Black sarcophagus of Zaha Havassa

The Black Sarcophagus of Zaha HavassaA photo from open sources

The basis for this article was the prevailing opinion that under the pyramids in Giza is stored the Great Evil. Begs two question: what exactly is Evil; and what is its nature? One day I came across an article that said Zahi Hawass – chief researcher of the antiquities of Egypt told Swedish king about opening a room under the Sphinx and found in it black granite sarcophagus: “According to Swedish newspapers, famous archaeologist Dr. Zahi Gavas met with the king of Sweden Gustav and Queen Sylvia to tell them about their amazing discovery. Havas said that he and the expedition members Dr. Joseph Martin Shore found under the forefoot of the Sphinx a cunningly disguised secret camera. Found in the camera a small form a deep jug, a strangely folded rope, and also the entrance to a narrow tunnel. There was a certain light in front of the entrance field blocking the tunnel. Such an abnormal phenomenon researchers were not at all surprised, since with anomalies in Sphinx research has been encountered continuously. However when tried to get through this field, then nothing worked. Even the bullet could not pierce him. In addition, the person who tried getting closer to the light field, it became bad. Track where the tunnel ends, we were able to use special equipment after several months of searching. It ended in one of the vertical mines flooded at the bottom with water at a depth of 32 m. After pumping water opened a burial chamber with four columns, in the middle of which stood a black granite sarcophagus. Open up the sarcophagus has not yet become. ” I want to tell the story of this the sarcophagus itself, which archaeologists found, but for some reason did not open it, although they were not so merciful to other sarcophagi. This story is based on information received from contacts with Totome. The beginning of this story was laid by two Great Teachers of our planets – He and the Archangel Michael back in ancient times. Exactly then He decided to give Good and Evil equal chances. And people have become receive the Blessing of the Gods, both for Good and for Evil in equal degrees. After a series of wars crushing for all mankind, primacy in the world passed to Ancient Egypt. But this is not about this, and about Thoth, who provoked these wars, giving equal rights and Good and Evil, he himself rolled into Evil, for the borders between them are very ghostly. His faithful friend Archangel Michael came to his aid, who appealed to the best side of Thoth, defeated the Evil in him, and Thoth sincerely repented of their deeds. And how this happened is described in Bibles, so I won’t go into the details of how friends resolved this question among themselves. But after this conversation with Archangel Michael Thoth decided to fix all the Evil that he caused to people, because through his fault their Souls were de-energized, which deprived their energies for many centuries and millennia, therefore since then After a person’s death, his soul often goes to Hell. For this reason He decided to help them in the Hell of the Kingdom of the Dead, and in the distant Future to help people and their Souls during the Day of Judgment at the end of the Age. But for this he needed to renounce life on the physical plane of being and completely move to the spiritual level to work in the Spiritual The world of our planet. And for this, in turn, he needed to leave in somati it is a deep state of meditation. But stayed open question: what to do with those people who live and will live in future earth infected by evil? After all, it was he who distributed him, giving the Blessing of the Gods, both for good deeds and for bad ones. And then he decided on a desperate step – to split his Soul in two, so that his child would live among the people and help them in the fight against Evil, as with their sins, telling them about God. As Thoth conceived, so he and done. In the process of splitting into a new Soul, a piece of Soul Thoth, his Evil also passed, which Archangel Michael noticed in time, controlling the whole process of splitting. He immediately sealed the Evil of Thoth in that part, so that Evil could not break out and start all first. Upon learning that his Evil passed into his child – a piece of him Souls, He did not destroy her, but undertook a second splitting, which almost cost him his life, and his Soul powerlessness. So two particles of Soul Thoth and born on Earth in ancient Egypt, like twin brothers. Seth and Osiris actually looked like each other, like two drops of one water, but their inner was as different as heaven and earth, like day and night is like black and white. The people of Egypt loved Osiris because he told them: “Live with love and the Gods will be with you”, and Seth in his all told everyone: “Do not sin, otherwise you will go to Hell and you will be there suffer for ages ”, which is why the people were afraid of Seth and his words about tormented by Hell and strove for the good Osiris, bearing his people love. It seems that the brothers were talking about the same thing, but still they the words were different, for some carried good and others evil, and therefore Seth envied his brother since childhood. Years passed, but Seth’s envy not decreased over time, but began to take on monstrous proportions, as a result, he decided to destroy his brother, but to do so so that no one thought of him. He dreamed that if he weren’t around with him brother, then people will be able to love him, and he will prove to them that he not worse, but better than his brother, because he also tells people about God! Set I thought for a long time: how to do this, and came up with a great plan. He ordered masters sarcophagus for meditation from black granite in size his brother, although they were