Curse of the Frozen Man

Discovered in alpine Tyrol in 1991, a human mummy, lying in the ice for 5 300 years, became the cause of the strange prejudice in the minds of scientists around the world. According to superstition, the mummy, called Oetzi, casts a curse on the scientists who had with her a business. At least seven of them died a strange death. The last to die was the Australian archaeologist Tom Loy – he was discovered dead at home in early November 2005. Many scientists refuse to work with Otzi – for fear of incurring curse. ThePhotos from open sources Professor Tom Loy has always been punctual. That’s why when Head of Laboratory, Australian Molecular Institute University of Queensland biology did not go to work, colleagues worried. At first they tried to reach the professor, then they went to his house. At the doorbell, a 63-year-old biologist did not answer. The neighbors, as it turned out, did not see him either days. Law enforcement officers summoned by Loy’s colleagues broke open the door. Dead Tom lay in bed. Obviously, he died in a dream. On the table found a stack of scribbled sheets of paper. Before death professor worked on a manuscript of a book dedicated to the oldest human mummies. It was Loy who in his time refuted the version of the death of the ancient person from an accident while hunting. Journalists who learned about that Tom Loy worked with Otzi, they immediately wrote that he became another, the seventh victim of the curse of the mummy. Photo from open sources Why did the scientist die? It turned out he had a hereditary blood disease, as a result which formed blood clots. But it turned out and another curious detail. The first signs of the disease appeared about 14 years ago, shortly after Loy returned from Europe, where he studied the mummy Ottsi … FIRST AND NOT LAST First curse victim the ancient mummy was 64-year-old Rainer Henn, one of the largest European forensics. He died in a car accident. accident, the causes of which have not been established. Henn was heading to the conference, which was supposed to make a report on … Ice man. The tragedy happened a year after the find mummies. It is known that at one time it was Henn who participated in the process transporting the mummy to the nearest laboratory. Next was conductor Kurt Fritz helping transport the Iceman to Innsbruck by helicopter. He later died in an avalanche. It is strange that it happened in an area he knew like the back of his hand. But the most amazing thing is that besides him, none of those in the group of tourists were not injured. Australian journalist Rainer Holtz became famous all over the world with a film about Ledyan man. Shortly after its first television appearance the documentary filmmaker became ill, and a few months later he died. Doctors claimed that the cause of death was a brain tumor. However journalist’s relatives claim that three months before the premiere of the film he underwent a full medical examination, and then the tumors did not was in sight. DEATH IN THE MOUNTAINS A curse has not passed if it certainly exists, and the main culprit of the sensation is the German Helmut Simon, who discovered Otzi. Helmut was very worried that he received little money from the authorities for finding the mummy, and demanded material compensation. After long trials a resident Nuremberg sued the municipality of Bolzano, an Italian town in Northern Alps, 50 thousand euros, but did not manage to receive them. Photo from open sources In mid-October 2004, 69-year-old Simon, a big mountain lover, decided to climb the nearby from Salzburg to the mountain Garm-skargogel. The height of the mountain is only 2 100 meters, so the climb was not difficult. However in the evening The elderly tourist did not return. Helmut’s frozen body was found through eight days in a stream flowing along the bottom of the gorge. In less than an hour after the funeral of Simon, Dieter died unexpectedly for everyone Varneke, a hunter who actively participated in the search and found him dead body. Death, according to doctors, came as a result of a strong heart attack. However, in the heart of Varneke, according to friends and relatives, never complained … HOW WATER LOOKED say that I will be the next victim! “- Conrad laughed Speedler, answering journalists’ questions about the curse of Icy person. Nevertheless, the 66-year-old professor at the University of Innsbruck, led a group of scientists who investigated the mummy, died in mid April 2005 The official cause of death complications caused by multiple sclerosis … Seven deaths are, certainly not a joke. No wonder the result was the sinister theory of the next curse of the mummy. Ice man the opinion of her supporters, angry at people for what they disturbed his dream, which lasted more than five millennia. REMBO STONE AGE What is this mummy that is ruthless cracking down on those who disturbed her dream? September 19, 1991 on the alpine glacier Similown, located at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level, Helmut Simon