Chinese archaeologists during excavations faced unexplained phenomena

Chinese archaeologists during the excavations encountered unexplained phenomenaA photo from open sources

Probably everyone who was interested in archeology or even just history, knows about the curse of mummies, that in due time archaeologists who uncovered the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun (watch video), soon died under the strangest circumstances. But it turns out that there are many more such cases.

Today we will talk about the Chinese excavations, where archaeologists face almost the same mystical phenomena: the disturbed spirits of exposed burial mounds suddenly begin avenge the scientists. No wonder the Chinese sorcerers warn that In no case should disturb the dead: it will be of little use science, but a lot of grief to unreasonable researchers.

This is exactly what happened to a group of archaeologists from Austria who a few years ago in the northeast of China discovered mounds tenth century. Despite warnings by locals who supposedly “communicate” with the spirits of those buried in these mounds, scientists began excavations, counting the words of the natives for prejudice.

A week later, one of the archaeologists suddenly dies of a heart attack, although he never complained about his health. For the same reason two more researchers soon died. Moreover, the doctors did not find no heart pathologies in these unfortunates, as if their main motors in the body, just someone picked up and stopped.

A photo from open sources

The leader of this group of archaeologists Kurt Schrot was among embroidered, who urgently stopped excavation, frightened for their life, and returned to Austria. But Kurt, unfortunately, grabbed with a decoration from the mound. And strange dreams began to come to him: in them a Chinese woman of incredible beauty came to the archaeologist and insisted return the decoration. Meal in every possible way resisted to believe in all this mysticism, even tried to joke with friends and relatives about this, but one day he went to a Chinese restaurant and, having dined there, soon He was in intensive care, where he died after a few minutes. Him, as it turned out, there was a complete poisoning of the body, and doctors they could not establish the nature of the poison, somehow miraculously caught in body of an archaeologist. The fact is that the investigation revealed that in the restaurant, he simply could not get poisoned. By the way, we add that the wife Kurt traveled to China and returned that damned ornament to mound.

There are many such stories, and what is surprising in them is that revenge disturbed spirits are very refined and focused. Some scientists these spirits destroy immediately, others with some delay, some do not touch at all. Serious research in this matter, to Unfortunately, it was not carried out, but even what is known leads to thought: archaeologists are protected by divine love, and the more in the soul researcher of this life-giving energy, the better he is protected from the effects of the world of the dead. For example, the most prone to shock sides of otherworldly unscrupulous archaeologists who certainly steal something, withhold from the found, and then take away home. This is exactly what one of the French researchers did in excavation of mounds in southern Mongolia. He hid a few eleventh century jewelry. Theft was opened after of how he suddenly died in the toilet of an airplane returning to France You guessed it right: the doctors did not understand why This passenger of the plane died – he was young and absolutely healthy …

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