Crystal Skulls: An Ancient Artifact civilizations or alien appliances?

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This story began on July 26, 1924, when the expedition famous English archaeologist and traveler F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges began work on clearing the ancient Mayan city of humid tropical jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula. Barely guessing old buildings swallowed an impenetrable jungle, therefore, they were simply burnt out to facilitate excavations. When the smoke dispersed, an amazing sight opened up for archaeologists: ruins a stone pyramid, the remains of city walls and something like a huge amphitheater – for several thousand spectators. With a light hand Mitchell Hedges for the ancient settlement entrenched name Lubaantun, which in translated from the Mayan language means “City of fallen stones.” After three year, a re-expedition was organized, into which Mitchell- Hedges took his adopted daughter Anne. It was April 1927, excavations were in full swing, the turn was presumably the altar of the ancient the temple. On the day when an amazing find was made, still Since then haunting scientists, Anne just turned seventeen. It was she who discovered made of transparent quartz and beautifully polished model of a human skull in natural value. Its weight was 5.13 kg. The girl was delighted with amazing “gift of fate”. “I dug up a skull under the altar, – told Ann Mitchell-Hedges about her remarkable discovery. – A after about three months at a distance of 7.5 m from the first finds found the missing lower jaw. “It turned out that this the part was not originally attached to the skull, but is suspended on perfectly articulated, like the whole skull, and comes into motion at the slightest touch. Skull from Lubaantong for many decades kept by Ann’s family. The venerable lady for the rest of her days (she lived exactly one hundred years) was firmly convinced that the crystal skull belonged to the Mayan culture. In 1970, she admitted: “Sometimes I I sincerely regret that I did not fulfill my father’s wish – he wanted so I put the skull in his coffin. That would probably be the most a suitable place for such a strange thing, because in the wrong hands she will begin to do evil. “Why was she so sure of this? The point is that with those who touched this skull, started strange things happen. For the first time this happened to Anne herself. One evening, she laid an amazing find next to her the bed. And all night she had strange dreams. Waking up in the morning Anne was able to tell in detail everything she saw. And she saw – neither no less – the life of the Indians millennia ago. At first she didn’t connected these dreams with a skull. But strange dreams continued visit the girl whenever the crystal skull was next to her headboard. And every time it was new details the lives of the ancient Indians, including previously unknown to scientists. Anna heard the conversations of the Indians, watched their daily activities, for rituals of sacrifice … In the early 60’s, already after her father’s death, Ann decided to transfer the skull for research to experts: it was painfully perfect even for such skilled masters, which were considered the Indians of pre-Columbian civilizations. First, the study of the skull was undertaken by art critic Frank Dordland, and He did this for six years – from 1964 to 1970. He found out that the construction the skull is so balanced relative to the center of gravity that from the faintest blow of the breeze the lower jaw is set in motion. Dordland made several plaster copies of the skull and a huge number of photographs using a microscope and special nozzles. He was struck by the fact that on a perfectly polished crystal even under the microscope, no signs of treatment were visible. He decided seek advice from the renowned Hewlett-Packard company, specialized at that time in the production of crystal oscillators and considered the most respected quartz expert. A study conducted in 1964 in the special laboratory of this company, showed that the skull was made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. Maya civilization is believed to be arose in 2600 BC. e., and a crystal skull, according to experts, was created as much as 12 thousand years ago! True, for today day science does not have methods for dating the ancients crystals, therefore, establish the exact date of manufacture of the skull fate will most likely fail. The mystery was the place skull making: neither in Mexico nor throughout Central America there is not a single rock crystal deposit; his only only quartz veins in California could be the source, however rhinestone of such high quality in these places is generally not meets. But the most striking discovery was that ancient skull made of solid crystal! And contrary to all known laws of physics. Here’s what one of the best experts of the company, engineer L. Barre: “We studied the skull in three optical axes and found that it consists of three to four splices. By analyzing the growths, we found that the skull was cut from one piece of crystal along with the lower jaw. Mohs scale rhinestone has a high hardness of 7 (second only topaz – 8, corundum – 9, and diamond – 10), and its nothing but diamond, impossible to cut. Nowadays, rhinestone is processed on special high-tech equipment, but the basic rules work with crystals remained the same. To maintain integrity crystal, you need to direct the movement of the cutter along the growth axes. The creators of crystal skulls managed to manually process rhinestone, not observing this rule, and it is not clear why their crystals did not