Dangerous artifacts

Any item with a long history causes a certain trepidation. Touch it, and you touch it yourself stories. But is it worth it? Been in the hands of hundreds and thousands people artifact absorbs their energy and carries them curse. Кубок индейского вождя Фото изopen sources

XVII century. The representative of a noble family of Portuguese Juan Sandres went overseas to South America to seek military glory, honors and wealth. He was adventurous and brave. Yes, and fortune to him is clearly favored. In one of the hikes in the area of ​​present Buenos Aires Sandres detachment discovered the ancient burial of the Indian leader. For locals grave was a sacred place. Conquistador was on it does not give a damn, he ordered to open the tomb. Priests warned that terrible leaders awaited the ashes punishment. In response, the Portuguese only laughed. Burial turned really rich. Most of the treasures, as expected, was sent to the king of Portugal. But something fell into the hands of the soldiers. Sandres took a golden goblet that was put into dead hands deceased leader. After several years of fighting and hiking Juan Sandres in wealth and glory, caressed by the king. Sandres returned to the patrimonial estate. The cup became the pride of the family. But soon the misfortunes began to fall upon the head of the former conquistador. Parents died, wife. Sandres began to lose children one by one. Outbreak of fire destroyed the estate. The last son died in the fire. According to the denunciation, Juan was charged with conspiracy against the king, arrested and imprisoned. Friends turned away from him. Sandres spent more than ten years in imprisonment and was released already decrepit old man. None met him at the gates of the prison. Parents, wife, children – all died. The property was confiscated to the treasury. Of all the myriad wealth only the golden goblet of the Indian leader remained. Sword крестоносца Фото изopen sources

In 1947, on Lake Peipsi in the alleged location of Ice the battle worked a scientific expedition. Divers descended to the bottom and raised the material evidence of the battle that took place here over 700 years ago. Among others, it was raised from the bottom perfectly preserved knight’s sword. The rich finishes left no doubt that its owner was not an ordinary Crusader warrior, but a noble knight. There were bold assumptions that weapons could belong to the master of the Livonian Order. The find was sent to Leningrad, to the laboratory, where specialists had to carefully to study her. Almost immediately, strange and mysterious events. Electrical appliances began to fail. Once at night the wiring caught fire, the fire barely had time to extinguish. The watchman swore that heavy footsteps were heard in the laboratory at night. At laboratory staff began to have health problems. Specialist, conducting a sword investigation, ended up in the hospital. Unknown how much more misfortune would bring the ill-fated sword, but a find transferred to the museum. All the oddities in the lab are over. The director of the museum, having taken the dangerous exhibit, ordered to hide it away from people in the vault. Let the master’s ghost walk on the deserted rooms of the museum’s storeroom – there it will not hinder anyone.

Ancient fire artifacts

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