Egypt is not a record holder in terms of quantity pyramids

Egypt - not a champion in the number of pyramidsPhoto from open sources

Specialists from the archaeological university of miami did very interesting statement. According to scientists, Egypt, contrary to popular belief, is not a world leader in the number of stone pyramids. It is possible that many of us will it’s hard to believe, but the fact remains: in Africa there is a state where there are more such man-made miracles.

Yes, the country of Egypt has long been famous for its great architectural monuments. However, in this state you can find “total” one hundred and eighteen different in size and shape of pyramidal buildings, while in the neighboring country – Sudan – their number exceeds one and a half hundred. Although in the Arab Republic Egypt has the legendary pyramids of Giza in the Republic of Sudan several dozens of cult tombs.

Researchers, however, are not particularly surprised at their discovery, since the connection between Egypt and Sudan has existed ever since how Egyptian history was just born. The construction of famous Egyptian temples were carried out not only at home, but also in the southern regions of Sudan right up to the current capital of Khartoum. All territories with the pyramidal structures of the Meroite kingdom are between the sixth and third rapids of the Nile River.

The pyramids of Ancient Sudan are not as mysterious as egyptian

Ancient Sudanese tombs had a variety of forms. Alone of them were built in the form of trihedral and tetrahedral pyramids with smooth walls, others in the form of multi-stage ziggurats. If compare Sudanese ancient architectural masterpieces with Egyptian pyramids, the latter had more sloping slopes. Moreover, in Sudanese pyramids there are no rooms, secret tunnels and intricate mazes. At least their experts never discovered. Inside there are only niches in which sarcophagi are placed with mummies and ceremonial statues. Perhaps such a continuous masonry without any interior frills was considered more Suitable and durable.

A photo from open sources

American scientists say that many tombs also located underground in Sudan. Most of them are probably has not yet been found by experts. The thing is that underground burial of rulers and dignitaries carried out here staggered, and traces of many of the tombs are lost in the sands of time. However, you can hope that in the near future, advanced technology will allow archaeologists dig out these pyramids, revealing them to the light.

Egypt Time Pyramids

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