Egyptian archaeologist believes he succeeded avoid the “curse of the mummy” by solving the message in a dream

Egyptian archaeologist believes he managed to escapeA photo from open sources

The “curse of the pharaohs,” or the “curse of mummies,” is the mythical punishment that was originally incurred in 1922 participants in the autopsy of the legendary tomb of Tutankhamun. Then just for for several years, for various reasons, 22 people died penetrated the tomb of the pharaoh and carried out valuable artifacts from there. Later this term began to be applied to other situations when mysterious archaeological site in Egypt (or elsewhere) way people die.

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Many of us, including archaeologists themselves, believe that on tombs were lethally cursed to scare away or punish the thieves. And it’s not about simple words, but about real and very effective magic. Of course, scientists are trying to find a rational explanation for this (for example, they say toxic mold or ancient infections in tombs) however authoritative Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass only laughs at myopia orthodox science.

Hawass, 71, is not just an experienced digger, but also a former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities. An elderly man believes firmly that he was affected by the curse of the mummies he discovered and by his colleagues in 1999 on the territory of the Baharias oasis in the Sahara. There, researchers dug up a significant amount of mummies – over two hundred. Zahi personally found two mummies of small children, which were subsequently exhibited in one of the local museums.

A photo from open sources

In a recent interview with American journalists, our hero said that immediately after the excavation, these two children’s mummies became appear to him in dreams. At first, Hawass just saw their faces, then the bodies suddenly came to life and reached for his throat, trying to strangle. The archaeologist considered that the children wish to reunite with their parents, and ordered to put in the museum children’s mummies next to their mummies probable father and mother. When this was done, archaeologist’s nightmares have stopped.

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