both of the same height, and soon received it. And now he just had to wait for an opportunity to fulfill conceived. And the case did not slow to introduce itself. There was a feast for the occasion the return of his brother Osiris from a long journey across the country, to which many prominent people of Egypt and Osiris were invited to including. And when Seth’s guests were tipsy and half drunk, he became boast about your new sarcophagus for meditation. Guests liked sarcophagus, and they decided to try it in practice. Each of the guests went inside, after which it was closed, and then released. Guests there were many who didn’t have time to try Seth’s new sarcophagus yet, and those who have already experienced the sarcophagus continued to have fun further. The last to the sarcophagus lay Osiris unable to refuse this. A the guests were so drunk that they did not notice his absence. Yes and Seth he took care of this in advance, ordering to remove the sarcophagus. Already after the guests went home, he returned to him and sealed his brother inside him with the strongest formulas ancient magic. Seth ordered his faithful servants to take the sarcophagus to the farthest temple. And there he explained to the Priests that inside the sarcophagus The evil that he sealed, but dare not keep it in his house, because he’s afraid that it doesn’t come out, so he asks them for help: take this sarcophagus from him. Priests seeing a black aura above sarcophagus, they believed Seth, leaving him with them. They brought it themselves in the farthest hall and put the sarcophagus in the center of the room between columns, enveloping the hall with their own protective charms to no one could approach this sarcophagus. They were not afraid that Evil will come out of the sarcophagus because they installed it in such a place where very ancient magic lived, left from the origins ancient civilization that built a complex of pyramids and sphinx, who served as the guard of this place and this hall. Isis, wife Osiris, for a long time looking for her husband, not understanding why she does not hear the voice of his Soul, as if he were nowhere: neither in our world, nor in heavenly. She desperate began to pray to the Gods, and they pointed her the path to Osiris, where her Guiding Thread of her Soul led her. Not what the defense could not stop the determined woman, but open she could not sarcophagus, for it was tightly sealed. And then she prayed to the gods again, asking them to free her beloved husband. AND The gods took pity on Isis, but they did not release his body, but his Soul. And so the conception occurred through self-fertilization, after whom Isis gave birth to a son and named him Horus. And when her son came in at the age of his majority, he talked to Seth heart to heart … The life story of Set and Osiris has survived to the present day, but it has undergone major changes, for many details have been lost and forgotten, so erased from people’s memory, but its essence remained in the myth about them: “Seth, his brother, the evil god of the desert, decided to destroy Osiris and made a sarcophagus by the standards of his older brother. Having arranged a feast, he invited Osiris and announced that the sarcophagus will be presented to the one to whom will have to fit. When Osiris lay down in the capcophagus, the conspirators slammed cover, filled it with lead and threw it into the waters of the Nile. Faithful spouse Osiris, Isis, found the body of her husband, extracted miraculously hidden in him the life force and conceived from a dead Osiris son named Gore. When Gore grew up, he took revenge on Seth. Its magic eye torn out by Seth at the beginning of the battle, Horus let the dead father swallow. Osiris came to life, but did not want to return to earth, but, leaving the throne Mount, began to reign and rule in the afterlife. ” And when their life dates came to an end, and both of them died, then Gore decided to be born in Shambhala to be near his father Tot, helping his. But Seth decided to be born on Earth, because life in Shambhala seemed fresh to him, unlike the passions and temptations with which people live on Earth, falling into sins. And now, after many century, the sarcophagus of Set, in which he sealed his brother, again discovered to tell the world the story of two twin brothers Osiris and Seth showing everyone the evil deed of the latter, which became fratricide, and hid this Evil for many, many centuries. How much do i known, archaeologists of antiquities working in Egypt on the pyramids, never found a sarcophagus with the mummy of Osiris, although in fact they found black granite sarcophagus under the Sphinx in a room with four columns, which was the reason for writing this article. Himself He carefully monitors his son born on Earth, so that to defuse your Evil in time if it can destroy the Seals Archangel Michael and go free, because He understood one simple the truth: EVIL IN NO EVENT IS TO BE GIVEN ANY ONE CHANCE! And if it will happen that his son begins to cultivate his own Evil, then he will already deal with his father Tot, as with the most a strong White Warrior from the Army of the Light. And this battle will not be on material level, and on the spiritual level to its complete destruction own Evil and Evil, which was raised by his son. Two particles of Soul Thoth, but what different Life and destiny they have. Let it everyone decides for himself: what kind of Evil is hidden in the pyramid or under it, inside Sphinx or under it; and is it worth it to be afraid. But it’s important not to forget about that Evil lives in each of us, and since childhood we given a choice: cultivate it in yourself, sinning and seducing Evil; or fight him without compromise without letting him not a single CHANCE! Posted by NARADA

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