Beyond the Arctic Circle “tiny” tyrannosaurus

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During life, a nanuksaur – as scientists have christened the discovered species – was no more than 7 meters in length. For comparison, the length of a tyrannosaurus Rex was 12 meters from the nose to the tip of the tail.

The fossilized remains of a dinosaur found beyond the North Polar around back in 2006, proved to be evidence of a new, previously unknown species of dinosaurs – nanosuurs (Nanuqsaurus hoglundi). The name of the polar dinosaur, which lived in northern Alaska 70 million years ago, comes from Eskimo word nanuq, which means “northern bear”.

First discovered in such proximity to the Arctic Circle fossils belonged to an adult dinosaur during life, length which did not exceed 7 meters. This size is small in Compared with the dimensions of a close relative of the Nanuccaurus – Rex tyrannosaurus, the length of which from the nose to the tip of the tail was 12 meters. Dinosaur-sized miniature Nanuzaurus remains a mystery to scientists. According to one version, in the small growth of a polar dinosaur is guilty of extreme conditions, in whom he had to survive: a six-month-old polar night made hunting difficult. Against this hypothesis is the fact living not far south in Alaska of another carnivorous dinosaur – labor.

This bipedal predator in its northern “version” was superior in sizes of individuals living in the south. Paleontologists plan continue excavation. They plan to find more fossilized remains. nanoscaurus and more accurately estimate its size. In the latest scientific a study of the length of an ancient reptile was established according to skull measurements, more accurate data can be obtained, digging out the thighbone of the nanoscaurus, scientists assure.

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