Discovered a mysterious massive building older than Egyptian pyramids

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In Israel, near Lake Tiberias, which is still called Kinneret (in the Bible it is the Sea of ​​Galilee) archaeologists a huge crescent-shaped stone structure was discovered. Israeli scientists have determined his age – about 5,000 years.

A stone building is located 13 km. northwest of Keenerit Lake. The volume of finds is about 14,000 cubic meters and has a length of about 150 meters – this is more than football field. Excavated ceramics indicate that the monument dates from time between 3050 BC and 2650 BC That is, he probably older than the pyramids of Egypt and the English Stonehenge.

Archaeologists have suggested that the earlier construction was part of the city wall, however recent studies indicate that there was no city near the find. Ancient city Beth-Jerah (which means “the house of the God of the Moon”) is located in the bottom of the way from the crescent-shaped monument, and this is too far.

A photo from open sources

Scientists also speculate that the stone find had a symbolic, religious purpose, since the moon crescent moon, is a symbol of the ancient Mesopotamian god of the moon.

It is estimated that for the construction of such a large structure it would take 200 workers working for about five months – such a global construction could be organized only by a very strong and big state.

A photo from open sources

The key to the purpose of the stone sickle structure some are looking in the history of the nearby city mentioned above – Beth Yerah. In ancient times it was a big city with protective fortifications. A study in 2012 found that its inhabitants traded with the pharaohs of Egypt – during excavations a jug with a hieroglyphic inscription was found.

A photo from open sources

The name “Jerah” indicates that the city was associated with a goddess The moon. However, it is unclear whether this name has survived for 5,000. years. Bet Jerech is mentioned in a 1,500-year-old Jewish text and, perhaps it is older than previously thought.

Near this monument, other large stone facilities. One of them is called Rudzhum el Hiri – a stone rampart. with a diameter of 160 meters and a height of 2.4 meters. Scientists believe that the structure was built in the early Bronze Age. This archaeological site was opened much earlier, and now it located on the territory of the military unit, but sometimes allowed there tourists.

Another giant stone monument that weighs over 60 000 tons, was recently discovered at the bottom of the Sea of ​​Galilee. His the destination is not yet known, but it also takes the form crescent moon.

Studies show that the area near the Sea of ​​Galilee and the sea itself hides the many mysteries of ancient civilizations. Us it is hoped that thanks to the work of scientists it will be possible unravel the mystery of stone structures.

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