Description of the nuclear war in the Mahabharata 14th century BC AD

Description of nuclear war inA photo from open sources

The ancient Indian epic Mahabharata describes the 18-day war between Duryodhana, the son of Teacher Dron or, in Sanskrit, Drona-Acharya, and his “cousin” Yudhishtira, which occurred in 14 centuries BC The songs tell about duels of aircraft and use of nuclear weapons. Here are examples of such descriptions. “Drona Parva”: “Noticing in the sky this mountain, letting out countless charges, the son of Drona did not flinch and called for help gun “Vajra”. The struck Prince of the Mountains was quickly destroyed. AND rakshasa turned into a mass of blue clouds in the sky, decorated with rainbow, and began to fall rain of stones. “Why not you description a bomber that was hit by a ground-to-air missile? The Mahabharata also tells of more interesting things, identified as heavy missiles: “This Brahma-danda, or The Rod of Brahma, incomparably more powerful than even the arrows of Indra (tactical non-nuclear missiles?). The latter can hit only once, and the first can hit entire countries and entire races from generation to generation. “For millennia, it’s It looked like a game of poetic imagination. It amazes us sinister resemblance to our nuclear bombs, radiation from which causes hereditary diseases and stillbirths in not yet born to future generations. “Once upon being attacked Valadevi, furious Jarasandha in a desire to destroy us threw a rod capable of killing all life. Sparkling fire, this rod headed towards us, cutting the sky as a line that is on the female the head is separated by pigtails (jet trail?) with the speed of lightning sent by Shukra. Noticing flying in our the direction of the wand, Rohini’s son threw a Stunakarma weapon to discard him. The energy of the rod was extinguished by the energy of the weapon. Valadeva, and he fell to Earth, splitting it and making it shudder even mountains. “Missiles and missiles … But the description, too considered poetic nonsense. To Hiroshima. Destruction Description Triple City, the one that is almost confident today identified by archaeologists with Mohenjo Daro, referred to initially. “… Flaming streams of flame, the killing Brahma’s Arrow (her three cubits and six feet in size; her power is like a thousand lightning bolts Indra, and she destroys all life around) – was released. Flame, devoid of smoke, dispersed in all directions with all-devastating power. A burning pillar of smoke and flame, so dazzling as 10,000 of the suns, ascended into heaven in all its awesome grandeur, opening like a beach umbrella … It was Iron Lightning, the messenger of death, who turned to ashes all the people of Vrishni and Andhak. Their bodies were burned. Those who survived lost their hair and nails, pottery cracked for no apparent reason, and all feathers turned white in the area. After a few hours all the food turned out to be poisoned … Fleeing from this fire, the soldiers rushed into river to wash himself and his equipment. “And again:” Hero Advattaman refused to leave his ship when he touched the water, and resorted to the weapons of Agni, which even the gods could not resist. The son of teacher Drona – this fighter of enemy heroes aimed at of all his visible and invisible enemies, a blazing spear, spewing smokeless fire, and fired it in all directions. Thick Sheaves of Arrows burst from it into the sky. Caught in a bright flame, these arrows covered Party from all sides. Suddenly thick darkness enveloped Pandavu. All sides of the world also plunged into darkness. Blew out the winds. Clouds thundered in the sky, overthrowing a rain of blood. Birds, beasts, cows and vowed souls fell into extreme anxiety. The elements themselves seemed to be agitated. Elephants and other animals scorched by the energy of this weapon, fled in terror, trying to hide from this terrible power. Even the water boiled, and those living in this element the creatures were worried and seemed to be welded. From all over the world from the firmament and the Earth itself flew sheaves of fierce arrows at a speed Garuda. Burned and struck by these quick, like lightning, arrows enemies fell like trees burned by an all-devouring fire. Elephants scorched by these weapons, fell to the ground, emitted terrible cries, others rushed back and forth, roaring loudly with fear, as if were in a burning forest. Horses, O King, and wagons burned by the power of this weapon, they were like treetops, burned down by a forest by the fire. Thousands of carts crumbled to dust. In fact, oh Bharata, it seemed that the divine Lord Agni burned in that battle Pandava’s army, like the fire of Soma Wartia destroys everything at the end Yugi. “In general, the Mahabharata epic contains more than 230 stanzas, containing detailed and very realistic descriptions of the design of missiles, aircraft, as well as other vehicles and devices, including the fact that we would be called unmanned vehicles and combat robots today. It also says that in this terrible war died the entire male population of India.

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