Earth has survived a nuclear war in the past

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Well, who told you that our civilization is the first on Earth ?! A the option that on our planet earlier did human civilization burn out in a nuclear war? There are reasons for this version.

Myths and Tales

Echoes of a terrible catastrophe we will find without difficulty in myths and legends of any people living on our planet. Traditions African pygmies talk about the “great fire that descended from Heaven. “The Mayan records speak of a terrible fire that raged for three days. and three nights “and describe surviving dogs that have fallen and claws. (Any veterinarian, having seen such a dog, among other diagnoses mention the possibility of radioactive damage.)

At the time of the atomic bomb test, German scientist Oppenheimer read an excerpt from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata: “And the flash the city burned brighter than a thousand suns, “was described in the Mahabharata the death of the capital of the Harrapian civilization of the city of Mohenjo-Daro.

Is there anything else besides oral traditions? There is.

A city destroyed by an atomic explosion

Mentioned Mohenjo Daro is not a fabulous city. He was discovered in 1922 and still remains a mystery to archaeologists. City not he died like others for centuries, and died instantly and by unknown reason. He was not captured by the army, and was not destroyed. flood – it burned down. Moreover, the power of fire was so great that stones melted (and this is not less than 1500 degrees!). Epicenter destruction – the center of the city, to the periphery of destruction decrease – classic picture of the effects of atomic bombing. And if just this!

A photo from open sources

The radioactivity of dozens found on the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro skeletons exceed the norm by 50 times! The so-called so-called scattered throughout the city tektites are lumps of sintered sand in a glass mass. (In the 20th century, when tektites began to be massively found at nuclear test sites, humanity has revealed the secret of their origin.)

Nuclear bombardment of the planet

Simultaneously with Mohenjo-Daro as a result of the same strange and A terrible fire killed other nearby cities. Cities burnt in a nuclear flame are found not only in India. The melted walls have the ancient Hittite capital of Hattus, Babylon, cities of England, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, France.

Entire tektitic fields found in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos), Australia, Europe (in the Czech Republic), Africa, America (the States of Georgia and Texas), North-West Asia (Aral Sea, Kazakhstan), the Gobi Desert (here therefore it is a desert).

A photo from open sources

On Earth, scientists have found more than 100 funnels with a diameter of 2 to 3 km There are 30 funnels with sizes from 20 to 50 km, 12 – from 50 to 100km, Mexican Chicxulub diameter – 170km, Canadian Sudbury – 250km, South African Wredefort – 300km. Question: are they all are of natural origin? Did comets fall or something other?

Radiation Results?

In the preparation of astronauts, American scientists encountered strange phenomenon: if the subjects were not informed about the course time, they switched to a 36-hour rhythm. Apparently, earlier the Earth rotated slower, but as a result of some kind of cataclysm earthly day shrunk to 24 hours. The man was rebuilt, but the information is up to still stored in his memory at the genetic level and the body at the first opportunity is reorganized to the usual rhythm.

Archaeologists constantly find the remains of people whom and people hard to call: giants, people with teeth in two rows, in legends featured giants, cyclops, and other mutants. Yes, it’s the mutants. The mass appearance of such unique people is quite understandable as the result of exposure to humanity of radioactive radiation. With by time, of course, nature took its toll, and abnormal manifestations gradually came to naught. (Here’s the answer to where everyone went these “monsters”.)

Epitaph of a civilization that has killed itself

The past nuclear war literally wiped off the face of the Earth existing civilization. We’ll never know what she’s like imagined who fought with whom, because of which the nuclear war began and etc. One thing is certain if our predecessors fought nuclear weapons, then in everything else they reached a very high level development. Likely even higher than humanity has Today.

And last: the candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences Alexander Koltypin believes that the Earth survived not one, but 5-6 nuclear wars. So everything repeats. And more than once.

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