Divers discovered the remains of an ancient temple in the sunken city of Heraklion

Divers discovered the remains of an ancient temple in the sunken city of HeraklionA photo from open sources

Divers, during one of the dives to the ancient Egyptian the city of Heraklion, found a huge number of artifacts, including temple ruins, gold jewelry, coins and parts of ceremonial boats. This was reported in the Ministry of Antiquities Of Egypt.

In ancient times, the city of Heraklion was very large and busy. metropolis. This city, named after the ancient hero Heracles, was erected in the 8th century BC near the Nile River. In one of his temples was enthroned Cleopatra. 1500 years ago was flooded, and currently it is at a depth of about 45 meters.

Heraklion was discovered by archaeologists in 2000, after which many of his secrets were gradually revealed. For example, the last archaeological research has uncovered the ruins of a large temple with stone columns. Fragments of Greek were also discovered. smaller temple. This temple was under the bottom deposits 1 meter high.

Previously, archaeologists at this place found 75 boats, and the last the boat found was the missing fragment of boat No. 61, which was most likely used for ceremonial events.

A photo from open sources

After the boat at number 61 was assembled, then its length was 13 meters and a width of about 5 meters. In addition, there were various gold and bronze coins, jewelry decorations. Coins from bronze, found in Heraklion, relate to the period when Ptolemy II ruled (283-246 BC).

Various pottery products were also found that dated to the III-IV centuries BC Currently archaeologists continue their work, and perhaps the ancient city will reveal to us more many mysteries about society.

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