Beliefs of our ancestors about a broom

Beliefs of our ancestors about the broomA photo from open sources

In ancient times, the attitude to the broom was ambivalent. FROM on the one hand, our ancestors attributed to him a connection with evil spirits, on the other hand, they were considered a good means of protection from the huge many misfortunes. Actually, this is understandable: the broom is not only came into contact with the garbage, but also cleaned the house from it. What for evil spirits broom?

According to Slavic traditions, evil could turn into a broom, or simply hold it in your hands, using it for malicious purposes. IN old times believed that if a witch touched them an udder cows, thereby she will “select” milk yield. Starving too much the witch will take and knock down the dew from the pastures with a broom, and then from the whole herd you will not get milk. In addition, the broom was planted in cart of the newlyweds in a wedding train, which supposedly deprived them of the future family happiness. Quite often, representatives of the dark forces used a broom as a negative propellant. According to some beliefs, sorcerers threw him to the house, thrown over the roof or covered under the threshold, so that way to send damage to objectionable families. If you need to hurt there was one person, a broom was thrown after him.

What did the broom protect against?

Again, our ancestors believed that the broom was able to protect against many misfortunes and atrocities.

The broom saved from evil spirits. Our ancestors were savvy, and because they thought that the enemy can be beaten with his own weapons. But because those who were notorious for their involvement in witchcraft were thrown after broom. To protect themselves from the “dark” forces, put a broom (then with a pen up, then in the usual way) in front of the doors of the house, so that this the “guard” did not let inside those who were not needed. Similar functions the protection was also carried out by a broom placed at the head of the woman in childbirth or leaning against the cradle of a baby. Nothing could protect me from illness how to use a broom properly. His healing abilities recognized not only in the bath. To expel the ailments of the patient broom, threw it through the body, tied to the patient place, forced the “patient” to step over the broom or take decoction of rods, laid on a broom, covering on top of another – there are so many ways that listing everything is quite difficult.

With the broom there was even a special ritual from theft harvest by rodents and birds. It was to clockwise arrow to go around the field, holding an old broom in his hands, rhythmically waving them away from you. According to other options, it was necessary to put three twigs from a broom in the first sheaf assembled. They tried to calm down the force of fire in a fire, going around the house with the old a broom. He was stuck in the fields in the beds between the stalks of rye and flax to protect future crops from hail and storm. A broom “Veteran status” generally cherished like the apple of an eye. Its not even allowed to burn in the stove for fear that it would cause hurricanes in atmosphere, and in the house – adversity and turmoil like an invasion bed bugs.


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