Chests – The History of an Ancient Astronomical Eurasia Observatory

Thanks to thousands of cave paintings, Khakassia is called “art gallery” in the open. A huge amount menhirs – stones dug into the ground – makes you talk about it as giant abnormal zone.

Chests - The History of the Ancient Astronomical Observatory of EurasiaA photo from open sources

Proponents of occult beliefs believe that through menhirs, as if through antennas, a form of energy unknown to science is transmitted. A Khakasses themselves believe that spirits live in these stones.

UFO over Chests

Spirits, however, are everywhere in Khakassia. Every mountain, river has them, lakes … Spirits are free to control animals and people in their zone of influence. They can protect a person passing by, or they may punish, if something isn’t please. Local residents talk about the meetings of hunters with perfumes in the image of black people riding a horse. And even in the form naked woman, “mistress of the mountain”, luring a tired traveler in guests, right into the open rocks.

Rock paintings of Khakassia depict strange creatures

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Spirits live in the valley where the mountain range Chests stretches. For centuries only shamans and initiates were allowed to come here. Lovers of mysticism are today regulars in these places. In another summer dozens of meditating people can be found at Chests a day, and a few years ago there was held the World Olympiad psychophysical reserves of man. They say in this valley almost everyone has the gift of a psychic. Of course not just. For this to happen, you need to appease the local spirits, tying a strip of fabric – “chalama” to the sacrificial tree.

It is said that sometimes at exactly midnight above the Chests the wind stops blowing and silence sets in. In this silence the moon poured in red and starts to rotate. There are eyewitnesses watched as on the peaks of the chests (by the way, the name of the mountain received due to the similarity with this item) UFOs land. And it’s not clear that the fault is long meditations or scientific research, conducted by scientists. Indeed, according to their hypothesis, Chests are ancient (and the oldest in Eurasia!) astronomical observatory.

Such a sensational conclusion was made by Vitaly Larichev, an archaeologist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, who studied here literally every square centimeter of relief. He compared the nuances of this relief with a map of the starry sky and realized: there is a connection between them. Mountain ledges and niches can be used to observe certain space objects that were important to ancient people. So, at a certain time through a barely perceptible through window in the mountain Arcturus is visible, the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Arcturus helped our distant ancestors to focus on terrain and make calendar calculations. Vitaly Larichev I’m sure that Chests, whose age is 40 thousand years, were used in as an ancient astronomical observatory, like the famous Stonehenge.

No wonder that this mountain complex has observation platforms and sundial and calendar. And in Soviet times, when plowing fields in the valley, the tractor accidentally opened the shaman’s grave. And in her a stone was discovered with carved constellations, which in heaven what you can see through a telescope.

Ghost Grotto

Speaking of the shaman. In the same area of ​​Khakassia is another a monument of archeology, not deprived of the attention of sorcerers. it Kashkulak cave. Camlania and magical rites are held in it. to this day. That’s just not everyone decides to enter the cave. About her notoriety: people there are seized with fear and nervousness, which sometimes turn into a panic.

A photo from open sources

Hallucinations also happen: visitors think that a certain an ominous ghost strives to drag them into the grotto, which they call – the grotto of the Ghost. There is a legend that the spirit of a shaman dwells in him, who takes revenge on people who disturbed his peace after death (not the whose grave was opened by a tractor?). However, scientists relate to this skeptical of history, considering it a “remake”. According to their version, discomfort inside the cave is caused by vibrations of the magnetic Fields whose source has not yet been set.

And this, of course, does not cancel the mystery of the Kashkulak cave. Like the whole of Khakassia as a whole.

Time Stones Caves Shamans

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