Controversial sculpture of Pharaoh Tutankhamun sold from $ 6 million auction

The controversial sculpture of Pharaoh Tutankhamun auctioned for $ 6 millionA photo from open sources

Last week, the ancient sculpture of Pharaoh Tutankhamun was auctioned and auctioned at Christie’s in London for 6 million US dollars (more precisely – for $ 5971285). The buyer, as one would expect in this case, remained anonymous.

It is believed (at least this lot was positioned on Christie’s auction) that this artifact previously belonged to the prince Wilhelm von Thurn and Taxis, however, some experts on ancient Egypt question this fact, as well as the authenticity of this sculpture.

At the same time, Egyptian officials, in particular the ex-minister the antiquities of this country Zahi Hawass (Zahi Hawass), protested against such a deal, because at one time this sculpture and others the ancient artifacts were apparently just stolen and taken out from Karnak (Karnak – see about this temple complex video below) in 1970. Similar incident as the sale of the most valuable historical exhibits from bidding to private owners, emphasized Hawass can be seen as a rainy day in history archeology.

The Embassy of Egypt in Britain has already filed an official notice of objection by forgiving such commercial transactions. Rather of all, after that the government of Egypt will turn to UNESCO with demanding the return of the artifact to their homeland.

True, two things remain unclear: will scientists be able to prove in in this case, authenticity is so valuable in both literal and figurative sense sculptures of Tutankhamun, and the current buyer – to keep at home such a valuable acquisition? ..

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