Descent of the Cosmic Gods

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Bright distinctive spiritual culture of one of the peoples The Republic of Mali – the Dogon – has long attracted attention Africanists. The Dogons became famous for their ceremonies of masks and … stunning myths about the advent of the cosmic gods. Secret knowledge Dogon African tribe of Dogon inhabits a small area in the dense jungle at the bend of the Niger River (Republic of Mali). Even in the height of the day there is twilight – dense foliage hardly passes Sun rays. The population of this mini-ethnic group is only about 300 thousands of people. And they live in such wilds that about their existence the world recognized only in 1931. About 50% of the Dogon profess Islam the rest retain ancient traditional beliefs. Main occupation – agriculture (in some areas they use irrigation), cattle are also bred. It all started in 1931, when French researchers led by Marcel Griol and Germaine Dieterlen studied the customs and beliefs of this people. Myths Dogon closed from prying ears, they can only tell members of Ava Olubaru (mask company) who know the “language of Sirius.” However, Griol managed to gain the trust of the Dogon patriarchs, and Marcel was initiated into secret knowledge. And here is what they managed to find out. For example, the planets Jupiter and Saturn, each of which is indicated by them with a certain symbol. For Jupiter, this is a circle next to which there are four smaller circles size, and for Saturn – two concentric circles. Knowledge the two largest planets of the solar system of a tribal tradition are not limited to. They also contain the latest information and concepts about the device of the universe. Here are some snippets traditions of Dogon recorded from their words. “Earth revolves around yourself and, in addition, passes a large world circle, like a spinning top, which, spinning, walks in a circle. “Here comments are superfluous. The sun rotates around its axis, as if driven spiral spring. “And that is said by people who are not only not could observe the rotation of the sun, but also a spiral spring never in eyes did not see. “But even this is not enough. Traditions of the Dogon say also following. “At the beginning of all things was Amma (creator or the fundamental principle that created the cosmos in all of it totality), which did not rely on anything … Amma’s egg-ball was closed … when Amma broke the egg of the world and left it, arose a rotating whirlwind … As a result of this, “yala” appeared (in translation from the Dogon language, this word means the transition from abstract to specific) from a spiral that rotated inside the egg and meant future expansion of the world. “Pretty confusing, as is often the case in ancient myths. And not everyone wants to delve into this “rubbish”, but still such people are. And think later, how else can explain unaware of physicists, astronomy and mathematics actually primitive people are such a complex phenomenon as the primary Big Bang and billions of years of expansion of the universe? We are today when we try to describe processes and objects incomprehensible to us, we use comparisons from our everyday life and the world around us (space an egg, a big bang, the recession of galaxies – there are no eggs in space, galaxies do not run, because they have no legs), because then what is happening becomes clear. Add to this expression comparisons related to modern technology (raced like a rocket, works like a computer, used to say like a clock) that were would be completely incomprehensible to a person of the past and would most likely incomprehensible to the person of the future, and you will come to the same result that and catch up. Star worlds on the mythology of the Dogon took this knowledge if neither they nor their ancestors ever left hatched places? And then Sirius comes to the rescue. System of this The stars are also described in detail in the mythology of the Dogon. Sirius – Canis constellation alpha – the brightest star on earth the sky. Sirius attracted special attention of astronomers in his time. small periodic changes in its brightness. Perennial observations made it possible to establish that it essentially consists of two stars – the blue giant and the white dwarf (Sirius A and Sirius B), which revolve around a common center of gravity. And in 1970 established the presence in this star system of another small stars, which was named Sirius S. So, the Dogon know about all these stars and their features. Dogons know that stars are removed from the Earth, close to which only the Sun is located. Sirius, called the “navel of the world”, takes the lead role in the group stars, including the constellation Orion and several nearby (on firmament) of the stars. The latter include: Pleiades, Energerin Tolo – “Star of the Shepherd of Goats” (gamma of Small Dog), Tara tolo – Procyon, etc. The combination of these stars constitutes the internal system of stars or support of the foundation of the world, directly involved in life on Earth. The external system consists of other, more distant luminaries, in less interfering with human life. This system forms a spiral star world – Yalu Ulo, which can to observe in the sky in the form of the Milky Way – a very clear definition our galaxy. Yalu Ulo revolves around an axis passing through The polar star and the constellation of the Southern Cross (actually the poles The galaxies are projected: Northern on the constellation Volos Veronica, and Southern – to the constellation of the Sculptor. It is curious that the axis of the Polar – The Southern Cross lies almost in the same plane with the axis of the Galaxy and almost (the difference is 5-7 degrees) – perpendicular to it). Such spiral star worlds, or, in modern terminology, there are infinitely many galaxies in the Universe, and the Universe itself infinite, but measurable. The universe is populated by living things. On the in other lands, according to the Dogon, live horned, tailed, winged, crawling people. As for plants, for example, the seeds of pumpkin and sorrel, before getting to Earth, “lay on the edge of the Milky Way “and” sprouted in all the worlds of the Universe. “When Dogon is asked who endowed their ancestors with such amazing information, they answer that it was Nommo, who at one time arrived on the “ark” just from … the Sirius system. Nommo which portrayed as a half-man half-snake with flexible dogs limbs without joints and bifurcated tongue. With him arrived on Earth and the ancestors of people. Scientists interested Dogon, they found that, in addition to Sirius, they have information 226 more star systems! Moreover, the tribe owns and knowledge in areas of molecular biology, nuclear physics and other sciences. What regarding the Sirius system, the Dogon reported that its individual stars can be seen from some kind of cave. Also in this cave there are some “material evidence”. However, despite persistent persuasion of scientists, natives still have not disclosed the location of the cave, as well as what they mean by “physical evidence.” Whether there are any heavy duty astronomical instruments created by civilization Sirius, or Sirians left something there for storage in anticipation of the next visit. One can only guess about this. The question remains open Based on the work of the French Griol and Dieterlen (whose research on the Dogon began in 1931 year and published in 1950), R. Temple in his essay “The Secret Sirius “(1978) concludes that the mythology of the Dogon reflects the history of aliens visiting the Earth 5,000 years ago. He convinced many of his findings, but were debunked by such ufologists as Carl Sagan and Ronald Storey, who claim that the Dogon heard about Sirius B from local French missionaries even before Griol and Dieterlen began to study their beliefs, and simply turned on this information in their “ancient” rituals. “However extremely doubtful not only the astronomical knowledge that the preachers shone, but the fact that they had no other topics for them in elementary schools conversations with the natives, in addition to the innovations of modern astronomy, – write A. Varakin and L. Zdanovich in the book “Secrets of a UFO”. – And in general, given basic cosmological postulates of the Bible, we assume that astronomy is the last of the whole variety of topics that could Discuss Christian preachers with their wards. However, even if you close your eyes to this objection and imagine among Jesuit fathers of a kind of fiery Galileo who would take educate the primitive African community on astronomy then the assumption that Dogon shamans seem completely unbelievable will take their mythology on the basis of data European astronomers … The question is how the Dogs took possession of so perfect, on the one hand, and so paradoxical, with another – knowledge of astronomy and what events of ancient times influenced their mythology, remains open. ”

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