and his wife Erica stumbled on a mummified human body. At first they decided that in the ice found the corpse of a climber or a lost skier, but scientists quickly found that the find is 5,300 years old. Otzi (as he was called in the place finds) – the oldest and best preserved thanks to natural freezing mummy of man. Photo from open sources Otzi was not tall (158 centimeters) a man 45-46 years old. By Neolithic standards, this is more than venerable age. Now he would have corresponded to a very old age. So the Iceman can rightfully be called long-lived. Peter Vanesis, Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine University of Glasgow, using computer graphics created face of an ice man. The distant ancestor of modern Italians and the Austrians had quite wide cheekbones, but in general his face looks like on the faces of our contemporaries. He had a bag with dry fruits and other products wrapped in moss. On the head – a bear hat, on legs – goat leather gaiters warmed by grass with bear leather insoles. Otzi protected the jacket from rain buckskin and a cloak made of grass and linden bark. Similar Alpine shepherds wore robes as far back as the century before last. Armed The ice man was the latest in military technology: bronze an ax, a flint dagger, a yew bow, and hung behind his back quiver with 14 arrows. Otzi carried coals with him which made a fire. In the “medical kit” lay a birch mushroom with antiseptic properties. On covered scientists found the tattoos of the body of a distant ancestor of Europeans many traces of injections with a very sharp object. Looks like five with more than millennia ago, a beneficial effect was already known acupuncture on the human body. Photo from open sources Now the Ice man is stored in specially built museum in Bolzano. For better preservation in the refrigerator compartment is constantly maintained at -6 ° C and humidity 99%. The mummy is taken out every month even after careful inspections are sprayed with distilled water that freezes and forms a thin protective crust of ice. WHY WAS OTZI DIED? Scientists tried to determine the cause of the death of the Ice Man in June 2001 The mummy was thawed and during a thorough examination made an amazing find. Under the left shoulder was a two-centimeter fragment of an arrow that penetrated the body by 5 centimeters and stuck around the lung. An arrow damaged blood vessels and nerves. After receiving wounds Otzi lived for several hours and died agonizing death. Deciding that the killer was a rival hunter into the territory which Otzi invaded, scientists considered the riddle solved and calmed down. Meanwhile archaeologist Johan Reinhard from the National geographical society, famous for the finds of mummified children in the Andes, who were sacrificed by the Incas, suggested a very an interesting, albeit controversial, theory of Otzi’s death. Reinhard believes what the Otzi sacrificed to the gods who inhabited the snowy peaks Alps. According to the American anthropologist, the place where he was found Otzi is the best suited for ritual sacrifice. The scene of the murder is not the only argument cited by Johan Reinhard in defense of his theory. He drew attention to the fact that Iceman’s items were neatly laid out next door to a corpse that somehow doesn’t really correspond to the sudden version violent death. In addition, 12 of the 14 in his quivers of arrows did not have flint tips and therefore did not suitable for hunting. Photo from open sources Bronze ax – a very rare weapon valuable in those days. However, they put him next to the corpse, but not taken away. It is hard to believe that the hunter who killed the intruder his alien territory would leave such a valuable trophy in place the killings. Hmelegrab pollen found in the Iceman’s stomach allowed to establish the time of death. This plant blooms from March to June. Consequently, Otzi was killed in the spring. OTTSI DOES NOT GIVE UP Despite intense research and research, scientists are forced to admit that Otzi is still a mystery man. As as more and more new analysis results appeared, specialists had to abandon previous theories and put forward new ones. It was not possible, for example, to establish the nature of his occupation. At first it was decided that the Iceman could be a shepherd or hunter, but traces of copper found in the hair could testify that he was also engaged in ore mining, i.e. was an ancient miner. In general, there are many more questions than answers. And most likely, we will never know who he was and why he died. But is it worth it to grieve? After all, much more important is thanks to a find in the Alps, we now better know how we lived our distant ancestors in the III millennium BC. As for the curse of the mummy of the Iceman, it is quite obvious that it not only does not scare away potential visitors to the museum in Bolzano, but, on the contrary, attracts. Tourists wishing to tickle themselves nerves, every day more and more! Zahar RADOV

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