Crystal mobile phone in a coffin

A photo from open sources

The huge armies of the ancient Indians turned out to be obedient slaves in the hands of the “gods”. There were apparently channels of communication with the omnipotent civilization. Some traces of this connection can still be found. in the jungle of Central America Memoirs of the natives In the suburbs of Havana were closing the old cemetery. Coffin boards so rotted that when it was pulled out, something fell out and, having hit on a stone, shattered into hundreds of fragments. These were balls from the mountain crystal glass. Today they are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Havana. Near the skull are three small balls. A curious story about their The destination was told by an elderly museum attendant. In the village, where she was born, old people, reaching old age, went to the mountains and cut down fragments of rock crystal. Later long evenings polished transparent stones, trying to give them the shape of the right sphere. When the old man was dying, they put him in a coffin. It was believed that with the help of these areas, a person transfers to the Creator experience gained by him.

Gray antennas Costa Rica also has many stone balls. It is a small state in Central America. became famous by them all over the world: balls are depicted even on postal stamps and on one of the bills of local currency. In 1939, clearing jungle under banana plantations, workers came across balls in mess scattered on the ground. These were smooth spheres from granite. The diameter varied from a few centimeters to almost three meters, mass – from kilograms to fifteen tons. First Researchers saw through finds hoping to discover inside gold. Later, when archaeologists determined that the age of the balls more than one and a half millennia, they were recognized as a national treasure. The most mysterious feature of the stone spheres is the amazing roundness. According to the Director of the National Museum of Costa Rica Francisco Coralles Ulloa, deviations from the ideal ball shape are not exceed two millimeters. Such high precision grinding of stone would not be surprising today when there is a high-precision equipment. But the ancient tribes living in this territory did not had nothing but stone scrapers and copper knives, absolutely unsuitable for such a virtuoso processing. The last Costa Rican attempt to unravel the messages of their ancestors Iphigenia Quintanilla, now an employee of the University of Barcelona. Having examined about three hundred balls lying in hard to reach corners of the tropical rain forest, she released an album in which set out all the existing hypotheses. According to one of them, in the location of some balls you can see fragments of the map starry sky. Perhaps they served as a kind of landing a strip for ancient astronauts as they approach the Earth. Some geologists suggest that balls are generally not man-made – spherical they took shape in boiling lava, leaving the earth’s surface from volcanic bowels. But Mr. Coralles claims that it is the assumption has already been refuted: on many balls are clearly visible traces of polishing, which means that it could not do without human hands. There are also another assumption: funeral balls from Cuban villages and Costa Rica’s balls were meant for the same thing – connection with space. They were a kind of antenna transmitters for communication with those who periodically visited the Earth, arriving from other planets. A that aliens could in ancient times visit the Earth, in including ancient America, numerous images prove astronauts. About it – in the next report from the Central America.


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