Colombian artifacts clearly crafted aliens

Colombian artifacts clearly made by aliensA photo from open sources Colombia is a beautiful and mysterious country, keeping from us still many ancient secrets and mystical narratives. More recently, researchers have found here some amazing, almost fantastic artifacts, made obviously not savages and not even “advanced” primitive people.

What unusual objects were found in Colombia and what is their destination? Surprisingly, even for us, the manufacture of such items from these materials are almost impossible. And this is when all the cutting edge technology! But who then created these unique artifacts and for what? And where are they so skillfully made? After all, the age of objects found in Colombia, which is for real experts have already determined the moment – at least six to seven thousand years.

Since all these mysterious finds do not fit into the ancient traditional culture of Colombia, scientists concluded that artifacts are created by a highly developed civilization, which, judging by everything, possessed alien technology or these items in general alien origin.

This “genetic disk” breaks all our naive ideas about history, not only ancient, but also modern.

A photo from open sources

The ancient flute is unique, but also fantastically perfect on manufacturing technology.

A photo from open sources

Another flute resembling either a crocodile or unknown to us pangolin (reptiloid).

A photo from open sources

An interesting and at the same time mysterious knife made of basanite. Experts in amazement: how is such a thin thread made basanite six thousand years ago when an ancient man at that time did not possessed a microscope and similar sophisticated processing technologies stone.

A photo from open sources

But the figure with the image, most likely, magnificent an ancient armchair and an alien clearly seated on it (with with huge eyes).

A photo from open sources

And finally, artifacts very similar to medical instruments – also a mystery of the most difficult, because even for us with our it’s very difficult to create such tools with advanced technologies, and the purpose of many of them is incomprehensible to us …

A photo from open sources

Recall that over the past two centuries, archaeologists have already found so many similar and even more mysterious artifacts that do not fit into the notion that a reasonable person has appeared just several millennia ago that established “scientific” views about the history of our planet must already be given to throw in a landfill. However, nobody still changes this sucked-out story. (and it seems she’s not going to change), and therefore our children continue to study all this nonsense at school.

But even one “London hammer” (in the first picture), which one hundred and forty million years, made by an unknown to us technology (its iron does not rust and retains its beautiful properties over millions of years) completely flips everything well-established ideas about ancient history. But such artifacts of mysterious origin are not isolated, and they all say almost the same thing – about the alien origin of our civilization. Here are the Colombian fantastic items for this added …

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