Darwin’s theory of the origin of life was put under doubt

Darwin's theory of the origin of life has been called into questionA photo from open sources

British scientists are sure that the birth of life could happen in deep hydrothermal springs. This statement goes to cut with the idea of ​​Charles Darwin who was sure that life originated in warm shallow ponds. Informs Information New York Post.

Scientists recreated environment near hydrothermal springs at the bottom the ocean using long chain amphiphilic compounds, possessing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. These compounds form vesicles (lipid vesicles) in very harsh conditions, including high salinity and temperature.

A photo from open sources

Vesicles are considered precursors of cells, and previously scientists believed that in such an environment they are not able to form. It turned out that alkaline conditions and high salinity of the medium are just contribute to the “assembly” of molecules into bubbles.

Darwin believed that the first organisms could have arisen in a small pond where there are all the necessary substances. However at present time such a nucleation is impossible, since existing living creatures immediately absorb all complex organic matter.

Earlier, researchers at Harvard Medical School found that Australia’s natives come from an unknown species person.

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