Battle in antarctica

The Battle of AntarcticaPhoto from open sources

February 1, 1947 expedition led by Rear Admiral Richard Byrd landed in Antarctica near Earth Queen Maud and set about studying adjacent to the ocean territory. Studies were designed for 6-8 months. But already in at the end of February, all work was suddenly stopped, and the expedition urgently returned to the USA. The idea of ​​such a naval expedition was born in the fall of 1945. Submarines from crews of several internees in Argentina, German submarines were told by the American intelligence services, that before the end of World War II they allegedly performed special flights to supply a certain Nazi base in Antarctica. The Americans took this information seriously. They decided send an entire squadron, led by the most experienced polar explorer of the time, admiral Byrd. Richard Bird knew Antarctica well. In 1929, the expedition under his leadership, founded the Little America base in Kitova Bay. In 1929, he and his partner first flew across the South pole. In the years 1939-1941 he undertook an expedition to the west and south Antarctica: to the area of ​​the Ross barrier, Mary Bird Land, Graeme Land, Peninsula of Edward VII. And when World War II began, Bird commanded the so-called Greenland patrol and fought with fascists in the Arctic. Admiral Bird again in Antarctica At the end 1946 admiral put at the head of a new military and scientific expeditions to Antarctica. The US Navy has allocated for these purposes serious forces: aircraft carrier, 13 cruisers and destroyers, underwater a boat, an icebreaker, more than 20 aircraft and helicopters, and only about five thousand people. Within a month to the participants the expedition managed to take about 50 thousand photos, put on map of several previously unknown mountain plateaus, equip a new polar station. One of the destroyers conducted a training bombardment piles of ice hummocks torpedoes. And suddenly the Americans were attacked … by devices resembling “flying saucers”. By the way such a term did not yet exist. Bird allegedly reported by radio that after a short battle an unknown opponent sent parliamentarians. These were two young men, tall, blond and blue-eyed, drawn into a uniform of leather and fur. One of parliamentarians in broken English demanded that Americans urgently, in a couple of hours, leave this area. Tragic The Bird clash rejected these claims. Then the Whitemen retreated towards the snow ridge and seemed to melt into in the air. And after an hour or two, she hit the cruisers and destroyers enemy artillery. After 15 minutes, an air attack began. The speed of the enemy’s aircraft was so great that the Americans who fired the oncoming fire succeeded just do not allow the enemy at a distance of aimed fire ships. Expedition member John Sayerson many years later recalled: “They jumped out from under the water like mad and literally slipped between the masts of the ships at such a speed that streams of indignant air vomited the radio antennas. Some “corsairs” managed to take off from “Casablanca”, but compared with these with strange flying machines, they looked like hobos. I did not have time to blink an eye, as two “corsairs”, battled some unknown rays splashing from the bow of these “flying saucers” buried in the water near the ships … These objects didn’t make a single sound, they rushed silently between ships, like some kind of satanic, blue and black swallows with blood-red beaks, and continuously spat upon murderous by fire. Suddenly, Murdoch, who was ten cable from us (about two kilometers. – Approx. Aut.), blazed with a bright flame and began to sink. From other ships, despite the danger, immediately lifeboats and boats were sent to the crash site. When our “pancakes” flew into the battlefield, shortly before relocated to the coastal airfield, then they can do nothing could. The whole nightmare lasted about twenty minutes. When “flying saucers” again dived under water, we began to count losses. They were terrifying … “By the end of this tragic day about 400 Americans died, about 20 aircraft were shot down and helicopters, damage was received by one cruiser and two destroyers. Losses would be even bigger, but night fell. Admiral Bird in those conditions made the only right decision: to curtail the operation and the whole squadron to return home. A photo from open sources

Ufologists today are convinced that in this sector of Antarctica there were alien bases. Anyway, the base of those who controlled these “flying saucers”. And the aliens are appropriate reacted to the arrival of uninvited guests. Unlikely aircraft with such crushing weapons were then the Germans. Yes, and the German troops themselves after surrender Germany in May 1945 in Antarctica was gone. They are scattered around the world, most of them were in Argentina. When the American squadron finally reached its shores and the command was informed about the fate of the expedition, all its members – both officers and sailors – isolated. Only remained at large Admiral Bird. However, he was forbidden to meet with reporters. Then he began to write memories of this period of his life. The manuscript could not be published, but it fell into the “high realms”. Byrd was dismissed, moreover, declared crazy. In recent years, the admiral lived practically under house arrest, not with who did not communicate, could not see even with former colleagues. He died in 1957. The famous polar hero then no one did not remember. New Expedition Presumably in 1947 top American leadership reacts to Admiral Bird’s report with due attention, since in 1948 to this area of ​​Antarctica the 39th operational connection of the US Navy was sent. It was equipped with the latest radar equipment and reinforced by marine special forces. Undoubtedly, the Americans expected to take revenge for the battle lost by Bird. But a new encounter with the mysterious strangers did not happen, although helicopters scrupulously examined coast, and tracked transporters went deep into the continent. The new expedition managed to explore only a few ice caves on the shore. The results were modest. Building and household garbage, broken drilling rigs, some mining equipment, ragged mining overalls. Stigma “Made in Germany”. Surprisingly, not a single one was discovered. a used cartridge case related to German weapons of the times Second World War. The fact that the Germans spent here more than one year, no doubt. But when did they disappear from the icy continent? Where are the mythical underground plants that allegedly produced this superweapon? Americans stumbled only on dilapidated barracks. Admiral Gerald Ketchum, not meeting anyone but penguins ordered to swim home … still about the expedition Admiral Bird of 1946-1947, little is known for certain. Information about the stay of the military and scientists in the area of ​​Queen Maud Land at the beginning of 1947 they were mostly classified. Most likely, the participants expeditions encountered aliens there. And all the materials associated with them, and today in the United States are under the stamp of secrecy. Vasily MITSUROV, candidate of historical sciences

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