Balls of the gods

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From time to time in the most remote corners of the earth find stone balls. Their diameter ranges from a few centimeters to 3 m, weight from several hundred grams to 16 tons. These areas are a headache for scientists: is there a connection between them? Who made them? When? AND most importantly why?

A find in the jungle of Costa Rica

It all started in the 30s of the XX century in Costa Rica. Unaited Fruit has expanded its banana plantations. Workers cut down virgin forest, machinery equaled the site. In the office according incoming reports marked on the map new areas cleared areas. One day from the construction, an urgent message arrived: a new site cannot be prepared on time, because in the huge stone balls lie in its center. To move them extra time and equipment are required. So the stone was discovered balls of Costa Rica.

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The studies established:

Almost immediately, the American archaeologist D. arrived in Costa Rica. Stone. The results of his many months of research, he outlined in multi-page report, the essence of which was the last the phrase “stone spheres of Costa Rica should recognize another megalithic mystery. “That is, the archaeologist did not find out about the balls absolutely nothing.

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And it soon turned out that stone balls in Costa Rica full, and those who want to solve another riddle rushed into the Latin American Republic is just a jamb.

Mysterious spheres explored by dozens of expeditions, but all reports ended with a camouflage recognition of their powerlessness to understand and explain the nature of the balls found. Put forward versions of the natural origin of megaliths, but the spheres, as it turned out, consist of various materials, from sandstone to granite. They could be formed only under mutually exclusive conditions. Several spheres were sawn by workers who still found them – each ball turned out to be a solid stone. Someone smart suggested look at the stones from above – and guessed.

What gave a top view

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Usually the balls came across in groups of 3 to 45. The first flight on helicopter gave an interesting result: a chain of stones formed squares, triangles, circles and parallelograms. Doubt that to Someone sensible had a hand in the stones, there was no choice. Nuance consisted only in the fact that no civilizations in the pre-Columbian era did not exist here.

Indians inhabiting this area to the arrival of the Spaniards have just begun to form tribal alliances, and about no megalithic projects did not even dream of. In myths and legends stone spheres figured, but only as an object of fun of the gods (football, ping pong, badminton), and no matter how ethnographers try, one mention of a pre-existing state here or the city was not found in myths and legends. Scientists decided to proceed to large-scale excavations.

What archaeologists “dig”

The results were shocking: not a single one was found. material evidence of a person being in this area. Not a bone, not a crock, not a fragment of the simplest weapon – nothing! One of the participants called the expedition “archaeological a nightmare. “But the main nightmare was yet to come.

The wave of finds

In 1967, stone balls similar to Costa Rican were found in western Mexico in silver mines. Then over a hundred spheres found an archaeological expedition in Guatemala. Began to act reports of finds of stone balls from Kazakhstan, Egypt, Germany, Romania, Brazil, New Zealand, Chile and Bosnia. IN They were found in Russia in the Volgograd and Irkutsk regions. And on Champ island of Franz Josef Land archipelago these balls are scattered around hundred.

Photo from open sources

Photo from open sources

Photo from open sources

Dead end

There was no explanation for the phenomenon of stone balls, and no. Scientists even cannot decide on the issue of their dating. Radiocarbon method great for analyzing organic materials: bones animals, wood, but it is absolutely not suitable for stone. So that the age of stone spheres can be from several hundred to millions years. This is a possible assumption: in the Irkutsk region, hundreds balls were found in coal seams, in 1969 in Germany also during the development of the quarry, a “ball” with a diameter of 5 m was found.

Scientists, assuming that people could use what they found “round” for their purposes, are persistently looking for a version that explains the appearance of stone balls as a result of certain natural processes. Only while they are doing poorly.

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