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Reports of Atlantis were read between 1924 and 1944 years. They are the most fantastic, weird, incredible information in a series of messages of the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce claims that the inhabitants of Atlantis used planes and submarines, and also had developed technologies that exceed the level achieved in the 20th century. Also Atlantis residents were experts in “remote photographing “and” reading inscriptions through walls, even on distance. “Case says that” the electric knife used for cutting metals, had such a shape that it could use as a tool for microsurgery today. Due to its properties of stopping blood, the knife caused coagulation forces when entering large arteries or veins or operations on them. “There is reason to believe that the survivors from Atlantis brought to Egypt “electronic music in which color, vibrations and liveliness contributed to attunement to emotions individuals or peoples. This provided an opportunity changes in their morals. The same was applied as a whole for the shift temperaments of individuals for the treatment of mental illness. Music corresponded to the natural vibrations of the body. “Case talked about “a deadly ray that emanated from the very womb of the Earth, and with the use of food sources, caused the destruction of parts of the land ” . This “deadly ray” could be a laser: research author Atlantis reported in 1933 that the beam “would be open within the next twenty-five years. “He talked about” electrical appliances used by these people in beautiful buildings. “Residents Atlantis were adept at applying electric forces and influences, especially in connection with their impact and taking into account this impact on metals. The same effect was used to enrich metals and discoveries of other deposits. They were just as skilled at the use of various forms of transportation of electric forces and influences, or transformations through these influences. “At the same time Case said: in Atlantis, they used electric current to metal processing. But there is no evidence that the ancients knew anything about electricity, not to mention the possibility its use in metallurgy. In 1938, Dr. Wilhelm Köning, German archaeologist, conducted an inventory of artifacts in Iraq State Museum in Baghdad. He noticed an incredible resemblance a set of clay jugs whose age was equal to two millennia, with a series of dry batteries galvanic cells. Peculiar aroused his curiosity internal details of jugs, each of which contained copper a cylinder closed from below by a disk (also made of copper) and sealed with asphalt. After a few years of speculation Dr. Kening were checked. Willard Gray, an engineer from General Electric High Voltage Laboratory (Pittsfield, Mass.), Completed the creation of an exact copy Baghdad jugs. He was established – an iron rod, inserted into a copper tube and filled with citric acid, generated an electric current from 1.5 to 2.75 V. enough to cover the item with gold. Experiment performed Gray, demonstrated: ancient masters could apply electricity for practical purposes in metal processing. Not it is doubtful that the “Baghdad battery”, which has since received This name was not the first device of this type. This device represented an unknown technology that preceded him, perhaps for millennia. She included significantly more outstanding achievements in electrical engineering, long lost by the time the “Baghdad battery” was created. According to Keysu, the inhabitants of Atlantis were not limited to the use of electricity in metallurgy. In Atlantis resorted to the “use of sound waves based on principles that made it possible to use light communications, “he said. In the construction business in Atlantis operated “lifts and connecting pipes, operated using compressed air and steam. “Atlantis Technology extended to aeronautics. Elephant Aircraft skins turned “into containers for gases, which were used for lifting into the air and the movement of aircraft in various parts of the continent and even beyond its borders … They could not cross “only land, but also fly through the expanses of water.” Human-driven aircraft are practically emblem of our time. From our point of view, mention of the aeronautics of the ancients seem incredible. But a number of serious Researchers believe: Peruvian air travelers balls two millennia before our time could be examined famous lines in the Nazca desert from the air. Despite stubborn unwillingness to take Cayce’s statements to the word, there are some false, but very tempting, evidence that gives reason to believe: in the ancient world there were flying human-operated devices. Earliest reliable mentions of air travel date back to the 5th century BC, to time before the birth of Plato. Greek scientist Ar hit from Tarenta built a kite from leather. The lifting power of the snake was sufficient to support the weight of a person. This is an innovation on Greek armies used practice – this is the earliest example aerial reconnaissance. A more amazing discovery was made almost in late 19th century in the Upper Nile Valley. This story is wonderful retold famous writer and researcher David Hatcher Childress: “In 1898, in the Egyptian tomb near Saqqara was model found. She was given the name “bird”. In the catalog The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, it is registered as an object 6347. Then, in 1969, Dr. Khalil Massih was shocked to see that the “bird” had not only straight wings, but also a vertical tail plumage. From the point of view of Dr. Massich, the object was a model an airplane “Bird” is made of wood, weighs 39.12 g, is located in good condition. Wingspan is 18 cm, nose length the aircraft – 3.2 cm, total length 18 cm. The aircraft itself the apparatus and the ends of the wings are aerodynamically shaped. Besides symbolic eye and two short lines under the wings, on the model there are no other decorations, there are also no chassis for touchdowns. Experts tested the model and found that it meets the requirements for aircraft. ” In total, fourteen were found during archaeological excavations in Egypt. similar aircraft models. It is interesting to note that Saqqara’s model found in the archaeological area associated with the most early dynastic periods, the beginning of the civilization of the pharaohs. it gives reason to believe – the aircraft is not one of the latest achievements, and belongs to the first years of civilization in Nile Valley. Abnormal Egyptian artifacts may, in fact, turn out to be models of real objects that our ancestors from Atlantis. Wooden model of a working glider in Cairo the