Bulgarian farmer found a werewolf skull

A photo from open sources

Bulgarian farmer Trich Draganov cultivated a new plot of field on the outskirts of a village in Macedonia and stumbled in the ground on a wooden box, wrapped in chains and locked. Opening the find, he discovered inside a skull very similar to a werewolf skull (as it is customary submit).

After that, the historian Philip Ganev met with the farmer. just in these places was collecting material for his new book about Balkan Wars. According to the descriptions of Ganev, the skull resembles a wolf, but the cranium is much larger – these are found only in primates.

A photo from open sources

Ganev photographed the skull and showed the pictures to specialists, who suggested that it could be a wolf suffering from an illness Paget. With this disease, the skull really increases in sizes and becomes more like a human.

Ganev said that werewolves are found in Balkan folklore from time immemorial. Legends about how and why a person becomes a werewolf, in different regions vary significantly. Some believe that a baby is born with the ability turn into a beast. Particular suspicion in this regard cause babies born with hair.

Other regions are convinced that a person who has died with unconfessed mortal sin or struck a deal with the devil may be born again by a werewolf. But despite the difference in the stories the origin of werewolves in all regions is the same in how to to bury the body of a dead werewolf.

A photo from open sources

The burial of a werewolf always involves a special rite held by a local priest, beheading and burning a body. Believed that werewolves need to be killed on saturday because that day they spend alone in their coffins and it’s easy to deal with them. IN case with the Macedonian werewolf, then judging by the find, his burial passed in compliance with all the rules. At least until the skull was not dug up by a curious farmer.

Trich is very proud of his find and glad to suddenly fall on his fame. However, most of his fellow villagers do not share farmer optimism. “Many of my neighbors are angry that I disturbed the werewolf spirit. They say that now I myself in the next life will be born a werewolf. But I think – if this is my fate, then so be it. What’s done is done”.

A photo from open sources


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