Champions of long-term construction

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House, for 2 years of construction not rising above the basement floors, causes its future residents a feeling of anxiety, because it is clear that the object will not be delivered within the agreed time. Equity holders in 5 years the prospect of becoming “deceived equity holders” and many years of struggle for their square meters of housing.

A resident of the Middle Ages would not understand their moaning. For him, construction 15-20 years – the norm, 20-30 – the rule, and some structures built from generation to generation.

York Minster Cathedral

In 627, the Northumbrian king Edwin (this is not a fiction, was such a state in the north of England) adopted Christianity. The significant place where he was baptized was immortalized the construction of the church. Successive churches burned, stone collapsed during the wars.

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In 1220, Archbishop Walter de Gray decided to build on holy place cathedral. In the course of construction, the project introduced changes and additions. The central tower has already collapsed from decay and the construction went on and on. The ribbon was solemnly cut in 1472 year, 252 years after the start of construction.

Chichen Itza

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The ancient Mayan city in 2007 was recognized as one of the 7 wonders Sveta. Includes the famous “Kukulkan Temple”, “Temple of the Warriors”, an observatory and 7 ball stadiums. City really striking in scale and when the guide says that it was built 400 years, no one doubts this.

Angkor Wat

Hindu temple complex located in Cambodia was accidentally found in the jungle in the middle of the XIX century. Today it is recognized as the largest religious building (200 sq. km). Temples collected from stones and blocks without the use of solutions, only due to tight fit to each other. Walls, lintels, columns and even roofs – everything is covered with the finest carvings. The ancient Cambodians began work in 802, and although they worked without smoke breaks, they completed construction only in the 1220th, i.e. after 418 years.

City of Petra

The city is located in Sik Canyon in Jordan. Once it was crossroads of trade routes from Damascus to the Red Sea coast and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. Exhausted merchants crossing the Arabian desert, a cool canyon perceived like paradise. The price of a gold dinar for a sip of cool water is not seemed overpriced by them.

There was water in the gorge, but there were problems with the tree, and the inhabitants had to cut down houses, temples and crypts in rock from red sandstone. Therefore, the city was called Petra (Greek stone). Sinbad the Sailor also visited Peter (Sinbad and the tiger’s eye, and Sam Whitwicky (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones and the last crusade).

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Historians claim that the city was built with 600g. BC. up to 250g. AD – 850 years.

The great Wall of China

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Everyone who sees this stone snake crawling through the mountains in endless distance, agree that to build such a grand construction in a short time will not work. But hardly anyone will guess that they built a wall with short interruptions for nearly 1800 years. Construction began in the 3rd century BC. and a little delayed. Only in the middle of the XVII century. acceptance committee solemnly signed the Acceptance Act, the unfinished building was completed.

Strasbourg Cathedral

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The main attraction of the French city of Strasbourg, his pride and calling card is the cathedral. Construction It began in 1015 and has not yet been completed. Residents are already so We got used to the type of structure, which we already forgot that the towers were designed it should have been 2. In the city hall, the time then flashed battles on the question: to complete the cathedral, or leave everything as it is there is? And although the cathedral is likely to retain its unique unfinished view, it still continues to be listed as an object construction in progress.

We will give him the palm. So far, the decision to terminate construction not accepted, Strasbourg Cathedral has every chance “surpass” the Great Wall of China. A thousand years have passed there is very little left.

Water Time Stones

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