Egyptian paleontologists discovered a skeleton giant prehistoric whale

Egyptian paleontologists discovered the skeleton of a giant prehistoric whaleA photo from open sources

In the so-called Whale Valley, located in the Egyptian Al-Fayyum province, have undergone paleontological studies. To scientists managed to find the remains of a basilosaurus – a giant whale that lived on our planet thirty-six to forty-five million years back. The skeleton is huge and perhaps the most large remains of an ancient mammal known to science.

The basilosaurus was a gigantic carnivorous whale, living in the Middle and Late Eocene. Body length of an adult female was eighteen meters, a sexually mature male – twenty-one meter. A mammal was found in all the warm seas of the Earth and was the largest predatory creature of its time. In the diet Basilosaurus even included other, smaller whales. Body of the sea the animal was narrowed and elongated. It is noteworthy that the predator had rudimentary bones of the hind legs.

A few months earlier, bones were found in the same place. prehistoric fish, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, sea cows and, naturally, whales, until they found only the remains dinosaurs. Wadi al-Khitan Valley is a World Site UNESCO heritage and one of the most “productive” paleontological places of the planet. Local finds allowed world scientific community find answers to many questions regarding evolutionary development of prehistoric animals.

A photo from open sources

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