museum gives reason to assume – the ancient Egyptians, at least least understood the fundamental principles of flying objects harder air controlled by man. Perhaps this knowledge has become the only legacy preserved from earlier times. Those., before these principles were seriously applied. Given quote taken from Childress’s book, Vimana Aircraft ancient India and Atlantis “(co-authored by Ivan Sendersen). There is given the most complete study of this topic. Childress succeeded to collect amazing evidence of the earliest Indian tradition, associated with aircraft that are believed to be ascended into the air in antiquity. Known in those times as vimana, they are mentioned in the famous Ramayana and Mahabharata, and also in the lesser known, earlier Indian epic Drona Parva. “Aircraft are discussed with astounding technical details in a number of manuscripts of ancient India. Such classic sources like Vimaanika Shastra, Manusya and “Samarangan Sutradhara” provides an additional description “air cars”. They are believed to have been operated on as far back as “prehistoric” times. In each of these epics it is told about former, distant times, dating back to the latter warlike years before the catastrophe of Atlantis. Awesome material collected by childress from primary sources dating from the dawn of Indian literature is irrefutable proof of the description of the aircraft operating in Atlantis. This is exactly what Casey discussed at the time. However should understand: vimana had nothing to do with modern aviation. Them the driving force is completely different from internal engines combustion or jet engines. They also have no attitude to aeronautics in the modern sense. Obviously in Atlantis operated two types of aircraft: controlled devices filled with air and vimana. Latest devices heavier than air, they were controlled from a central power source nutrition on earth. Wimans – aeronautics technology that goes beyond verge of well-known achievements in this field. But balloons according to Keyes’s descriptions, are characterized by a number of features, which suggest credibility. He reports that the shell The apparatus was made of elephant skins. Perhaps they should were too heavy to serve as a tank for any gas that was lighter than air. But they could use lighter, expanding, sealed bladders of elephants. IN Anyway, Casey writes that animals were used in Atlantis, who lived on its territory. The Critia also reported – on the island of Atlantis was abundant in elephants. Skeptics for for a long time (until the 1960s) they believed – Plato was wrong, including this inconsistency in your description. But in the 1960s. oceanologists unexpectedly lifted from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean into two hundred miles west of the coast of Portugal hundreds of bones of elephants with a number of different study sites. Scientists have concluded – in ancient times these animals roamed the narrow isthmus which is under water now, and in prehistoric times connected the Atlantic coast of North Africa with Europe. it the discovery instills special trust not only in the work of Plato, but also in Casey’s work. No less amazing are submarines, that existed before the V century BC. Greek historian Herodotus and the Roman naturalist of the 1st century A.D. Pliny the Elder, as well as Aristotle wrote about submarines. It was reported that the most famous student Aristotle Alexander the Great climbed aboard a submarine, closed by glass during its amazing underwater travels in the eastern Mediterranean at about 320 to AD These submersible vehicles date back to approximately XXIII century BC But Atlantis has disappeared from the face of the Earth for a millennium earlier. Even if so, if similar inventions occurred in ancient times, they could be operated on during the Bronze Age. Achievements of the ancients in aeronautics fade compared with more major successes achieved by scientists of Atlantis: “In splitting atom and in the release of nuclear forces used as driving force for vehicles, for lifting huge loads, to change the surface of the earth, to use the forces of nature, “thought Edgar Cayce. His work explains that explosives were invented in Atlantis. Seven years earlier Case mentions what he calls the “period when first explosives made. “Ignatius Donnelly, father modern science of Atlantis, wrote earlier: explosive Substances were developed in Atlantis. Casey explained: in Atlantis such an advanced society was created since civilization there evolved over a more or less continuous historical a period that culminated in a final disaster. Cultural centuries-old development in which flourished and improved art forms that had a scientific basis. It – knowledge and application of the power of crystals. With its help, the driving forces nature somehow sent to serve man and his needs. Transportation by air and under surface of the sea, the whole world of Atlantis was entangled in a web of means long distance communication. We do not understand the high level of material progress that existed in prehistoric times. We believe that such progress goes beyond our perceptions. But many more well-known civilizations managed to achieve technological breakthroughs forgotten during their collapse, and sometimes rediscovered only after millennia. Up to the last centuries we could not rise to Maya level from Central America, in the knowledge of celestial mechanics. Agricultural techniques abandoned as a result of the Spanish conquests, provided getting a crop that is three times higher than what is possible getting now to Peru using modern methods. When Plato wrote about Atlantis, his contemporaries-Greeks sailed on the ship “Alexandria”. This giant ship is more than four hundred feet. Ships like him will only appear in two thousands years. Pregnancy Test Used By The Egyptians XVIII dynasty, will appear again only in the 1920s. As for Egypt, then our modern outstanding engineers do not own knowledge to reproduce the Great Pyramid in all details. Of course, with the fall of ancient civilization lost significantly more than open to date. Moreover, our times are not the only ones when geniuses were born and inventive people. That they were able to create complex technologies in other, long forgotten eras, in another, long forgotten society should not put too much pressure on us. AND if one of those lost eras belongs to a place known as Atlantis, then we know about it thanks to the works of the most influential philosopher of Western civilization. Excerpt from the book of Douglas Kenyon “Forbidden History” 2005 (translation into Russian 2011)

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