Egyptian Atlantis found – sunken city Heraklion

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Heraclion among scientists was famous no less than Atlantis. Port in the Nile Delta, the sea gate to Egypt went under water in a matter of minutes as a result of a terrible natural disaster. Find him was the dream of many archaeologists. They searched for it for a long time and finally found it.

Pearl of the Mediterranean

In the existence of Heraklion, unlike Atlantis, scientists do not doubted it. Heraklion knew the whole ancient world, the city was mentioned in the writings of Homer and many ancient Greek historians – Diodorus, Stesichore, Strabo. The famous Herodotus visited Heraklion around 450 BC and left his detailed description. The city lived in commerce, was handsome and very rich. Its two port harbors were clogged ships from Cyprus, Sicily and the Aegean islands. Arrived at the city merchants rushed to numerous trading offices, sailors – to artisan shops. In the center of the city was a magnificent temple complex in honor of the god Amon, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu. In his the famous temple school studied mathematics, medicine, astronomy. After the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great for long years became the capital of the conquered region. It was then that he got his name Heraclion in honor of the revered Alexander Hercules (before the city was called Tonis). The famous Cleopatra was crowned here. Subsequently, the capital was moved to the founded by Alexander Alexandria, but this did not affect the wealth of the city. Of course, Heraclion was a tidbit for conquerors of all stripes. Therefore, the city was surrounded by ramparts, where on high towers round the clock guarded by a large guard. But the danger came from where they did not wait.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Atlantis No. 2

In the 8th century A.D. Heraklion was shocked by a terrible earthquake. Behind seconds collapsed at home, buried under the rubble of their the inhabitants. Temples built for decades and centuries, instantly turned into ruins. Dozens standing in the harbor ships. But the city was not destroyed by an earthquake, but by it tsunami. A multi-meter wave hit the port wall, crushed it and rushed to the city, flooding the streets. As a result of the cataclysm hundreds square kilometers of the coastal zone together with Heraklion went under water, the coastal relief has changed. The location of the city was lost, he turned into a fairy tale, a myth.

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The triumph of Frank Godot

In 2000, the famous underwater archaeologist, founder The European Institute of Underwater Archeology Franco Godogo conducted Surveys in the bay of Abukir. Godot searched for Napoleonic ships fleets sunk in 1798 by a British admiral squadron Nelson’s. Instead of ships 5 km from the coast at 50 meters depth scuba divers found a sunken city with marinas, temples, statues Greek and Egyptian gods, apartment buildings and wrecks. Lying more than 1,300 years at the bottom began to lift to the surface gold studs, bracelets, rings, hundreds of coins. You can only imagine what can be found in the rich port city that gone to the bottom in a few minutes with all its wealth and to which the “black archaeologists” did not reach.

A photo from open sources Following the golden “trifle” began to raise large, albeit stone, but no less valuable for archaeologists finds: columns of the royal palace, mottled by Greek and Egyptian writings, statue of the goddess Isis, Sphinxes, three statues of pink granite, standing at the entrance to the central temple. Raised more than 300 figurines, 700 anchors. But the true triumph of Frank Godot was the find of a two-meter black granite stele with the decree of the pharaoh Nectaneba I. The last lines of the decree Pharaoh commanded to establish this stela in Heraklion-Tonis. Now is that found the sunken city is Heraklion, no doubt remained. Schliemann found the legendary Troy, Godot – no less legendary Heraclion. The legend of the death of the city was also confirmed. Before many scientists believed that the terrible story of a cataclysm is not more than a legend. The true causes of the death of Heraklion a gradual increase in sea level was assumed. But underwater archaeologists have noticed that all the granite columns of the central temples fell in one direction – they were demolished by a terrible blow water flow.

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Research continues

For the past 14 years, Godot has continued to explore Heraclion found by him. Take part in underwater excavations archaeologists of Egypt, France, USA. All new artifacts rise to the surface, and there is no end to the finds, because so far only a small part of the city is just over 500 sq. km. For a complete study experts of the sunken city cautiously spend about 200 years. So that amazing discoveries are still quite possible.

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