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The scientific and technical knowledge of ancient peoples sometimes amazes our imagination. So, the Sumerians who lived in the south of modern Iraq are still 5000 years ago they knew about the existence of all nine planets Solar system. And another, tenth, about the reality of which scientists are still arguing. And here is another example of amazing knowledge about space surviving from ancient times in one of the African peoples.

Aborigines educate professors

In 1931, a French ethnographer, Professor Marcel Griol, visited the Dogon tribe, in the bend of the Niger River, in the current Republic of Mali. These literary farmers – ancient people, not distinguished by civilization among neighboring tribes. However, the professors were very interested the unusual content of their traditions, verbally transmitted from generation to generation for many centuries. They were talked about neither much nor little about the origin and structure of the universe, as well as about the long-standing connections of this people with space.

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Since then, Professor Griol and his colleagues regularly went on expeditions to the Dogon, scientists lived for a long time among hospitable Africans, and they gradually imbued with confidence in friendly and inquisitive white people and gradually dedicated them to their most secret secrets.

The most “initiated” were Griol himself and his main assistant, professor Germain Deterlen, who after the death of Griol in 1956 continued their common cause. Truly sensational the results of his research, Griol and Deterlen, were presented as a whole a number of publications, the first of which was released in 1950.

How was it really

According to modern scientific concepts, the universe formed about 13 billion years ago as a result Big Bang, to which all its substance, compressed to the unthinkable density, occupied an infinitely small volume, and categories such as space and time were generally absent. Since the Great the explosion the universe is constantly expanding, there is a continuous process galvanized galaxies.

This is scientific. And here is how the formation of the universe in ancient traditions of the Dogon:

“At the beginning of all things was Amma-God, who resided on nothing. Amma was a ball, an egg, and the egg was closed. Other than him there was nothing. The world inside Amma was still without time and without space. Time and space merged in it into a single whole. ” But there came a moment when “… Amma opened his eyes. Moreover, his thought emerged from the spiral, which, circling in his womb, marked the future the sprawl of the world. ”

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As for the modern world, according to legend, “he infinite, but it can be measured. “It is noteworthy that this the wording is very close to that given by Einstein in his theory of relativity.

Our Galaxy – the Milky Way – is the “boundary of the place.” “The boundary of a place denotes one section of the starry world, a particle which is the Earth, and this whole world is spinning in a spiral. Amma created an infinite number of stellar worlds in the form of a spiral. ”

And again, an amazing coincidence: most known to science galaxies have exactly the shape of a spiral.

The device of the universe “Dogon”

According to the dogon, the Earth is not the center of the universe, and its the inhabitants are not the only living creatures in The universe.

“Spiral star worlds are inhabited worlds. Amma, who gave the world movement and form, simultaneously with all things created and living creatures both on our planet and on other Earths. ”

Incredibly, in the traditions of the Dogon there are not only such concepts like “stars”, but also “planets”, and even “satellites of planets”. “Fixed stars are stars that don’t revolve around.” other stars. The planets and satellites of the planets are stars that revolve, describing circles around other stars. “But where could semi-prone people to know that “The sun rotates around its axis as if under the influence of spiral spring, and the Earth rotates around itself and at the same time circling space in the Big Circle “?

From the planets of the solar system, the Dogons distinguish those that are visible with the naked eye – Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. It turns out they know that Venus has a satellite. Modern science so far doesn’t know that.

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Dogon illustrated his stories with symbols and diagrams, sometimes quite complex, but always very visual. Jupiter they depicted as a large circle on which are located four small circles – satellites of the planet. Today we know 16 moons of Jupiter, but four of them discovered in 1610 Galileo – the largest and brightest. Saturn Dogon portrayed in two concentric circles, explaining that the outer A circle is a ring (or rings).

