Denisovsky man turned out to be completely new kind of

Denisovsky man turned out to be a completely new lookPhoto from open sources

Analysis of tooth deoxyribonucleic acid found several years ago in the famous Denisovskaya cave, showed that distant the ancestors of the Russian people did not share Eurasia with only one Neanderthals, but also with several other primitive species person. According to domestic anthropologists, discovered on Altai tooth has provided valuable information about the ancient inhabitants region, named Denisovans.

Denisovsky man became known to world science for only five years back – after in the Denisovskaya cave, located in Altai Republic, fossils of the phalanx of the finger and tooth were discovered. Primary genetic analysis of these biological materials showed that we may be talking about previously unknown scientists a subspecies of a person who does not apply to modern people, nor to Neanderthals.

More recently, biologist Svante Paabo, an employee Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Germany, it occurred to sequencing mitochondrial and nuclear the genome of the tooth found in the cave, thus obtaining a unique information about the mysterious Denisovan.

With the support of Russian colleagues, the German carried out conceived and came to the conclusion that Denisov’s man lived in Siberia significantly earlier than previously thought. International a group of scientists also found that Altai people, renamed not so long ago in Denisovsky, it is located much farther from modern man on the evolutionary tree than all famous Neanderthals. It is reported that he separated from the latter about a million years ago.

Inspired by this find, domestic experts say that the discovery can be considered a real anthropological revolution, since scientists were able to find one hundred percent confirmation that that in the territory of modern Russia once lived a completely new subspecies of primitive man.

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