Biblical centenarians were from Sirius?

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“Biblical centenarians were aliens from the star system Sirius, “said the vice president of the International Academy bioenergy technologies, doctor of philosophy in the field of parapsychology Yuri Batulin. “The Bible names ten characters of centenarians, whose life expectancy was up to a thousand years. I worked with different materials, and the investigation based the method collating Bible information as well as research sources. And he came to the conclusion that all ten centenarians their roots do not come from earthlings, but from the inhabitants of the stellar Sirius system, “said the scientist. The Bible says,” All Noah’s days were nine hundred and fifty years, and he died. “Yuri Batulin believes that a possible link between the Earth and Sirius there was a civilization that existed on our planet for six thousand years and went down in history under the name Atlantis. First information about the presence of the inhabitants of the Sirius system on our planet indicate a period from 25 to 30 thousand years ago, claims researcher. The scientist says that the modern train of thought of people is not able to explain and master such things. “Nobody in the world practice has not yet done such research. I could not explain for a long time how according to biblical data people lived up to a thousand years. Therefore in during my life I went to the truth, analyzing a lot of information, “- noted Batulin.

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