Balls for the Gods – artifacts of antiquity

Balls for the Gods - artifacts of antiquityA photo from open sources

Some finds made on our planet are often perplexing scientists – there is no explanation where those or other artifacts … Multi-toned “balls” 30s XX Century, Costa Rica. A group of workers from the famous United Fruit Company “clears dense thickets of tropical plants to lay another banana plantation. And then … Among the wild in the jungle, they stumble upon something unimaginable and incredible – huge stone balls of absolutely * regular shape. Diameter of these “balls” was about 3 meters, and weight – about 16 tons. True, then it turned out that there are medium and small specimens nearby – some the size of a baby ball. It turned out that the balls arranged in a certain order, representing certain groups. Some of these groups formed straight or sinuous lines, triangles and parallelograms. In 1967, similar balls were discovered in mexico in silver mines, only they were much larger sizes. Soon in Guatemala on a high plateau Aqua Blanca has also been found hundreds of huge stone balls. IN later similar mysterious artifacts were found in Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Egypt, Romania, Germany, Brazil, Kazakhstan and on Franz Josef Land. And in 2008-2009 they began to be found on Russian territory – in Siberia, Krasnodar Territory and Volgograd area. The study of the balls began immediately after their discovery. As soon as the workers discovered the stones in Costa Rica, they arrived there American archaeologist Doris Stone. In 1943, her observations and The findings were published in the US Journal of Archeology. Samuel Lothrop, an archaeologist at Harvard University, began study balls in 1948. In 1963 were printed the results of his research. They contained maps of sites where there were balls, descriptions of pottery and metal objects, found next to the balls, and many photographs, measurement data and drawings of balls, their relative position. Modern scientists continued these studies, but still there is no clear the answer, what are the balls, where did they come from and why served … Maya map So where did these balls come from our planet? Famous Swiss writer and ufologist Erich von Deniken called them “the balls that the gods played”, and perhaps this a fantastic explanation is closest to the truth because explain their origin in terms of science and common sense almost impossible. Scientists still have fierce debate about balls, there are many versions of their appearance, but none of They are not confirmed. So, geologists attribute them the appearance of volcanic activity. They claim that the ball is ideal form can form if crystallization volcanic magma during an eruption occurs evenly. But this version does not fit the fact that the balls clearly have traces polishing, and in addition, they are laid clearly on some system. And further one objection – balls are also found in places where in general no volcanic activity is observed. Archaeologists in unlike geologists, recognize that the balls were not made by nature, but by people. In their opinion, they were made of round boulders in several stages. The boulders were first heated and then treated stone tools. Then they were polished to a shine, removing everything roughness. Samuel Lothrop of Harvard University said: “Obviously, the balls were products of the highest quality, and they were so nearly perfect that measuring diameters with tape and plumb showed no difference. “Archaeologists wonder: What did these balls serve for? Some of them believe that they installed in front of the homes of noble people as a symbol of their power. Others believe that they have a religious purpose – balls related to certain cults and sacrifices. Interesting that in Costa Rica, one group of four balls was laid out clearly on line pointing strictly north. A number of archaeologists suggest that this proves the acquaintance of the creators of the balls with astronomy and, in turn on the relation of stone artifacts to space. This version can be proved by the fact that the Maya Indians who once lived in Costa Rica, were outstanding astronomers. They definitely shared year for seasonal cycles, observed the movement of the planets and amounted to maps of the starry sky with more or less fixed coordinates celestial objects. Some archaeologists even claim that balls represent a map of the starry sky and, accordingly, serve landmarks for spaceships. It is also believed that balls perform a topographic function. Stone balls played a role landmarks for travelers and marked the boundaries of one or another territories. There is an exotic version that the balls are money. In its confirmation, the fact that some tribes until their time use stone money. Different sizes balls – these are just “coins” of different denominations – from the most expensive to the little pennies. Looking for Gold Nowadays to refute or confirm a particular version seems very complicated. In the course of research, agricultural work and just for the sake of practically all balls were shifted from their original place. Many lovers of antiquity stole balls smaller for decorating their gardens and courtyards. Great damage to science was brought after someone started a rumor that inside the balls is gold. Lovers of easy money around the world right there began, following the example of Panikovskoto and Balaganov, heroes the immortal novel of Ilf and Petrov “Golden Calf”, sawn in search of gold weights, “sawing” stone balls. Precious metals nobody found inside, but a huge part of the artifacts was completely lost. Among all other unsolved secrets, remains it is unclear when the balls were made. Archaeologists often determine the date of origin of certain objects according to the cultural layer, in which they were discovered. But the balls are found in completely different layers that date from 200 BC to 1500 ad. However, many of the researchers are sure that they were made much earlier – in the most ancient times. American scientist George Erickson claims that balls appeared over 12 thousand years ago. This is proved by the finds of balls on the seabed, where they were installed at a time when there was still land … Another mystery is how to transport balls from place to place. manufacture to the place of installation. According to scientists, sometimes it the distance was tens of kilometers, and deliver balls accounted for through the jungle, swamps, rivers … It is not known whether the secrets of the “balls of the gods” have ever been unraveled. Scientists themselves doubt in that. Archaeologist Doris Stone said in due time: “We must attribute stone balls to incomprehensible megalithic riddles. ”

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