Dinosaurs killed not only meteorites, but also volcanoes

Dinosaurs were destroyed not only by meteorites, but also volcanoesA photo from open sources

US scientists said the cause of the extinction of the ancients lizards became not only a meteorite, as is commonly believed today. By According to researchers, the disappearance of dinosaurs from the face of the Earth occurred due to a combination of factors. In particular, this is worth blame both the fall of a huge asteroid and the eruption numerous volcanoes.

World scientists have put forward a similar hypothesis before, but they lacked solid evidence to claim its absolute truthfulness. The latest version of Americans now looks the most complete and believable. Study author Mark Richards said that the fall of a huge asteroid on the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America triggered intense eruptions volcanoes in the territory where India is now located. Local disaster quickly spilled over into global when hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide brought to the Earth’s surface by magma oxidized The oceans, leading to the mass extinction of sea creatures.

Specialists from the United States found in the central part India has a massive layer separating volcanic rocks. The Americans analyzed the composition of the found natural material and came to the conclusion that sixty-five million years ago here powerful volcanic eruptions occurred.

Thus, scientists are sure that the fall of a huge asteroid led to earthquakes of magnitude nine units, which in their the turn forced numerous volcanoes to erupt. Shock wave from the meteorite immediately destroyed most of the dinosaurs, and the rest finished off the eruption of volcanoes.

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