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In London, in the archives of the Society for Psychical Research, documents convincingly confirming reality are stored xenoglossia – phenomena when a person in a trance state speaks or writes in a language unknown to him. Most often this happens when the medium establishes a connection with the deceased. In October 1928 English musician Frederick Wood spiritualism, met an educated lady – let’s call her Rosemary, – which manifested the phenomenon of “automatic writing.” Rosemary, Having learned about Wood’s hobby, she decided to find out the essence with his help. the phenomenon that opened up to her. But it turned out that regular sessions with Wood, in which Rosemary acted as a medium, was called the rapid development of her paranormal abilities. Besides possession of automatic writing she opened, in particular, a gift wandering clairvoyance. People with this ability can in a trance state come into contact with reality, remote reality in space or time. Pharaoh’s spouse contacts Lips of Rosemary a certain ghostly personality spoke, introducing herself as Lady Nan (in English pope means “no one”), and stated that she is Telika Ventuu, daughter of the Babylonian king, who was married to Pharaoh. Telika said that the priests took her appearance hostilely as she supported religious reform, and, in the end, drowned her in the Nile. This was made possible because her husband, aged and sick, was a puppet in the hands of a powerful caste Priests of Amun-Ra. At first, this story was perceived as ennobled mental fantasy. However, in the following sessions Telika reported details of the customs prevailing in her time at the royal court, her military and economic endeavors Pharaoh’s husband … These descriptions of the life and customs of Ancient Egypt I and Rosemary was unknown, and they turned to documents stored at the British Museum. It turned out that the revelations of Lady Nan correspond to the truth. From the documents followed: Pharaoh, whom Telika called her husband none other than Amenhotep III of XVIII dynasty (1388-1353 / 1351 BC), father of the famous heretic pharaoh Amenhotep IV, or Akhenaten, who tried to establish monotheism instead of the cult of many gods. This one god should have been become Aton, the god of the sun. According to historical documents, the first Amenhotep III’s wife was Tia. He had several more wives, princesses from nearby kingdoms. And among them – the king’s sister Babylonia, whose name was Kadasman Bel. This fact is confirmed. found in Tell el Amarna (a settlement on the site of Ahetaton, the capital Egypt under Pharaoh Akhenaten) by Amenhotep III of Babylon to the king, in which he writes about the death of the sister of the ruler of Babylon and expresses a desire to marry his daughter. During the following Lady Nan’s spiritualistic sessions provided details regarding Queen Tii and the son of Pharaoh, the future Amenhotep IV. All this is possible It would try to explain from the standpoint of common sense, if not facts appeared that gave the current situation an unexpected aspect. Switch to native language Up to a point an entity calling itself Telika Ventuu communicated with Rosemary in English. But once the medium heard from her words on an unfamiliar language. They sounded like “ah yita zhula.” This is an expression of wood. showed to Egyptologist, Professor Howard Halme of Oxford University, the author of the dictionary of the ancient Egyptian language. And it turned out which in translation means: “Finally, I salute you!” More In addition, Telika confirmed the correctness of the translation. A few days Lady Nan later transmitted a new message: “Af pe yah and a tah.” Wood sent Halme’s record. It turned out she said: “Soon I will open before you. “In the series of experiments that followed the reports received more than 2,000 messages in ancient Egyptian language, recorded by Frederick Wood and translated by Professor Halme. AND these were not fragmentary phrases, they were stories about life in ancient Egypt. Halme’s doubts over time transcripts and interpretations of texts related to his research, interpretation of hieroglyphs and restoration of pronunciation of words Ancient Egyptian language, unexpectedly resolved. For instance, pronunciation of vowels that are not written in this language displayed and voiced by researchers arbitrarily, the spirit of Telika corrected during the “communication sessions”.

Мумия царицы Тии, первой жены Аменхотепа III Dialogue with the Ancient EgyptianФото из открытых источников

In November 1931, Halme forwarded a message, cooked for telly. It was about the professor’s greeting, to which an answer came from Lady Nan that did not agree with the meaning transmitted message. Re-checking his message, professor made sure that he made a mistake in it, using the verb “nuzkh”, not consistent with the meaning of the greeting, since this verb is usually expresses an action related to protection, protection. And the content The answer just corresponded to this value, since it read: “Yes, they guard us.” Thanks to this incident, everyone appeared reason to reject the assumption of telepathic contact between Rosemary’s medium and researcher. Results and Conclusions The experiments lasted several years, and their result was a record two vinyl records. One, which appeared in 1936, had 35 expressions are written in the ancient Egyptian language, and in another, released two years later, 87 phrases from conversations with Telika. These records appeared with the support of the International Institute paranormal research in London as well as on the strong recommendation of the American psychoanalyst and parapsychologist Nandor Fodor. Halme and Wood prepared comprehensive report detailing experiments with featuring rosemary and emphasizing exclusivity and special the nature of the phenomena observed in this case. Both researchers I was surprised by the ease and speed with which the spirit of Telika spoke on ancient, “dead” language. It only remained to admit that it was the language or dialect that people have used in everyday life. One of the examples cited in the report is very indicative. Training another 12 questions to the spirit of Telika took Halme from about 12 hours. But the spirit answered them only about an hour and a half, using 66 phrases that were five times longer questions. Based on a thorough analysis of the content obtained messages and the terms used in them, Professor Halme could already without the slightest doubt assert that the spirit with which was contact established, fully consistent with the person who lived in Egypt during the XVIII dynasty. In other words, by the statement of the scientist, in the messages of the spirit there were no such terms and definitions that entered the Egyptian language after that era. Of The following conclusions suggest itself throughout this unique story. It seems obvious that on individual qualities and the behavior of the spirit named Lady Nan was not affected in any way by personality characteristics of Rosemary, Wood or Halme – the organizers and participants in this experiment. Also during the sessions from The telly of Ventuu received strong evidence that she lived in ancient Egypt, competently used modern for her language, in particular (which is very important!) vowels, and pronounced the words correctly. Regarding vowels and pronunciation, then, until then, nobody simply knew anything about it. And finally Lady Nan provided extensive information regarding various life the realities of their era. Moreover, many of her messages have been confirmed. documents subsequently discovered. Anyway, none of the information she transmitted was not refuted by them. V. Ilyin “Secrets of XX century “№6 2013 g

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