Dinosaurs lived in another part of the galaxy, scientists have found

Dinosaurs lived in another part of the galaxy, scientists found outA photo from open sources

NASA astrophysicist Jesse Christiansen is confident that dinosaurs could live in another part of our galaxy. About it the researcher wrote on Twitter.

She explained that our planet revolves not only around of the sun, but also moves in a place with it and other planets Solar system. At a distance of 28 thousand light years from the center of the galaxy, our planet is moving in space space at a speed of about 828 thousand kilometers per hour.

To make the Earth go all the way in an orbit around the center of the Milky way, she will need almost 230 million years. According to astrophysics, this is an unthinkable huge period of time.

Given the above, we can say with confidence that dinosaurs living millions of years ago lived on the other side of our galaxies. From the time when the waterfowl plesiosaurs lived, to of the time when all dinosaurs became extinct, our solar system passed three quarters of the way in its orbit.

It turns out that dinosaurs lived in another part of our galaxy, and saw the starry sky very different.

Previously, scientists said that we live in a curved the galaxy.

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