview with reporters that the ancients the Egyptians depicted a combat helicopter with amazing credibility. That is, as if they were drawing from nature! So scientists had now a set of almost identical drawings from two places – Karnak and Abydos. So by chance all this could no longer be explained. Then someone remembered another curious detail: one of the names Pharaoh Seti the First was a “bee.” Therefore, skeptics insisted, not who believed in aircraft technology of the time of the pharaohs, presumably, mysterious images are just symbols of this other Network Name. In other words, they tried to prove that by carving a helicopter and planes, the Egyptians actually depicted a bee. Such interpretation was possible, because ancient Egyptian writing represents a picturesque letter – inscriptions consisting of individual pictures. Only specialists know how to featured to distinguish one from the other. – Then, rather, his name was “pilot” – having learned about this absurdity, joked with biliary sarcasm Elford … The Egyptians – the Children of Mars In a heated discussion an ardent supporter of extraterrestrial immediately turned on actively origin of ancient Egyptian civilization world famous ufologist Richard Hoagland. In his opinion, the Egyptians descended from once Martians visiting Earth, and mysterious hieroglyphs irrefutable confirm his hypothesis. Ancient Egypt was surprisingly similar to Mars is its landscape, and therefore aliens landed there. And filmed by US auto research stations, sent to Mars, the “pyramids” and “face of the Sphinx,” Hoagland believes nullify any objection. – Why did they need Submarine? – Egyptologists immediately cut it off. And the ufologist is not found what to answer them. And the thing is that on the frescoes of the temple in In addition to the helicopter, Abydos is also depicted a submarine! And also with the characteristic Egyptians who loved to prescribe everything details, precision that leaves no doubt that it was the ancient artist who wanted to draw. As a result, scientists were further away from the mystery of the frescoes and hieroglyphs than they were ever. Yes, everyone has long been well aware that no seas on There is no Mars and, as astronomers authoritatively claim, never It was. Therefore, Hoagland’s extremely bold hypothesis of the coming is not withstands criticism. As a result, Hoagland was also forgotten, but again before next sensation. Completely unexpected in the last decade XX century Hoagland theory was actively supported by many researchers Mars, for many years studying the Red the planet. And they did it, that’s why. According to them, constant failures with automatic interplanetary space stations, which for some reason can’t normally land on the surface Mars and then suddenly break off any connection with the Earth, then without a trace disappear, just directly related to the mysterious hieroglyphics from ancient Egyptian temples. What does it mean? According to researchers around Mars millions of years ago was created unique missile defense system for reliable protection against curious, and even more aggressive uninvited guests. Ufologists, adhere to this point of view, skillfully repel directed criticism against them. When they are told that they were landing on Mars automatic devices and transmitted a series of photographs that are clear show that there is no Martian civilization, they answer: “You can only see what you want or decide show. “Travelers to the Chronos Dispute Ribbon and there are a lot of hypotheses. He expressed a very interesting point of view famous Egyptologist Bruce Rawls. Immediately specifically making a reservation, that he, naturally, is far from the genre of fiction, Rawls is quite seriously believes: no interplanetary expeditions to Earth from other star systems and even from Mars in time immemorial not It was. According to the researcher, possessing knowledge unknown to us priests of Ancient Egypt (from whom they inherited them, separate question), constituted a caste of “initiates”, opened in the dusk of their temples, one secret of nature after another. In particular, now it is absolutely proven that they knew how to receive electric current and used it for their own purposes. Let the batteries they create in our opinion, primitive, but do not forget – they are made three thousand years ago! Further, according to Rawls, the ancient Egyptian priests could in some way unknown to modern science look into the distant future … (If, moreover, they did not invent and do not used the TIME MACHINE, which did not reach us!) If the priests could go or look into the future, it is there that they “spied” combat aircraft, helicopters and a submarine! Frankly, Rawls’s version stands on equally unsteady ground, as the Hoagland hypothesis. – If the ancient priests knew how to penetrate the future, why they did not depict in their temples, for example, ballistic missiles or modern ships? Don’t they would strike the imagination of the ancients along with a helicopter? – objected opponents of Rawls. And again a dead end. But scientists meanwhile continue argue fiercely. Some believe that the ancient Egyptians themselves possessed many secrets of aeronautics and were able to fly! Ноthen, over time, these secrets were lost. However others stubbornly consider that only too ardent imagination and great desire to see what is desired in mysterious hieroglyphs helps enthusiasts see modern helicopters in Egyptian drawings and bas-reliefs, submarines and stuff. But what about the facts? Forget about passions of scientific discussions and turn over the pages of scientific and popular science Western magazines, looking for echoes of our topic in them. Here are the results: * Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun died 3300 years back … in a plane crash. Such a stunning statement made historian William Deutsch, who also reported that the ancient Egyptians rose above the clouds on hot air-filled air balls and primitive gliders. Since flights were considered in Egypt divine deed, they were the privilege of members of the royal family and nobility. “It is interesting to note that many members of the royal family Ancient Egypt, including Tutankhamun, died with broken legs and multiple wounds, as if their death was a result of aircraft crash. “Deutsch is convinced that the depicted in numerous drawings and frescoes strange objects with wings, – Nothing but the first aircraft. Researcher he personally made many models of such devices, and it turned out that many of them perfectly “feel” in the air. “Ballooning originated in Egypt and soon spread in the territories now known as Tibet, India, Mexico, Turkey, China and Guatemala – that is, where there are air currents, capable of holding aircraft in the sky, “said scientist. It remains only to understand who suggested the ideas of these devices and helped design their people, technically in many areas not far from the barbarians … * “Colombian gold airplane “- the graceful four-centimeter received such name an item that was probably used as an amulet or pendants-jewelry and made no later than the middle of the first millennium BC. All such items for today 33 were found, and they were found not only in Colombia, but also on territories of Peru, Costa Rica, Venezuela. Their appearance is different, but common is the principle design of the aircraft with horizontal and vertical plumage of the keel. Artists attached to their products kind of living things with eyes, toothy mouths, some covered notch in the form of scales. So maybe it’s a prototype of some extinct animal? However, experts completely agree with the conclusion of a biologist from the United States, Ivan Sanderson: they are in no way can not be identified with any of the representatives of science known both fossil and modern fauna of the planet. In the figure “golden airplane” modern aviation experts saw: a) model of an aerospace aircraft with a hinged cockpit; b) single-use cargo aircraft model for landing on water; c) a model of a “sub-aqua” – an underwater aircraft. A number of other technical versions that may arise only in the heads of narrow specialists. But, in general, the plane in this gold crafts saw much earlier. The story is just fantastic. In 1956, a “golden airplane” was exhibited among other exhibits of the exhibition “Gold of Pre-Columbian America”, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Deltoid wing of this figure and the vertical plane of the tail (which never happens in birds) attracted the attention of American aircraft designers. By agreement with the exhibition management, he was allowed to conduct research on the ancient “airplane” in wind tunnel. And then it turned out that the golden “Inca bird” behaves best at … supersonic speeds, study which was in full swing. The figurine was returned to the museum, and deltoid wing and high vertical plane of the caudal plumage migrated to the Lockheed aircraft design bureau, which soon created a supersonic aircraft, the former at that time the best in the world …

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