Dinosaurs destroyed … snakes

Dinosaurs destroyed ... snakesA photo from open sources

Archaeologists have found the remains of the oldest giant snakes, who inhabited our planet seventy million years ago and apparently, dinosaurs ate. These are reptiles – Eophis underwoodi.

According to the found skull, the researchers determined that the oldest snakes were the most intelligent and well-developed predators that time. They had powerful limbs and jaws, however in the fight against dinosaurs, they preferred to launch their main Trump is poison.

A bitten dinosaur almost died instantly, since the poison in ancient snake was very strong. After that, the snake calmly ate your sacrifice.

Reptiles of Eophis underwoodi at that time were common almost everywhere on our planet, so dinosaurs throughout Apparently, they suffered greatly from these monsters. They just did not have time because of bloodthirsty and insatiable snakes to continue their race. Maybe, and died out precisely for this reason.

Of course, this is only an assumption, not yet scientifically proven. But one thing is clear – in ancient times we roamed around our planet, ran, flies, swam, crawling monsters still those …

The remains of the oldest reptile found were transferred to research center where, after a thorough and detailed studies, scientifically based and accurate conclusions will be made.

Dinosaurs Snakes Monsters

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