Collared dinosaur – mysterious figurine. Staraya Russa

Dinosaur in a collar - a mysterious statuette of Staraya RussaA photo from open sources

Unusual found in Staraya Russa, Novgorod Region a whistle figurine that clearly depicts a dinosaur. how reported SAE (Old Russian Archaeological Expedition), a mysterious find was discovered in the central square of the town.

According to preliminary estimates, this whistle is not less than three hundred years, however, two points remain incomprehensible to scientists: firstly, why the master chose exactly as a prototype for this figurine dinosaur, and secondly, why the collar is depicted on the neck of the beast.

It turns out that in the seventeenth century on the lands of Veliky Novgorod artisans knew not only about dinosaurs, but also possessed information that these ancient animals once drove, as, say, dogs on collars. And although this is just an assumption, however, in specialists are currently in a predicament because unable to answer what kind of beast actually depicted an artist three centuries ago and why he “dressed” a collar on him …

By the way, there are many mysterious figurines and statues in the world, many of when they were discovered, they literally shocked the world (see video below), since they did not fit into the generally accepted (invented) a story. They could completely shake its basics if the general public was told the whole truth if the powers of the world they were not so tightly tied to all this lie …


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