Main star

In Dogon mythology, a central place belongs to Sirius, herself a bright star in our sky. According to their concepts, Sirius is star system, which had a major influence on the development of life on Earth and being the foundation of the foundations of the universe. “The Dogons claim that this star system consists of Sirius proper, the second stars (Sirius B) and the third star (Sirius C). Moreover, they add that both “extra” celestial bodies are so close to the main luminary that they can not always be seen. TO to date, astronomers have discovered only the second of these stars. The existence of Sirius C is still a subject discussions of scientists.

About Sirius The Dogon say that “this star revolves around Sirius, making one revolution in 50 years. When Sirius B draws closer to Sirius, he begins to shine very brightly, and when he moves away from him, then he himself begins to flicker, so that the observer seems as if Sirius B has become a few stars. By the way, astronomers confirm this periodicity of the glow of Sirius.

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With a simple eye, Sirius B is not visible, and until the middle of the XIX century no one, except for Dogon, and did not know about its existence. “Sirius B, – report Dogon is the heaviest of heavenly bodies. It has such a density that even if all people were brought together, then they would not have been able pick up the smallest piece of it. “And indeed, Sirius B was the first white dwarf discovered in the Universe to burn out and shrunk to incredible density: one cubic centimeter of it substance weighs 50 tons!

Are Earthlings aliens from the Sirius system?

According to one of the myths of the Dogon, people were transferred to Earth. “heavenly arks from a planet whose sun was the star Sirius B before his explosion. ”

Descending, the ark “described a double spiral, displaying with its movement the course of life in that whirlwind that revived its very first part. “But the DNA molecule has the double helix shape – the carrier of our genetic code!

The traditions of the Dogon tell of two stages of coming to Earth. representatives of civilization from the star system of Sirius. First associated with the arrival of a creature named Wow. The second – with landing on The ground of the ark, on board of which there were Nommo and the first people. ABOUT Wow’s personality is said rather vaguely. It looks like this the subject was like Satan – was a fallen angel, who rebelled against Amma and at the same time took possession of some of his secret knowledge.

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Wow, allegedly three times in space, and he committed his space sorties in the “small arks”. Dogon stories a curious mention that the source of energy for his particles of “on” served as space arks, – the fundamental basis cosmic universe.

Another character – Nommo – appears as an archangel, the executing order of Amma. His main task was to create on Earth life and populate the planet with people. Dogon myth in detail describes the preparation of such an important mission. Aboard ship there was everything necessary to create life on Earth, as well as people are four pairs of twins, or eight ancestors. Flew the ship to Earth through a special “time window” in the sky, which created by Amma.

When the ship landed, the first to land was Nommo, for him all the rest arrived. When the ark was empty, Amma pulled on the sky is the copper chain on which the ship hung, and closed the heavenly window. This meant the termination of all communications between the crew of the ark and sent him civilization. For people who became the first earthlings, there was no turning back. It was necessary to inhabit a new planet, “multiply and multiply” on it.

Secret source of knowledge

To the question of scientists: “How did you know all these details and details? “- the Dogon responded that they learned a lot from the drawings on walls in the Holy Cave. This cave is located on their land, it goes deep inside the mountain, and there are many amazing wall paintings, which by the middle of the 20th century were for over 700 years.

Some of the drawings of Dogon can be seen on the rocks.

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The cave is guarded by a special person revered by the saints in the tribe. is he constantly sitting in front of her. This man is fed, followed by him look after, but no one can touch him or just get closer. When he dies, another saint takes his place human. The location of the cave is the strictest secret, open which the white priests flatly refuse to white people. They are only claim that it collected in large numbers “evidence”.

However, there were such “white-skinned” who managed to visit there. One of them – Eugene Garnier – a Belgian ethnographer who penetrated the Holy cave in 1932. But, like all his predecessors, Europeans, after visiting the cave, he soon died. Moreover, on the bodies of all there were no signs of violence in the cave, and an autopsy revealed in all hemorrhage in the brain.

It was said that, extracted outside, Garnier no longer speak could, but managed to draw something …

Vadim Ilyin

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