Descendants of the inhabitants of the great Atlantis in the territory Of Russia

Descendants of the inhabitants of the great Atlantis in RussiaA photo open source Earth is a rather “fragile” home for all living on it. Global collapse can happen to us by for a variety of reasons, and primarily because of the fall on planet of a large meteorite.

According to scientists, the last such disaster occurred about twenty or twenty five millennia ago when another huge asteroid fell to the ground and literally destroyed civilization of Atlantis. But not all Atlanteans died, that’s just for some reason there is an entrenched belief that the descendants of this the majestic people “settled” exclusively in ancient Egypt.

There is plenty of evidence that they settled almost throughout the Earth, including in the territory of modern Russia. AND The main evidence for this is the dolmens in Gelendzhik. True, they are here there are very few, for example, two on Mount Nexis. Rest dolmens were barbarously destroyed at the beginning of the last century “Soviet builders” who are with the same “incomprehensible communist perseverance and stupidity “destroyed at this time and Christian temples.

Today, scientists suggest that dolmens were peculiar computers that allowed the race of giants (the so-called locals of Atlantes), perhaps communicate among themselves, and possibly with cosmic intelligence. It is no coincidence that everyone who is barbarously destroyed dolmets, quickly and very mysteriously died.

By the way, much is written about dolmens in the books of Vladimir Megre “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”. The main character of these books is Anastasia, which could lay in the past and in the future, tells a lot interesting about dolmens, and even shows one of them (dilapidated, of course). In it, as she claims, still “lives” the spirit of her great-grandmother, who voluntarily “buried” herself for descendants in this amazing crypt …

Atlantis Dolmens Russia

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