Dinosaurs became extinct by chance

A photo from open sources

In one interesting study of the world’s leading paleontologists it is said that if a giant asteroid crashed into the Earth in time a little earlier or later – in some species dinosaurs would have a good chance of survival. Specialists sure that simply put dinosaurs became victims of a colossal bad luck. It turns out that the asteroid struck at the most unsuccessful period for dinosaurs. Namely – during the period of ecosystem weakening in the result of the loss of diversity of flora and fauna. If an asteroid crashed into the Earth a few million years earlier or later, when dinosaur species were more diverse, some of them there would be a chance to survive. Having studied the updated catalog dinosaur fossils, experts have created a detailed picture of how dinosaurs and the environment have changed in a few million years before the tragic impact of the asteroid. Researchers found that on the eve of the impact the Earth survived powerful volcanic eruptions, a sharp change in temperature and sea level. A photo from open sources

Scientists also managed to find out that all these changes were interconnected. For example, large volcanic eruptions, especially on the territory of today’s India, very much affected the change climatic conditions. Mountain building processes led to the extinction of the great sea route, which covered a huge part of the territories of North America during the Cretaceous period. A photo from open sources

All these changes have greatly affected the number of surviving species. dinosaurs, as well as their number, which in turn is essential weakened the entire ecosystem of that period. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself – dinosaurs are just out of luck!


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