Crystal skulls fake or not?

Crystal skulls fake or not?A photo from open sources

One of the most exciting puzzles to this day remain crystal skulls, which at different times were found in American the jungle. Someone considers them to be ancient powerful artifacts. civilization, someone – Mayan products. Some tend to endow these items are mysterious mystical power. Meanwhile they are quite can hide another secret of history. Crystal skulls are very often associated with the name of an English traveler and writer Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, who in 1927 declared a sensational find during excavations of the ancient city of Mayan civilization Lubaantun. There he was lucky to find a crystal skull in life-size that surprised by the perfection of form and the mysterious blue light that could be seen peering in his eye sockets. Size matters however similar artifacts were found in Latin American history much earlier long before the birth of Mitchell-Hedges. Since the mid-19th century in Mexico made of quartz or rock crystal miniature skulls. Their sizes ranged on average from two to four centimeters in height. In addition, they were all drilled. top to bottom, so most likely they were used as beads. Soon, however, even more amazing news awaited the world, associated with crystal skulls. It turned out that they are not only small, but also large-sized with part of the skeleton normal person. For the first time, large skulls showed up in collections of the Frenchman Eugene Boban. Man it was quite noteworthy – adventurer, traveler, antiquarian (it contained an entire store selling relics from around Sveta). And in the 60s of the XIX century, Boban served as adviser on archeology under the emperor of the Second Mexican Empire Maximilian Habsburg. This empire did not last long – about four years old. But Boban came to America as a teenager and spent it is a significant part of life. He actively traveled around the country, communicated with the Indians, studied the mythology and language of the Mayans, Aztecs. AND regularly hit the world with news of new finds. Including about turtles, several of which he sold in various collections. It should be noted that Boban had a rather scandalous fame. He was caught more than once on the falsification of antiquities. And when he is in mid-1880s tried to sell another crystal skull Mexican National Museum, calling it “Aztec artifact “, the curator of the museum directly stated that he was not going to buying a glass fake. By order of Emperor Na today it is known about 13 turtles stored in various museums and private collections. Only a few have been serious research. And the results are extremely contradictory. Some researchers categorically declared skulls fakes made in the XIX or even XX century for the need hunters of antiquities. Others came to the conclusion that this really extremely ancient thing, and created with using mysterious high technologies that are clearly not Maya or Aztecs might have. The answer is most likely simple. Part of the skulls, apparently, really represents mysterious artifacts of the past about which science is still to say your weighty word. But a significant number of them, obviously really made in mexican workshops hardworking descendants of maya. What for? It is possible that by order Mr. Archaeological Advisor to the Emperor. Second half XIX century – this is the beginning of the boom of archeology. Egypt and the Middle East gave the world one discovery after another. Scientists from around the world sought to unearth the ancient ruins of Assyria and Babylon. On this the background of Emperor Maximilian (who generally differed quite original thinking) could well have a desire to attract attention to Mexico. And thereby increase the prestige of its dwarf empire. An experienced falsifier and adventurer took up this task. Eugene Boban. And I must say, he coped excellently! Kirill IVANOV

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