crumble into small fragments. Moreover – the ancients managed to carve out not only the skull itself, but also from the same piece the lower jaw and the hinges on which it is suspended. With this hardness of the material is more than mysterious, and here’s why: in crystals, if they consist of more than one intergrowth, there are internal stresses. When you click on the crystal head cutter, then due to stress it can break into pieces. However mystery find manufacturers this problem does not seem to be at all worried – they worked the skull, ignoring all the laws and rules. Someone made this skull from one piece of crystal so carefully, as if he hadn’t touched it at all during the cutting process. When examining the surface of the skull, we found evidence exposure to three different abrasives. Final finishing it polished, but not even microscopic scratches from polishing. To polish this extremely hard material, it would be necessary to grind it continuously for three hundred years! Hundreds of years, whatever changes have occurred during this time in social conditions and religion, artisans would continue their unthinkable work. We can hardly imagine that work on one thing has been passed down from generation to generation for many centuries. We also found some kind of prism carved in the back parts of the skull, at its base, so that any ray of light entering eye sockets reflected in them. Look into his eye sockets and you can see the whole room in them. “Frank Dordland, incidentally, himself discovered upon careful examination in the skull a whole system of lenses, prisms and channels creating unusual optical effects. Thanks to her eye sockets began to glow when they were installed under them, for example, a torch or a candle (a similar effect is observed in some other, most perfect, finds, in which also artfully executed prisms and lenses are present). Generally, Hewlett-Packard professionals were at a loss: “This damn gizmo just don’t have to exist! Those who her created, have no idea about crystallography and fiber optics. They completely ignored the axis of symmetry, and this the thing would inevitably fall apart during the initial treatment. Why this did not happen is impossible to imagine. “As stated yet one expert, “Today, when people landed on the moon and took possession of the secrets of fusion, repeat the achievement of the ancients we are not we can. This is not a matter of skill, patience and time. It’s simple impossible. “However, the fact that they say is evident: a crystal skull – the reality that the Museum of the American Indians can see anyone who wants. One of the most respected researchers crystal skulls, Frank Joseph, became interested in whose model served by the Mitchell Hedges? And what would the owner of this skull look like? For the purity of the experiment, this task was assigned to two independent New York Police Laboratory Specialist Groups reconstruction of faces by skulls (according to the method of Gerasimov). And those and others stated that the prototype of the crystal skull was a young skull girls, and that it has an anatomically correct shape. To the fact that the skull belonged to a young girl, indicated and serving in the FBI �psychics, “connected” to the skull in a state of trance. By the way experts and psychics worked independently of each other and about they didn’t know each other. Portraits taken by both groups turned out to be very similar (the only difference is in the hairstyle). Historians and ethnographers interested in the Lubaantun find have begun look for anything that could shed any light on her. Surfaced fact, as in 1943 in Brazil after an attempt to rob a local Museum agents were detained by the German society “Anenerbe”. On the in interrogations they showed that they were delivered to South America A secret abwehr vessel with Passim yacht with a special assignment: find and “remove” the crystal skulls of the “Goddess of Death”. What a goddess such? It soon became clear: something about her was preserved in the ancient Native American traditions. For example, they said that crystal skulls The “Goddess of Death” was thirteen and that they were kept separately each from a friend under the watchful eyes of the priests and the strictest guard special warriors. And they were once presented to people by the gods. Naturally, their search began, soon yielding results. Similar skulls were found in the vaults of some museums and private persons. And not only in America (Mexico, Brazil, USA), but also in Europe (France), and in Asia (Mongolia, Tibet). Skulls turned significantly more than thirteen. But not everyone was as perfect as Mitchell Hedges. Most skulls looked significantly rougher. In the search process, it even turned out that Midge-Hedges was not the first, who found something similar: back in the late 80s. XIX century in Mexico one of the soldiers of Emperor Maximilian found a crystal skull, now on display at the British Museum. This instance significantly different from Lubaatunsky – despite the similarities in in size, it is less transparent, less detailed, and the lower jaw fused to the skull. Another rough copy of the crystal skull located in the Museum of Man in Paris. She appears under the name – “skull of the Aztec god of the underworld and death.” So it was done conclusion that all other skulls were later and not very skillful attempts to create something similar to perfect skulls, those which the gods “presented to people” once. Does not leave alone researchers and the method by which the skull was made. Was even put forward the idea that it was not machined, but cast. But cast from the mountain crystal glass ?! Impossible! And