Cuculcan Temple in Mexico hides a whole set dolls pyramids?

The Temple of Cuculcan in Mexico hides a whole set of pyramids, dolls?A photo from open sources

In the southeast of Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula, is famous Kukulkan temple, made in the form of a pyramid and a miracle surviving to this day among the buried in the ruins of an ancient city Mayan tribe Chichen Itza. The fact is that the temple building is worth above the cenote – karst underground lake (possibly even a river), which at any moment can “bury” this unique monument ancient architecture.

The nine-stage Kukulkan pyramid has a height of twenty four meters, plus a six-meter temple of sacrifice, which is built on its top. Scientists carefully researching unique Mayan pyramid, back in the forties of the past centuries have determined that inside it is another pyramid, more ancient than nine-speed.

And the other day, an international group of American and Mexican archaeologists made a sensational statement that they discovered another, already the third pyramid inside the second. As suggested Professor of Anthropology, University of California City San Diego Joffrey Braswell Temple Building A kukulkan in the form of a nesting doll can have both a fourth and a fifth pyramids, that is, a whole set of such “nesting dolls”, and their number hard to determine yet.

Archaeologist Deniss Argote added that the age of the third pyramid they date back to 500-800 years, so this construction can be attributed to so called the period of “pure Maya.” The third pyramid of Kukulkan temple was discovered using cutting edge technology, developed by scientists at the National University of Mexico. Height This “nesting doll” is about ten meters.

Mexico Pyramids Mayan Civilization

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