Burials in which skeletons lie face way down

Burials in which skeletons lie face downPhoto from open sources

Rarely, but still archaeologists find ancient burials of people in whose skeletons are for some reason located face down, which is not characteristic for human burials in principle. For what reason some people were put in graves in such a strange way? It remained a long time a riddle.

A team of Swedish archaeologists led by Carolina Arsini examined several hundred more closely. burials and came to the unequivocal conclusion: so people were buried, who for some reason have lost respect in society, in some ways guilty, for example, committed some crimes. And society in this way she showed her disrespect for the dead. So Thus, we can assume that this form of burial is traditional, and not some kind of anomaly.

A photo from open sources

At one time there was even an opinion that the dead themselves turned over in a coffin, because at that far time they could bury living people falling into a lethargic dream, thereby introducing misleading their relatives. However, Swedish scientists have discovered some signs that support their theory that it was the criminals who were laid face down:

  • firstly, many deceased were related with arms and legs, most likely, they were generally buried alive (this there were always men);
  • secondly, such burials are found in almost all ancient burial grounds from Korea to Peru, and these burials are located certainly on the borders (the tradition of burying criminals outside the graveyard remained until our days);
  • thirdly, the most revered deceased in ancient burial grounds often resting in a sitting position, indicating their high social position, while the deceased laid face down, could only show contempt for them from people.

However, this fact remains incomprehensible: why in such strange cemeteries face down are not only buried men (obviously criminals), but also women and even children? ..

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