Bosnian pyramid – a bloated sensation?

We are all used to the fact that the miracle that has survived to this day light, Egyptian pyramids – the most ambitious and unique buildings on Earth. However, most recently, scientists made sensational find. In the territory of modern Bosnia they discovered a giant pyramid, which in size far superior to the Egyptian tombs.

Bosnian pyramid - a bloated sensation?A photo from open sources

The recently discovered pyramid from Bosnia is much older Egyptian “sisters”. And not made of processed stone, like all ancient structures, and from material resembling heavy-duty concrete.

Why did such a monumental structure go unnoticed? The fact is that over the millennia this pyramid was covered with a thick layer vegetation and looked like an ordinary mountain. Let’s try answer the question, what did scientists find – the structure of the ancients or just a creation of nature.

Amateur adventurer gives head start

Mount Visoczyca, which is located 22 kilometers from Sarajevo, did not stand out among his brothers located in any another point in Europe. 213 meters high, it is really shaped resembles a pyramid. True, locals from time to time found smooth stones with strange patterns here. But special they had no artistic and material value.

The excitement around this natural building began only in 2005 the year when researcher Semir Osmanagich came here. After taking first soil samples Osmanagich made impudent the assumption that Mount Visochitsa is nothing but a huge a pyramid 220 meters high.

A photo from open sources

The researcher was skeptical. Ved Osmanagich has long gained fame as an amateur archaeologist who was fond of every kind of mystical excavation. He was looking for a Nazi base in Antarctica, parking aliens and spaceships. You never know what a person with a similar reputation can be seen in the mountains of Europe? But Osmanagich was persistent – he had a hand in the creation of Visokitsa Mountain human.

Due to his assertiveness, the archaeologist received significant official support and hundreds of thousands of dollars to unlock secrets past Bosnia.

Moon, Sun and Dragon

Archaeological excavations began a year later. To work were attracted volunteers who enthusiastically rushed to search traces of ancient civilization. Well-known scientists and archaeologists only skeptical grinned: they say, dig-dig – still nothing will find.

But after a few days of hard work, the volunteers stumbled upon man-made stone blocks docked with each other. Further Sensations followed one after another. On stone slabs steel to stumble on all sides of Visochitsy. Aerial photography testified about “geophysical anomalies”: two sides of the mountain were absolutely straight and formed equal angles.

A photo from open sources

Photos from satellites and helicopter added new arguments to benefit of the existence of the highest and first pyramids of Europe. It was possible to establish that the mountain consists of huge stone blocks, to steps lead to its top, at the foot – a paved road paving stones, and terraces are cut down in the depths. Mount Visochitsa became called the pyramid of the Sun, in the manner of the Mexican pyramids, with by which she has much in common because of the truncated top.

After such finds, supporters of the amateur archaeologist strongly increased. Two famous scientists from Egypt are the geologist Barakat and archaeologist El Ha Didi – recognized that the stone blocks by which laid out the whole pyramid of the Sun, very ancient and, most importantly, – artificial origin. Having a length of 2 to 3 meters, blocks are concrete, the composition of the mixture of which is essential different from modern. The concrete version was confirmed by a number of Bosnia’s institutions, including the Building Institute in Sarajevo.

A photo from open sources

The Institute of Geodesy of Bosnia made a sensational statement that everything 4 sides of the pyramid are oriented to the cardinal points, while North directed to the North Star. Known that the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico are oriented in the same way. Further the study revealed new sensations – three more hills were found pyramidal form, where in the early days of the excavation, researchers discovered stone blocks of artificial origin.

Osmanagich, at a press conference, told the whole world that Five Pyramids Once Built in the Valley ancient architects in honor of the sun, moon and unknown deity The dragon. All buildings are interconnected by a network of underground the tunnels.

The experts made sure that they all lead under the base of the pyramids, possibly to the interior of the ancient structure. Height tunnels – in human growth, as they approach their pyramids the walls are becoming more and more smooth, and peeps underfoot well-preserved masonry. And in one of the tunnels was a large smooth stone with letters resembling runic symbols and modern letters E and Y.

A photo from open sources

Disputes, however, flared up about the age of the pyramids. Osmanagich claimed that they were at least 40 thousand years old and were built either Atlanteans, or Hyperboreans, into whose existence the archaeologist firmly believed. Scientists significantly “rejuvenated” the buildings, saying that they are not older than 10 thousand years.

After such a debate in Visoko, where they found a new wonder of the world, they began to lovers of antiquities from all over the world come together. Only for a year a quarter of a million visited the provincial town tourists. Archaeologists, geologists, independent scientists and researchers from Austria, Egypt, Turkey, Serbia, Italy, USA, England, Germany, France, Jordan, Syria …

Photo of the pyramid of the Sun entered the list of 10 most important 2006 National Geographic Magazine Photos. News feeds most countries of the world reported the discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia. Semir Osmanagich became a hero for millions and one of the most recognizable people in Europe.

The big victory was the support of the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then the president himself, who visited Archaeological Park and allocated an article in the budget to provide material assistance in the excavation.

Puff sensation?

After the start of the excavation at Visoko, the scientific world split in half. Some with foam at the mouth proved that the Bosnian pyramids are the most old man-made buildings on earth. Others insisted that all this hype is a well-fabricated duck with the goal of attracting post-war state as many tourists as possible.

A photo from open sources

Scientific studies of the hill showed that the so-called pyramid The sun and the pyramid of the moon are actually natural formations and that traces of human activity associated with their construction, are absent. In addition, geologists criticized Bosnia’s authorities for support for pseudoscientific sensation. Osmanagich claimed that in his excavations were attended by experts from many countries: Australia, Austria, Ireland, Scotland and Slovenia.

However, in fact, it turned out that many archaeologists, in the names whom he referred to, once agreed to participate in his excavations, but in reality they did not come.

As a result, the Ministry of Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent to the so-called pyramid of the sun its team of scientific experts, who proved that Osmanagich’s find is only natural education, although of a fairly regular form. His appearance is a consequence of natural geological processes and weathering.

In favor of natural origin is the fact of the presence of so called “ripple marks” on the surface of the plates. By their appearance and parameters, geologists determine the genetic type of precipitation, direction the movement of waves in an ancient reservoir and some other conditions education.

A photo from open sources

As a result, officials decided: at least the noise raised around the “miracle” light “, and attracts attention to Bosnia, do not start The cultural history of a new country with dubious scientific events. A therefore, funding for Osmanagich ceased.

The reaction of the Bosnian pyramid expert turned out to be utterly predictable: he denies all allegations of incompetence and says he did more for Bosnia with the discovery of the pyramid than Ministry of Culture for all the years of its independence.

In the summer of 2012, Semir returned to the interrupted excavations well. armed: sponsorship money allowed to hire workers, bring equipment and transport. On the site of the western slope of Visochitsy he launched an exhibition representing the first achievements: dug up blocks supposedly made artificially, paved photos paths lying under the earthen cover of the mountain.

In the end, both Schliemann and Howard Carter with Lord Carnarvon made their discoveries contrary to the forecasts of skeptics. Maybe Will Osmanagich prove his case?


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