what is possible? These questions with renewed vigor broke out after the winter of 1994, when the mistress of the ranch near Creston (state of Colorado, USA), circling their possessions on a horse, noticed on the earth is some kind of brilliant object. (About this find in August 1994 Mr. FATE wrote.) The woman picked up the item and saw that it was a copy of a human skull made of transparent glass or crystal. However, the extremely hard material is wrinkled and twisted as if previously was very plastic. Where did he come from and why is it so disfigured? By the way, a curious detail: it is in this area of ​​the state that the most UFOs are often observed and cattle are inexplicably mutilated. The fact that there are so many mysterious phenomena around skulls, interested in recent years and psychics. They found that the skull is changing coloring and degree of transparency, and sometimes suddenly surrounds itself 45-centimeter luminous “halo”, makes quiet sounds of high tones very similar to the ringing of silver bells, from time begins to smell incomparably comparable to anything – from this smell people feel thirsty. When psychics touch him surfaces in different places, they experience distinct sensations then heat, then cold, then some vibrations, as if hidden inside the skull some source of energy. And if you pour water into it, then you can on it surface to see the life of ancient civilizations. Inside the crystal strange spectral rays appear periodically, and the skull itself can project a holographic image. In the room where there is an artifact, objects begin to spontaneously move, and there are various sound effects – in addition to the “bells”. Psychic Star Johnson several years ago had a series of sessions with skull “Max”, during which telepathically communicated with extraterrestrial civilization. (“Max” is another mysterious representative crystal skulls whose owner Joan Parks inherited it from a Tibetan monk who had previously used it to treat people.) How these skulls are made, especially the Mitchell Hedges (or “Skull of Fate”), they no longer break their heads – what’s the point? But about who made them, break, and how. Versions put forward a great many. From the assumptions that these are the tricks of Satan to the “trace” of the Atlanteans – supposedly the “Skull of Fate” was made by the Atlanteans, and then transferred Mayan tribe. Such objects supposedly had some kind of mission in the culture of the Atlanteans, who created a high civilization 12 thousand years ago. According to another hypothesis, the first earthly civilizations arose 36 thousand years ago, when our planet was populated by twelve alien races, and it was they who easily polished hard quartz crystals. Aliens from distant worlds possessed technical capabilities that we never dreamed of. Using these crystals, they allegedly maintained “spiritual contact” with their home planets. By the way, the hypothesis of using crystal skulls in magic rituals were expressed by Mitchell-Hedges. So it or not, until even psychics have found out. With confidence you can to say only that the “Skull of Fate” is not the only one in kind of. Several strange objects (not skulls) were found in different places on the planet, and they are made from materials like quartz. These include discovered in the border area of ​​China with Mongolia a whole skeleton of jadeite made in a smaller scale than human, and is estimated to be approximately 3500-2200 years. BC. You can also say with confidence that Anenerbe and ministers of certain secret cults are interested in such artifacts without good reason will definitely not be. About it says the above-described fact of the detention of Anenerbe agents in Brazil, and the way literally from under the nose of archaeologists in Honduras the so-called “Rose quartz” disappeared without a trace – a skull, not inferior in perfection to the Skull of Fate. He also had removable lower jaw. The investigation found that before some times the priests of some kind tried to steal his disappearance secret cult. Apparently, the last attempt was successful. Those, who was interested in the secret story of the Third Reich, today something they know about its mystical roots and its especially secret purpose – seize power in an invisible, metaphysical world. They know about the main research structure of the SS – the elite order Anenerbe (Heritage of the Ancestors), which had in its submission more fifty research institutes. Especially Anenerbe interested in the magic methods of the priests of Atlantis. The Nazis hoped that this knowledge of the “progenitor of the Aryan race” will allow them not only to create a “superman”, but also using magic to subjugate the rest are “subhuman.” If we take for granted the hypothesis of making skulls in Atlantis, it becomes clear why “art” SS so actively interested in them. And what does it say official science? Oh, she is in her repertoire! Fake – and the point! Like, in Mexico at the end of the XIX century. an entire industry was developed fraud when stupid tourists hacked modern crafts under the guise of artifacts of the pre-Columbian era. What are the “crystal skulls” sold literally in batches. Yes, actually sold, and on actually packs. That’s just the size of those “skulls” was with a fist and they were made roughly. Nobody takes them seriously – not about them speech. The same fact that the “Skull of Fate” was excavated in front of many archaeologists from the reservoir, previously untouched, for official scientists is not a fact. Dad planted a bright a trinket as a birthday present to your daughter – that’s all clue. The fact that the bauble was created