Discovered a lost world in the swamps of Congo

Found a lost world in the swamps of CongoA photo from open sources In the swamps of the Congo, scientists accidentally succeeded discover a lost world, the territory of which by its size exceeds England. Now researchers are hoping to find on this uncharted land evidence of the past ten thousand years the environment has changed. According to scientists, a lost world with an area of ​​more than two hundred thousand kilometers and consisting mainly of peatlands, located in remote areas of the Congo. It was discovered by researchers at using satellite imagery. As stated by Dr. Simon Lewis of University of Leeds, it’s good that there are still places on Earth where stepped foot of man. Indeed, few who dare to pop into these impassable swamps. According to the scientist, go into these peat bogs will have the opportunity only at the end of the year, during several months. Researchers say the swamp contains billions tons of partially decomposed vegetation which gathered in these places over the past ten thousand years. The discovery made is also notable for the fact that most often peatlands located in regions with cooler climates, not in tropics. They are formed in the case when the remains of plants are not completely decomposed in the soil. Scientists reported that peatlands absorb carbon from the atmosphere in large volumes. Currently Peat samples were sent to study in the UK.

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