Denisovskaya cave of Siberia “threw” archaeologistsanother unique artifact

This is a headdress tiara about 50 thousand years old. True,
there was only a fragment left of him, but scientists easily restored
by it and the thing itself, and even determined who could wear such
tiara – only men, as obtained during the calculations
The size of the tiara is relatively large, just for a male head …

The tiara was made of mammoth tusks that were hunted in
that time, the people of the so-called Denis (Altai) branch
mankind (named after the cave where the fragment was found
the bones of the most ancient man of Siberia, who, judging by the DNA, was not
Neanderthal, nor Homo sapiens). New find in Altai in
The Denisov cave was made this summer, however more
details of her general public interested
archeology and history (especially the true history of Russia), scientists provided just now.

Here is what one of the participants in this study says.
A.Fedorchenko from the Novosibirsk Institute of Archeology:

The find is, of course, very interesting, to all appearances, such a tiara
Denisov men used to hold long hair,
so that they do not fall on the eyes and do not prevent them from hunting. Markings on
products show that the item has been operated for a relatively long time.
she is well worn and, apparently, at one time was already thrown away
(left in a cave), as unnecessary. This is the oldest tiara in its
kind of in the world. Of course, it is difficult to compare it even externally with an amazing
bracelet of the same Denisovskaya cave, made of
striking in its beauty of green chlorite, decorated to
the same beads from ostrich eggs and with a graceful needle (see photo
below), but today’s finding is just the only one.

Russian archaeologists, of course, have been found in Siberia before.
such tiaras, in particular, in Yakutia by the Yana River, but all those
the finds were significantly “younger” today – 20-25 thousand years from
strength Novosibirsk scientists believe that Denisovs living in Altai
about 100-30 thousand years ago were not just people
reasonable, but also had quite advanced technologies
processing of natural materials, including bones. Judging by
they knew how to soften the tusks of the mammoth, making them
plastic. In addition, Denisov was famous for its magnificent
by polishing-polishing, drilling (for example, in a green bracelet
chlorite, made 50 thousand years ago, there is a hole just 8
millimeters, made so skillfully that it is commensurate with
modern stone processing technologies) and other wisdoms
in work with improvised materials.

By the way, despite the fact that Denisov’s extinct tens of thousands of years
back, their DNA is found in modern humans, for example, in
Aboriginal Australia, Papua New Guinea, which speaks of
intensive migration of people at that distant time. Even more interesting
is the fact described this year in the journal Nature, which
says that in the cave of Denis recently discovered
fragment of the bone of a child who lived about 90 thousand years ago. And so
according to DNA, scientists have determined that it was a girl, and
the product of sexual intercourse by Denisov’s men and Neanderthal women…

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