contrary to all known the laws of physics – not an argument for them. Yes, even if he did, but took something before that where ?! Did you cut it yourself? Comes to the funny: skeptics accuse Mitchell-Hedges of buying this skull at auction Sotheby’s in … 1943 !!! And what then did his daughter find in 1927 ?! Though in the case of the “Skull of Fate” for scientists – a complete expanse. Explore – I do not want! After all, crystals have a remarkable property: they have their own memory. This is largely due to the fact that crystals have a rigid structure. Each mineral has its own, purely individual spatial lattice. Particle arrangement inside this grill, although quite stable, but not perfect and unstable. From external influences, they can shift, and from this the crystal lattice takes on a unique shape, i.e. becomes a kind of chronicle of events that occurred during crystal formation and growth. And if there was a “gramophone”, on which can be recorded, the “chronicle” succumbed would decrypt. In addition, you can use and energy transitions in the crystal. The simplest energy the memory of crystals shows us the effect of luminescence, i.e. the ability of a crystal to glow under the influence of its exciting external energy. Scientists could be interested in that “kind of prism” at the base of the skull, described by Frank Dordland. By all parameters, it resembles the working fluid of a laser device. Of course, this similarity is extremely distant, but still … There are where move in research. Optical properties of skulls and the lenses and prisms contained in them also encourage the thought of possible use of holographic technology. Check it out simple: it is enough to irradiate the skull with a laser beam at different angles with laser frequency variation and analyze the output signal. If the skull acts as a carrier of information, then at some laser beam directions, this information may appear in output signal. Although it is not necessary at all that this information will look like a holographic image. It is possible that analysis of the output signal will require additional efforts to decryption. By the way, about the information. Independent Researchers there is a hypothesis that psychics are not in vain in a state of trance strange pictures from the distant past, and possibly from the future. Moreover, not only psychics, but also just especially sensitive people claim that at times they saw the skull begin in the dark glow or fill with “white fog” and then appear in it “mysterious images of people, as well as mountains, forests, temples and … darkness.” By the way, and Frank Dordland claims that he and his staff, in working for several years with the Mitchell Hedges skull, saw a lot in it: “other skulls, bony fingers, stones, distorted faces and mountains. “Moreover, Dordland admitted that during while working with the skull he often heard mysterious sounds: all that but the ringing of silver “bells”, a quiet but distinct voice people chanting strange songs in an incomprehensible language, whisper and various tapping. Dordland also spoke about one mysterious the case that occurred when he once brought the skull home. At night, he and his wife woke up from an unknown source. growls and screams of jaguars – sacred animals of ancient Maya. What is it – the memory of past events, forever imprinted in the crystal? Special resonant properties of crystal skulls? Or maybe both another? .. There is also a version that the skulls acted as recipients and guides of the collective unconscious, that is, that legacy feelings and knowledge that always circulates in space in the form energy. Aliens and Hidden Paleocontact Fans human capabilities hypothesize that crystal skulls once served as a kind of transceiver. But not ordinary but working in a range of psychic energies and thought patterns. So what for them there are neither distances nor time barriers. They are also believed to have been used for secret communications. between initiates who were far from each other – not only on different continents, but even on different planets. Moreover, they assure that the skulls are functional today. Same Star Johnson at times during his space communications sessions began to speak in some unknown language, which is recorded on tape. The psychic assures that this is a language, in which the ancient Atlanteans communicated with extraterrestrial civilizations. Famous American researcher Joshua Shapiro said that 1990, in Las Vegas, he met an interesting person named Jose Indicesque. This respectable and very wealthy gentleman reported that as a young man in the ruins of the ancient Mayan city I found a crystal skull with strange symbols carved on it. He kept the find all his life, venerating it not only as a relic, but and like a magic talisman. The fact is that Indica is random discovered an amazing property of the skull: if it is tightly squeezed into hands and at the same time clearly articulate your desire – it necessarily fulfilled. It’s as if someone, having received the “application”, in the subtle world organizes its execution. That’s the way Indices achieved in life everything that he wanted. Including considerable wealth. Interestingly, three years after this conversation with Joshua Shapiro Indicesquez died, but the miraculous skull of the heirs so and didn’t receive: he mysteriously disappeared. Is it official science will ensure that the Mitchell-Hedges skull also disappears, “grabbed” by some smarter people from some secret societies that solve the mystery of the skull and put him to serve their ends. Well, if good, and if no? .. O. BULANOVA

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