Civilizations under water host UFO bases

Civilizations under water host UFO basesPhotos from open sources of

Ufologists have long been eyeing the Sibin lakes that are In Kazakhstan. They reasonably believe that under water is the base of aliens.

The ufologist of Kazakhstan Adil Korzabaev is one hundred percent sure of this, who even created a unique UFO sighting map. With him agrees and such an authoritative researcher of everything related to aliens, the head of “Space Search” Vadim Chernobrov.

A huge amount of UFO under water

The main argument in favor of this version is, of course, constant observations at this place of “flying saucers” fantastic backgrounds that literally “dive” into Sibin lakes. For example, a resident of the village of Bukhtarma saw a whole a UFO squadron that circled just above the water of the lakes. And one of tourists even provided to the local ufological society photos of an unidentified flying object that is a powerful beam as if scanned the surface of the Sibin lakes.

A photo from open sources

Moreover, these reservoirs are very deep, which can serve reliable shelter for such a UFO base under water. And finally divers from Ust-Kamenogorsk found sea lakes in Sibin corals that are genetically adapted to freshwater only aliens could.

Civilizations of the underwater world

And why, in fact, immediately aliens ask others paranormal researchers, for example, a doctor of medical Ernst Muldashev? The scientist is sure that at the bottom of such reservoirs, often bottomless and mysterious, as in the depths of the oceans (rather total, all water bodies of the world are interconnected), there is a more developed civilization, quite capable of reaching the surface of the earth with using the fantastic aircraft that we take for the UFO.

That humanoids live under water (or even underground – in underground water arteries and ponds), there is no doubt about it for Ernst Muldashev, and not only for him. For example, completely recently a group of Russian divers explored the sunken at the end 1991, Salem Express ferry. As one of the participants tells this expedition Victoria Kozlova, during this underwater outing they were constantly accompanied by some intelligent being, very a large one with arms, a head and legs is clearly a humanoid. During another similar expedition, the woman says when they examined sunken warship in the Philippines, at the end of an underwater outings a fatal situation arose for a group when inexperienced the first divers to get stuck in labor exiting the ship. And when scientists already mentally said goodbye to life, since they already ran out of oxygen in cylinders, they literally pushed out of the pipe some intelligent creature in the form of a huge jellyfish See below for more details. film.

In it, by the way, Ernst Muldashev talks about the study a group of scientists under his leadership of the mysterious Volchok Lake, on whose place back in the nineteenth century was a church. And suddenly in one day it all went underground, and a bottomless lake formed from the water of which, according to local residents, can be heard on dawn or evening bell ringing.

A photo from open sources

Scientists using sonar identified bottomless, but its bottom at a depth of fifteen to thirty meters (this value is constantly changing) is a kind of muddy traffic jam. Deciding to punch her with a heavy weight tied to a rope, Researchers nearly paid for life, because suddenly water boomed around their boat so they threw their kettlebell and barely escaped, raking heavily with oars to the shore.

Why do civilizations under water not come into contact with us?

According to researchers, underwater civilization does not enter with contact us for the same reason as aliens from other planets or from parallel worlds. We are too primitive for them, therefore they just watch us, and in this case they can be not only UFOs are used, but even dolphins or any other sea ​​(and maybe not only sea) animals. Even orthodox science recognizes that we have studied the underwater world, at most, on ten percent. Therefore, when we meet some obscure monsters, mermaids, mysterious humanoids, constantly frightening fishermen, then at best we close our eyes to this (this cannot be), at worst – any such information is immediately classified.

A photo from open sources

According to the traveler, a tireless explorer of antiquity, the historian and writer Georgy Sidorov (and he is echoed by Ernst Muldashev), why we pay so little attention to legends and myths, as if they born somewhere in space, not on Earth? But in them constantly mentions certain intelligent creatures living underwater. And this applies to almost all cultures, which suggests – This is a universal phenomenon for our planet. It turns out that we share her with some other underwater civilization that went there, then whether fleeing planetary cataclysms, or she always existed in that element. Only one thing is certain: this civilization under water is much older and wiser us, and we have not yet grown to it.

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